Israel - Arabs, The side with biggest gun wins land dispute

Recently we've all been privy to the West Bank land dispute between Israel on one side and virtually the entire world on the other.  Over my many years I have observed what seems to be an indisputable truth:  when it comes to land disputes the side with the biggest gun seems always to be the victory.  But there are those rare occasions when those with the "Biggest Set" are triumphant over their longer-barreled adversaries.  That said if one side is blessed with both, the outcome is never in doubt.  Analogies  aside one can be certain that the Jewish state of Israel with never give up it's historic claim to Jerusalem unless there is a nation in the region with a bigger gun and a bigger set.  Quite frankly, I see little chance of either.
Some naive observers may note that most land disputes are settled by the court.  They seem to forget, that it is the State (the one with the biggest gun) that forces the individual, with his pitiful arsenal, to submit to it's will whether justified or not.  

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