Time Magazine on Barack Obama and Donald Trump. The difference stinks.

Just like the National Democratic Party, those in the Media have yet to learn the lesson from the 2016 elections.  While Democrats continue catering to those coastal loons in New York and California and ignore the vast swat of country between the two oceans those in the media are marching in lock-step with them.  Poor things!  It seems that both Democrats and those in the media are banking on the changing demographics in America to bring about the changes they desire.  They seem to forget that foreigners flooding into the country are landing on the east and west coast, with a pitifully few venturing out into the heartlands.  The heartland, it seems has little to offer those that speak another language or have customs and values that coincide with the new arrivals.  However in the large metropolitan areas of both coast these strangers in the land find large enclaves of those who speak the same language and like the same foods.  Yes they have come to a new country, and it is there they have settled into their new home away from home.  In short, although the heartland is seeing some change in demographics due to immigration, it is on a vastly smaller scale than that in the major coastal cities.  But those in the media and Democrats have refused to recognize this simple fact.  Let's hope they remain oblivious to this.  They have simply forgotten American is a nation comprised of states----our founders knew this and enshrined it in the Constitution.  

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Sandee said...

They will admit nothing. That's why there are sanctions against Russia. You have to blame someone, not yourself for the total meltdown of the progressive movement. Bless their hearts.

Have a fabulous day. ☺