Obama Scuttles UN vote on Israeli Settlements after Trump Warning

The Egyptian government under the leadership of Abdel El-Sisi introduced a resolution in the United Nations Security Council proposing a serious condemnation of Israeli Settlements on the West Bank.  In the past, the United States has been quick to veto such moves against the Jewish State.  However, at this time, as Obama reaches the end of his presidency sources confirmed that instead of the usual veto, this time the U.S. was preparing to abstain in the vote.  This move would have allowed the Egyptian resolution to pass and becoming binding until such time as the council would resend it.  This however, would be very unlikely because both Russia and China have veto power on the Council.  Apparently, President Obama who has no love for Benjamin Netanyahu or it seems, the Jewish State, was trying to tie the hands of our incoming president, Donald J. Trump in future negotiations on the Israeli Settlements.  President Trump after calls from the Israeli Prime Minister, contacted the Egyptian President, El-Sisi; after which, the resolution was withdrawn.  

This move by Obama along with his other recent act on offshore oil drilling proves that Barack will try to move heaven and earth to lock in those positions he deems necessary to his legacy.  In his last few days in office, Obama is proving what many had only speculated about before----the man is an ego-maniac.  
It should be noted that, soon to be President, Trump began his attack on the Obama plan that would in fact have placed a dagger at the throat of Israel with his fast "Twitter Finger".  I suppose one could say, Donald's twitter finger trumped Barack's pen.  I guess the old adage needs to be refined to say: "the tweet is mightier than the pen"!  

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Sandee said...

Very well done by Trump. Obama would wipe Israel off the face of the earth, but he'd do it more quietly.

Have a fabulous day, Ron. ☺