Obama: "ISIL is just a Kid with a BB Gun, Global Warming is the real Danger"

Obama in his first interview following the Airport attack in Istanbul pointed out that we were actually winning the war on ISIL.  He then began to lecture us, as if we were little kids, on what all progressive globalist believe, that the real enemy of America and the world is man-made Global Warming.  When in fact, the entire purpose of the "Global Warming Union" is little more than a grand Wealth Redistribution scheme designed to mandate the wealthy nations of the world (and their citizens) give vast quantities of there earned wealth to the poorer nation states.  Of course, this dovetails with President Obama's "Re-distributive Change" position!  I would dare say that if Obama was a preacher, more likely a Imam; his first sermon would be on the dangers of global warming!  And of course, should we fail to heed his warning we will all burn; but not in the fires of that Biblical Hell, rather the flames of Man-made Global Warming! 


Unintended Consequences of Illegal Immigration

Ever noticed how most liberals seem to support the open border concept and would allow most anyone into the country.  Of course there is always the possibility of unintended consequences.  This will be the year, that progressives will be sorry for what they wished for.  We should be thankful for those illegal Mexican flag-waiving hombres from the south for disrupting Trump rallies.  Because more than anything else they are helping Trump get elected President!  Heck, Donald should have passed out free tacos at his rallies.  Would have been a great investment!


Effects of Alcohol, Cocaine, Crack and Clinton

If you are determined to commit suicide 
and take your family with you, 
just pull the level for that lying Bitch Witch in November!


Brexit American Style

Do we need a second American Brexit.  The founding fathers broke the bonds that bound us to Britain.  The foremost question in today's America is should we break the chains that bind us to the Elitist Establishment!  


Globalization suffers severe blow, as British vote to leave European Union

The people of United Kingdom have had enough of the European Union and have voted in a national referendum to leave the EU.  Evidently the Brits were fed-up with elitist politicians in Brussels controlling their lives and of course their borders.  With hundreds of thousands of migrants moving from North Africa and the Middle East into southern Europe and because the EU mandates it's member nations allow free movement of people between the 12 member states the people of Britain have finally said no to this "Globalization Madness"!

I would be remiss if I failed to recognize this new found nationalism of the British people could just be the beginning of a new order.  And order not just limited to Europe, but one that could include the United States and sweep Donald Trump to victory this fall.

It should be noted that on a recent trip to London, President Obama when asked about "Brexit" (vote to leave or stay in EU) warned the people of that island nation not to leave the EU, because in future dealings with the U.S., Britain would have to go to the back of the line.  In other words, our President was threatening the people of the UK to vote to stay in the EU or else.....  But just today, following yesterday's vote, our two-faced leader has changed his tune.  In a White House statement he vowed to work with the Brits.  However, one should remember that when Obama first entered the White House, one of his first actions was to have a bust of former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill removed from the Oval Office---an action more like that of a bully that a president!  In short, Barack Obama has no love for the British people.  The reasons for this go back to his Kenyan roots and are too complicated to detail in this post.      


Illegal Alien Arrested for attempted Assassination of Trump

On June 18, at a Trump rally in Las Vegas, a illegal alien tried to take gun of police officer to shoot Donald Trump.  According to Steven Sanford, the would-be assassin his purpose for going to the rally was for the sole purpose of shooting Trump.  Like thousands of other illegals, this British national had over stayed his visa.  Sanford was reportedly living out of his car and drove from California to Las Vegas for the singular purpose of killing the Republican candidate for the presidency.  Had immigration laws been enforced (something that will never happen under Obama's administration and certainly not a Hillary Clinton one) this youthful wannabe assassin would probably be in Britain today and voting on the "Brexit" issue.  That is a public vote on whether the Brits should leave the European Union.  Of course, one might easily guess which way young Steven would vote.  After all, he illegally stayed in this country, so why would he vote for Britain to leave the European Union, an action that if passed, would make it more difficult for immigrants coming from the South to enter England.
Finally, I should point out that this attempt of Trump's life occurred several days ago, but actually got little attention in the media.  One must wonder how this incident would have been reported if the would-be shooter had been a right wing extremist and the intended target Hillary Clinton!      


Radical Islam supports Hillary's call for Assault Weapons Ban

Terrorist will always find a way to get guns, just like criminals!  Whereas, honest citizens will obey the law, even if it leaves them unarmed.  Progressives depend on this fact!


DOJ to scrub references to Islam from 911 calls made by Orlando Terrorist

Attorney General, Loretta Lynch has just announced that all references to Islam will be scrubbed from the transcripts of  911 calls made to police by Omar Mateen (Orlando Islamic Killer).  This is little more than contemporary Revisionist History---certainly akin to the book burnings in Hitler's Nazi Germany.  The Obama administration is in denial about events sweeping the globe.  They fail to admit the truth about unfolding events and would purge those ideas and actions that do not conform with their warped idealistic view of what the world should be.  


Democrats to Build Border Fence around site of their Convention complete with armed Guards

Democrats are planning to construction border fence complete with armed guards around the Well Fargo Center in Philadelphia site of their 2016 National Convention.  Since Republican supporter generally do not try and disrupt events of the opposing party as Democrats do, the fence it seems, will be designed to prevent egg-throwing Bernie Sander supports from assaulting Hillary Clinton backers.  It is believed this border-like fence will be about 8' tall,  therefore leaders of the DNC are asking that local stores dealing in ladders not sale those taller than 6'!  Furthermore they are requesting that the sale of wire-cutters be banned before, during and after the Convention concludes.  Democratic leaders, are for the moment just requesting that both these measures be voluntary, but should local store owners not comply, mandatory actions are already pending before the Democratically controlled City Council. 


Obama playing Russian Roulette with American Lives by not Vetting Syrian Refugees

There is little doubt that president Obama cares little about the average American in the street.  After all he is steadily importing large numbers of Syrian refugees.  Refugees, whose names and locations are not reported to local authorities.  Syrian refugees, we know little or nothing about because of the ongoing conflict in that battered nation where the vast majority of records have been destroyed due to the war.  Obama's former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton if elected would even increase the numbers of unvetted immigrants should she be elected president.  Even tho ISIS has shown it's ability to infiltrate those hundreds of thousands fleeing the war torn country both Obama and Hillary seem hellbent to allow thousands of these potential terrorist into this country.  Obama is playing Russian Roulette, but the gun never goes to his head, but only to the heads of ordinary Americans.  He is gambling that one of these newly arrived aliens is not some stealth terrorist who will go on a bloody rampage before he leaves office this January.  He is aware of the dangers posed by the thousands of Syrians allowed in to this nation, but frankly he doesn't seem to give a damn.   
By Ron Russell 


90% reduction in Gun violence would occur if Democrats stopped shooting people

Statics show the some 90% of mass shooting are done by those affiliated in some way with the Democratic Party.  Seems to me the one sure way to reduce gun violence would be to make it illegal for Democrats to own guns.  Now that's a gun control measure I could support!


Racist! Racist! If you are White you must a Racist according to the MSM

There is a group of people in this country, let's call them Progressive Liberals, who seem to believe that most all white people are racist bigots.  In some way they are like little kids who have to check under their bed each night to assure themselves the "boogy man" is not lurking in that darkness.  But these misguided souls are not little kids and what they believe is a real danger, quite unlike that child's imaginary monster.  It is true that racism exist, but the truth is it's found in all races---black, white, brown, yellow and I suspect in little green men if they are out there somewhere in the vast cosmos!  However, today's political correctness demands it's true believers constantly point at 'whitey' as the racist in the crowd.  Especially, if that offensive bigoted 'cracker' clings to political or social views that differ from theirs.  The infamous 'race card' is often played by those on the left as a  last resort when they are losing the argument against common sense! Far to often political correctness and it's fellow traveler 'racism' is used to stifle debate.  Political discord and debate is the foundation of our republic.  The founding fathers believe this so much that "Free Speech" was included in the First Amendment. In today's America our biggest threat is not from some foreign entity across the waters, but rather from the alien monster within---POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!   


Obama identifies Orlando shooter as Home-grown AR-15

In a totally predictable statement, President Obama was the first to identify the Orlando shooter as one AR-15, a home-grown killer born just 3 years ago at Sturm, Ruger in Southport, Connecticut!  The President also indicated that this bastard son of the NRA had no affiliation with the Peaceful Religion of the Prophet.  

This site strongly supports the Second Amendment and the only presidential candidate who embraces it, Donald Trump!


Obama wants to protect you against Terrorists by taking your guns

Once again, the President is looking out for you and yours.  Following the terrorist attack in Orlando, out of his infinite wisdom, our great leader has decided to protect you from the bad guys by taking away your gun.  After all, he is the man who refuses to use the term "Islamic Terrorist" and knows how best to fight these goat-loving camel jockeys from the land of Mohammad!


Orlando Terrorist: Thanks Obama we don't need any more Omar's

With 50 killed and over that number injured the Terrorist attack at a LGBT night club in Orlando, Florida is the site of the deadliest mass shooting in American History.  Authorities have confirmed the shooter was a Muslim, one Omar Mateen, a U.S. citizen whose parents are from Afghanistan.  The one clear message President Obama should gleam from this attack is at this point in time we need no more Omar's or his kind coming into the nation.  Sadly I suspect President Barack Hussein Obama will not learn this and will quickly try to deflect attention, from what is obviously a terrorist attack, by pointing his finger at the gun as the culprit behind this massacre!  Or perhaps he will move to call this a hate crime directed at the LBGT community and not an attack by a radical terrorist against the United States.   Barack the ball is in your court---now sh*t or get off the pot, ot leave that office you have so shamed.  We will wait now to see how both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump view this attack in this election season!


Delta Smelt on Brink of extinction due to secret Smelt canneries in High Sierria's

Apparently the farmers in California have had enough when it comes to the tiny Delta Smelt---a fish put on the endangered species list because of actions by environmental activist groups.  As a result, the state of California has diverted millions of gallons of water from the farms in the Central Valley resulting in the closing of hundreds of farms and bringing the unemployment rate to the highest level not seen since the days of the Great Depression.  But now the farmers are fighting back.  It has been reported that at several locations somewhere in the foothills of the High Sierra's secret canning factories have been established for the sole purpose of containing the spread of this minnow-like pest and confining it to tin cans.  One farmer was heard to say, "hell it's them or us, after all the government in Washington was trying to can us!  We just got to them first"!  


Mexican Nationals oppose Legal Immigration

In America today, Mexican Nationals (Mexicans living in the country illegally) do not seem to like those who have jumped through the hoops and obtained legal citizenship.  I would suppose, they have something against those who obey the laws of this nation.  Laws they don't seem to give a fu*k about.  Perhaps Trump had it right when he implied those coming to this country illegally across our southern border are indeed the misfits and criminals who were unable to make it in the country of their birth.  Build the Wall!

The shocking myth that "Justice is Blind"

Donald Trump has been soundly condemned from all quarters for daring to imply that the judge handling the Trump University case might not give him a fair shake because that judge was of Mexican heritage and after all, he Trump, is going to build that wall to keep illegal Mexican aliens from coming across our southern borders.  Those on the left were quick to condemn Trump for his words, as were many on the right.  However, it is only fair that we point out that the progressives in this country often, very often call judges and the judicial system in general racist.  But then when they do it, there is no large out cry by those in the media.  Donald is right, justice is not blind and racism does exist among judges.  It is only fair that a judge who belongs to organizations that use the phrase "La Raza", meaning The Race in their name just might be guilty of having a "Mexican in the woodpile"!  The term "Racism" has been so over used that it is as common as sh*t in the toilet bowl and useless to those whose own prejudices call them to regurgitate it far too often.  And to those who insist on using that old saying, "Justice is Blind", maybe the tooth fairy will come next time you lose one of those pearllies!  The fact that Donald Truth might see some racism in the Mexican-American Judge handling his case does not make him the racist; but is perhaps more revealing of the subliminal "monsters from the id" lurking within those hurling the charges.  By Ron Russell
This article will be posted across my many sites!        


Trump's Wall will prevent looming Environmental disaster

Progressives on the left were shocked today when Trump revealed that his primary reason for building a massive wall on our southern border was environmental, and had little to do with the race of those illegally entering the country.  In making his announcement Trump referred to a recent study done by S.H.I.T. Sam Houston Institute of Technology---one of the nations most prestigious Universities.  It appears that a majority of the professors at S.H.I.T.  have concluded that the greenhouse gas emissions coming from the massive numbers of bean-eaters coming in from the south each year was equal to the annual construction of 5 coal burning power plants.  It seems that bean-eaters fart 4 times as often as normal Big Mac consumers.  Therefore, according to Donald Trump the wall is absolutely necessary in order to prevent a looming environment disaster.  A disaster that could easily be avoided, by stopping the massive influx of farting aliens from the south.  However, Trump would let some of these "greenhouse producing units" into the country provided they pay a $10,000 tariff at the border which would be used to purchase Carbon Credits! Credits that would be used to pay for the clean up of their stinking pollutants. While also providing funds to change the unhealthy eating habits of the bean-bellies already in the country----both legal and illegal.  By Ron Russell

Will Nuclear Codes be safer with Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton has proven again and again that she is able to protect Top Secret papers.  After all she is the only senior government official to ever invest (her personal money) in a private server.  A server that would keep national secrets from the prying eyes of those whose only motive was to bring harm to both Hillary and those close confidants in her inner circle.  Just recently, Queen Hillary has admitted that hundreds in the government knew about her private email (which is, an address that is no longer in existence.  Kind of makes one wonder if so many in the government were privy to this account, would it also be known to foreign enemies of the State.  One does wonder if Russia, China or even some Nigerian Prince was able to access her device.  At any rate, this master of deception (Hillary), is now telling us that she would be a better Shepard for our Nuke Codes than the Man from Trump Tower.  Of course, that is something no one will ever know.  Only one of them will be elected President and have those codes to safeguard.  On a somewhat sexist note----I have noticed over my many years that women (for some unknown reason) just don't seem to be able to keep a secret as well as men!  Battening down the hatches for this one.  At any rate, I would not like to see a woman who was such a wimp for putting up will Bill over these many years ever hold the highest office in the land.  This witch (for lack of a better word) never had the Cojones to stand up to that philandering husband of hers and we expect her to stand up to Iran, China or even Russia----I think not!  Give me the Donald any day, even with all his flaws.         


Could Judge Curiel be fair to Trump if his parents were Mexican

The myth that a person can be completely objective when it comes to making important decisions is just that---a myth!  We are always influenced by events we experience in life---our parents, our school, and a thousand other things we seldom notice.  If fact we are all adrift on a sea whose currents we do not control.  One can be assured that when a person comes before Judge Curiel, a person who is threatening to wall off the country of his parents, a person who is running for president against the woman he supports for that office (Hillary Clinton); that these things will factor into his decision no matter how good his intentions are.  That is the world we live in and only an utter fool would ever claim complete objectivity on the part of the judge in the case against Trump University and the Donald.  


Hillary calls Trump out of his Foreign Policy, but....

In her most recent address or foreign policy, Hillary called Trump out on things he might do as President.  Well that's just speculation!  Now let's look at the things actually  accomplished by the Obama-Hillary foreign policy.  What about Libya, ISIS, Iranian Deal, Russian Reset, North Korean Nukes, Syria, and Chinese expansion into South China Sea!   Well Hillary, it's not about what others might do, or even what you say you'll do; but rather what you have done.  As they say, "the truth is in the pudding"!


Vicious Trump Thugs attack Hillary supporters in Mexifornia

Following a peaceful Hillary Clinton rally in San Jose, Mexifornia, dozens of young Hillary supporters where accosted by vicious Trump Thugs when leaving the event.  Not only were the Clinton faithful forced to endure the verbal insults, in English, directed at them; but were hit by flying missiles such as water bottles and eggs.  Several of Hillary supporters were bloodied as gangs of these Trump Thugs surrounded individual Hillary fans who were just trying to leave the event.  After reviewing scenes of these unprovoked attacks on the innocent rally goers, President Barack Obama has ordered Attorney General Loretta Lynch to sent a team of FBI agents to investigate the possible civil rights violations directed against Hillary supporters by Donald Trump's thugs.  The president also indicated that this type of right-wing violence would not be allowed in the Peoples State of Mexifornia!
For Trump supporters that may cringe at the title of this post, this is a piece of satire aimed at anti-Trump thugs, not Trump supporters and the man who currently sits in the White House and has yet failed to condemn the violent acts directed at pro-Trump rally goers! 
Vote Trump in 2016!      


White female Trump supporter attacked by Racist Mexicans

Trump had it right when he called some of the illegal visitors from south of the border murderers and rapist.  Now what do you think would have happened to this young lady had the cameras not been running and the police nearby.  We are not just getting illegals who want a better life crossing our border, but the absolute scum of Mexico sneaking into this country in the dead of night.  Scum and thugs  the government of that third world country are more than happy to be rid of.  But scum that is welcomed and protected by those progressives that control sanctuary cities like San Francisco and Los Angles.  It use to be that only a few felt threatened by that occasional Mexican on the street, but as their numbers grow their contempt for Americans is becoming more obvious.  Now they boldly physically attack those who dare oppose their illegal entry into this country, while burning the U.S. flag and waiving that rag displaying the Hawk and Snake; and at the same time taut, jeer, spit on, and actually assault Donald Trump supporters.  Supporters who want nothing more than to protect America from the lawless thugs from the south flooding the streets of our homeland.  At this time, as I see it, there is only one man resisting the barbarians at the gate.  I suppose there could be a better spokesman, but until one steps forward I will continue to support Donald Trump.  At least he says he will stop this run-a-way madness sweeping the streets of a nation under siege. 


Trump's Scorched Earth tactic on the Media

Without a doubt, Donal Trump will call a spade a spade and biased reporters liars.  Actually he is right to single them out for the vicious attacks they so richly deserve.  There is nothing, absolutely nothing so low as a reporter who lies in order to advance some personal agenda.  They are suppose to be the conveyors of truth, but today they are little more than puppets of a vast left wing conspiracy flooding the airways with lies and half-truths while declaring them to be the truth.  Remember during the first Gulf War, when Baghdad Bob the spokes person for Saddam Hussein declared the American invasion of Iraq had been stopped by the heroic Republican Guard, while all the time U.S. Troops and tanks were in the suburbs of Saddams capital city.  Today's media has way more than it's fair share of Baghdad Bobs---reporters that will lie and cherry pick news items to advance their twisted agenda.


The danger to kids is not the Ape in the Pit, but the National Debt

The biggest threat to our kids is not the Ape in the Pit, 
but the National Debt that will crush them all in the end!


Socialism is starving the People of Venezuela

Wonder why Bernie and his young wife decided to honeymoon in the USSR as opposed to Sweden or some other Scandinavian socialist nation---guess those were not red enough for comrade Sanders!  What has Bernie has learned from the deteriorating conditions in the socialist nation of Venezuela?  The answer is nothing----he blames it all on the United States!