The Progressive "Resistance Movement" burns and loots in predominately Democrat areas

Has anyone else noticed that when members of the so-called Resistance Movement aka anti-Trump protestors destroy private property by setting fires, breaking windows, and looting it is always in mostly Democratic areas.  Do they simply want to punish like-minder people or are they actually fearful of going into areas where there might face repercussions for their unlawful acts.  In short are they just a bunch of cowards attempting to hide behind the Constitution they so obviously hate.  I for one if, wouldn't mind the protest if they remained peaceful and if those protesting would not cover their faces like the Klan members of old.  Quite frankly I've had just about enough of these pampered, spoiled, and stupid brats.


Sandee said...

Pretty much. I think things will turn around at some point. I'm pretty tired of the pampered, spoiled, and stupid brats too.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Pumice said...

The title "Liberal Logic" makes no sense unless you change it to minus 101.

Grace and peace.