Will Angela Merkel blame Truck not Terrorist for Deaths in Berlin

In recent years the Obama administration, on more than one occasion, has blamed deaths during terrorist acts not so much on the terrorist, but on his weapon of choice.  After all the attacker is never viewed as an Islamic Terrorist according to Obama and the mouth-pieces around him, but nothing more than an innocent victim of his environment.  The real perpetrator is never the man but instead, the gun, the truck or even the plane.  The manufactures of these weapons of mass destruction must take the ultimate responsibility for the carnage resulting from their use.  Furthermore state governments around the world must be forced by leaders in the United Nation to enact laws insuring these destructive devices never fall into the wrong hands.
It should be noted that German Chancellor, Angela Merkel is being blamed for the recent attack in Berlin that killed 12 and injured dozens.  Many are insisting her policies that allowed almost a million undocumented potential terrorist into that nation was the cause of this vicious murder by truck attack at an infidel Christmas Market in Berlin.  One must wonder how people can point an accusing finger at Angela or even the poor misguided individual who only drove this man-made  death machine into a crowd of unbelievers, when the real villain was quite obviously the huge hunk of steel that crushed the flesh and bones of those daring to block it's path.  Now really to blame the driver is akin to blaming the building engineer for the collapse of the tower.

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Sandee said...

Islam and the West will probably never come together. I don't see it at all. Too different worlds.

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