Obama's Greatest Legacy to America

Perhaps once in several generations, our country is blessed to have a leader of the unsurpassed caliber of Barack Hussein Obama.  I use the man's middle name only because he insisted on using it when he was sworn into office, and not because of it's Islamic roots).  But back to my original point.  Our great nation has been blessed to have as it's leader for the past 8 years a man with the character and forward looking vision of Barack Obama.  Apparently, like most presidents, Barack has been concerned these last few years of his administration about his legacy.  That one thing he will leave to the nation, that will be uniquely related to him for eternity.  One just might say, it was the fact he was the nations first black president (let's qualify that---first half white president), but then he had little to do with that.  Just an accident of birth!  On the other hand his greatest legacy just might be the ACA (better known as ObamaCare), but then it seems this infamous act of Congress, will soon fall by the wayside.  So at this point in time, what "Obama caused event", can the soon to be ex-president, hang his hat on?  What can the man who coined the phrase "Hope and Change" leave to those Americans desperately clinging to their 'guns and Bibles' on one hand and their 'pacifiers and safe-spaces' on the other. 
What will be that one crowning event, that historians, a thousands years from now, will look back at with awe?  The answer is quite simple.  More than any law he signed, more than any executive order he penned,  more than any speech,  the one thing that will live in infamy will be the part Barack played in putting the face of Donald J. Trump on Mount Rushmore! 

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Sandee said...

They won't admit this ever. It's true, but they won't admit this.

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