Obama and Flag

Obama-Michelle and the Flag
Now he wears the flag
For all Americans to see!
Many are fooled, but some are not!


Universal Health Care

Universal Health Care
Pie-in-the-Sky Dream
Just a new version of a "Chicken in Every Pot".


Horse Sense

Horse Sense and Common Sense
If its looks like Shi...t
And smells like Shi...t
Then it is Shi...t!!!

Cartoon from Hope N Change


Obama and That Girl!

Who is that Girl?
Oh! It Chrissy Matthews!
The Malt Liquor gets Them every Time!



Obama Will Stick it to You!!

Obama Will Stick It To You
One Shot of Obama is Enough!!

Are You Ready for This?

Obama the Joker

Obama the Joker
Obama is fast becoming a joke!!!

Obama & Jimmy Carter

Two Peas in a Pod!
Jimmy and Barry
You get what you voted for!
One grew peanuts!
The other planted ACORNs


Obama & Rev. Wright

Obama & Rev. Wright
Why doesn't Obama go to church anymore?
He can't find another Rev. Wright!