Russian Hackers Propelled Trump to Victory. Is this just a Fake News story?

Does it seem strange to anyone than when journalist expose corruption in the government based of information gathered from anonymous sources, they sometime are given the Pulitzer Prize.  While these same journalist decry information exposing governmental corruption gather by international hackers.  One must begin to wonder about the motives of the journalist and not the hackers.  Could it just possibly  be that journalist only expose those stories that advance their own personal agenda and turn a blind eye to the other.  While at the same time see an ominous  threat from stories that run counter to their own personal perception coming from unidentified hackers.  Personally I think the activities of all hackers should be criminalized with severe punishments handed out to the offenders.  But then there is the case where the hacker exposes the murderer who lives down the block---should the murderous individual still be allowed to walk the streets after his dastardly  act is exposed while the hacker is jailed.
Today those in the media as well as most Democrats are pointing an accusing finger at Russian Hackers, but not for exposing the lies and corruption inside the DNC, but instead for daring to expose these acts.  Failing that, the same pundits, these purveyors of misinformation are pointing to Russian hackers as the architects of Hillary's thumping in the election.  After all their anointed darling's personal persona and her support of the Obama agenda could have had nothing to do with her defeat.       

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