Twitter and Facebook Target Conservatives with such methods as 'Shadow Banning'

Just a few days ago after complaints by numerous conservative leaders the Twitter method of Shadow Banning  Twitter did admit this did exist and they would correct the problem.  And just today Facebook announced the foreign operators were again attempting to interfere in the upcoming off year elections this fall.  What does seem strange is that when Twitter and Facebook efforts to undermine conservatives and is only stopped after the injured parties vigorously protest---then and only then will they admit what they simply call a mistake.  While on the other hand Facebook quickly discovered what is believed to be foreign influence in an attempt to influence the outcome of elections this fall.  Of course Twitter and Facebook both hot beds of left wing activities will do all in their power to advance the left's cry of "RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA"!   Damn, why am I not surprised!  

Robert Mueller Brings in New Top Investigator for his Trump - Russia Probe

In an effort to boost his falling support for the Trump-Russia probe Robert Mueller has added a top investigator to his staff.  The man from Mayberry, Barney Fife will substantially increase the brain-power of this faltering investigation. 

Maxine Waters was sent by God to take down Donald Trump

Democrats are cheering now that Maxine Waters has revealed that God sent her a message to take down President Trump.  Funny why so many progressives believe this despite the fact so many are confirmed atheist!


Guns and Liberal Madness

The argument coming from the left on gun control is actually quite crazy.  Seems if you shoot an animal you are evil, but if you shoot a human the gun is evil.  Of course we all know that liberals would never shoot anything.  Not even the rapist who is assaulting their own wife.  Of course this statement is true----after all they don't own guns!


Fake CNN News Report

We live in a world of 'Chicken Little's'.  A world of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome).  A world where the so-called MSM news rooms are dominated by fake-media journalist who have been thoroughly indoctrinated by socialist-Marxist professors who hate capitalism and anyone who believes in the teachings of Adam Smith and those of the founders of this nation like Jefferson, Washington and Hamilton.  CNN and other networks like them are not friends of the U.S. and the founding fathers, but of a totally alien ideology.  It is not Trump that is destroying America, on the contrary he is trying to save it.


Mississippi 155th Armored Combat Brigade deploys to Kuwait

Members of the Mississippi 155th Armored Combat Brigade just deployed to Kuwait for 9 months.  Among the troops is my nephew Sgt. Benjamin Everett.  He just emailed me a image taken in his camp area.  Funny looking cows in the background.  Good luck Benji and stay away from those camel steaks.

Not only are the Streets of San Francisco Polluted, but now it the Ballot Box too!

The city by the Bay is now giving non-citizens the right to vote in some local elections.  Should this issue end up at the Supreme Court it will probably be over-turned, but until that time it will be the law in Frisco.  Damn, at first illegals are issued a 'get out of jail free card' and now a voter registration card.  However, I suppose there is something positive coming from this California madness, the nutty progressives there have turned the Golden State into a giant magnet that is sucking illegals to it's borders with the promises of free stuff, criminal immunity, voting rights and free passage from their native sh*thole countries.. 


"Fail Safe" redux with President Trump

Are you old enough to remember the old "Fail Safe" flick, where the U.S. accidentally drops a nuke on Moscow.  The then U.S. president played by Henry Fonda informs the Russian leader that we would drop a nuke on NYC to even the score.  Now if Trump has been president in those days the conservation may have gone something like this:  "Vladimir, apparently one of our planes will get through and bomb Moscow.  What I purpose should that happen is that I will order a Nuclear bomb dropped on San Francisco.  Vladimir replies: 'Donald that would put you two up on us.'" 


Starbucks' New Straw less Lids use more Plastic than old Lid/Straw Combo

With Starbucks, perception is not reality.  Apparently it new straw less lids use more plastic that the old straw/lid combos.  Starbucks business relies on those that fall into the 'sky is falling if a tree is cut crowd' and will do anything, anything short of losing money to keep the business of these environmental wackos!  And that my friends is the bottom line!  

Trump Condemns Cannibalism, Demcrates begin Eating each other

No matter what President Trump says or does it seems that the media and Democrats oppose it.  What we have is instead of the loyal opposition is the vocal opposition.  I would suggest that Trump come out with a strong condemnation of Cannibalism and have Republicans send salt and pepper to the left side of the aisle.

MSM didn't get upset when Obama interfered with Israeli Election.

Obama and those cronies around him who virtually hate the Jewish state were more or less given a free pass by those in the media when the Obama administration tried to tip the outcome of the only free elections in the Middle East.  It was well know that Barack had little over for Bibi Netanyahu and the policies of his government.  Interference in elections is nothing new and has been going on since the beginning of time.  It is now, that Trump is in control that the media is in full blown panic!

End of the World according to Media and Democrats

Every time President Trump opens his mouth the Media and Democrats call it the 'end of the world'!  Too bad they all don't jump off a cliff to avoid what they see as the coming apocalypse.  Could it be they use this as a ploy to sway some voters! 

Mueller's attempt to Complicate the obvious in the Russian Conspiracy Investigation

I suspect that Robert Mueller was all to aware some months ago that there was no connection between the Trump campaign and the Russians.  Now all he has left is to muddy the waters by complicating the obvious (that there was no collusion).  This is a time worn method used by prosecutors across the nation.  When the facts don't support your case just seek to confuse and befuddle those looking for the truth!


Associated Press reporting Trump Nukes Moscow to destroy compromising Evidence Putin holding over Him

The AP is just reporting that Trump has nuked Moscow.  The immediate reaction from the left is mixed with one group claiming that President Trump's motive for this unprecedented action was to destroy the evidence Russian President Putin was using to blackmail Donald Trump.  While yet, another large group on the left is claiming that Trump used only  single Nuclear bomb because he didn't want to upset his buddy Vladimir in the Kremlin.
Sheer madness!  Yes!  But no more crazy than the stories being promoted by Democrats in Congress and their comrades in the news media.       


If the Democrats didn't have Double Standards they would have no Standards at all

Today's Democrats are the party of the growing Socialist movement in the USA.  The are turning to the failed policies of Marx, Lenin, Castro and numerous socialist leaders in Latin America.  Truth is they have no standards, and have retreated to double standards and the ideology of a failed political system that have proved to be the downfall of many nations around the world----SOCIALISM!  Read more...... 


The British don't like Trump, but didn't like George Washington either

With the massive demonstrations occurring against Donald Trump on his recent visit to the UK,  many media members quickly pointed out the British did not like Donald Trump.  Of course, they didn't like George Washing either.  But look what he accomplished!!! 

Constitution outdated but Roe vs Wade is settled Law according to Liberals #settled Law

Not only would liberals live in a world without borders, but a world without logic!

Peter Strzok and his Smug Look

Poor Peter, he just can't help texting his true feeling or hiding his real feelings when testifying before a congressional committee.

Here come the Judge, Brett Kavanaugh

With President Trump's nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the high court liberal heading are exploding.  Damn it's the 4th of July all over.

Russian - German Collusion

At the recent NATO meeting in Brussels, Trump highlighted a little reported fact, he revealed that the Russians and Germans were constructing a huge Baltic Sea pipeline between their two nations.  A line that would provide Germany with about 70% of it's energy needs.  Making that nation almost totally dependent on the Russia state for it energy needs.  Little wonder that the Germans are unwilling to pay their fair share of 2% of GDP for NATO's defense fund.  But then when you think about it why should they bite the hand that keeps their power on.

How the Media sees Nuclear Arms Limitation Talks between Trump, Putin and Obama

Just imagine how the press would report on a nuclear arms reduction agree between Putin and Trump.  While at the same time viewing the same agreement struck between Obama and Putin.  Trump would be viewed as committing a treasonous act while Obama would be nominated for his second Nobel Award.  This is where with are with today's media and the hate they express toward Donald Trump!


Put Law-abiding Americans on Par with Criminals

Most criminals carry guns so why not demand reciprocity for law-abiding citizens and allow they to pack heat!

How to make a Liberal's Head Explode

Don't worry, you don't have to shout obscenities or ban liberals from public places, just show they a image like the one above or wear a MAGA hat in front of a Starbucks.

Peter Strzok's final words on Bias

H/T to Stilton's Place
Oops!  And some say a dying man never lies!

Maxine Waters Welcome (unwelcome) Mat

According to Maxine Waters illegal aliens are welcome in this country while those terrible stinking deplorable Trump supporters are unwelcome in any public establishment.  Reminds me of those Jim Crow signs saying "No Colored Allowed"!

Dan Bongino on the appeal of Socialism

According to Dan Bongino socialism appeals to two groups of people: Insulated intellectuals and non-insulated idiots.  Of course if you are not a FOX News viewer you will never hear this, but instead have you head filled with the fake news and half-truths coming from CNN and MSNBC!

Words of Wisdom from Maxine Waters

If you wish to see the prime example of a national Democrat just switch your TV channel and see this grand lady (Maxine Waters) next time she provides a gracious audience to those CNN and NBC viewers.

White House. Givers and Takers

Of course we all know Obama had a poor background although he managed to attend Columbia and Harvard Universities.  So perhaps he needed to pocket his presidential salary.  But then why did Michelle need 23 staffers when Melania only requires 4.  Maybe just maybe, she needed more hands to harvest the veggies in her White House garden.

More givers and takers!

The Hypocrisy of the Modern Day Socialist

The simple truth is that modern-day socialist would not give up even one of the benefits they enjoy thanks to capitalism.  Some embrace socialism only because they are jealous of those who have more money than they do and they want it to redistribute as they see fit, with the lion's share lining their own pockets.

How best to Enjoy your MAGA Hat

This is best used in California and New York where progressive leadership has driven prices through the roof.  And I should add that this wouldn't work in Mississippi and Alabama.

How to grow up and become a CNN Reporter

You have to give those CNN reporters their just dues.  Seems they always manage to find those elusive hen's teeth in the barnyard!  If you fail to understand my meaning you must a liberal who feet have never touched the grass except in Central Park!!!


The Nazis, Taliban and Liberals all love to tear down statues they don't like

Birds of a feather flock together.  You know when you stop to think about it, today's Liberals have assured their place in history along side of the Nazis, Taliban, and Communist.  A place they can only hold until some New Order comes along and removes their heroes from monuments.  After all revisionist book burners are always on the prowl.

Democrat Activist Groper Lady Liberty

Recently a Congolese immigrant, Therese Okounbu openly groped Lady Liberty in front of thousands of Statue of Liberty visitors and their families!  Furthermore it should be noted that not one member of the "Me Too" movement objected to these unsolicited advances coming from this Congolese immigrant.

From out of the Heart of Darkest Africa comes the shocking fact about Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Reporters from left wing news sites are now scrambling to find unidentified sources to confirm this breaking story about Judge Brett Kavanaugh's 1988 safari to the Congo in central Africa.  Apparently a great ape and recent convert to the "Me Too" movement has come forward with the shocking details of unsolicited groping by the seemingly mild mannered judge.

Gun Control will Lower Crime Rates, the way Obamacare Lowered Premiums

Out of the mouths of politicians sometime come words of wisdom, but more often  those words come from a self-serving twisted mind.  It is said that God created the snake before he created the politician.  I suppose he needed the practice!

Have you accepted the state as your Lord and Savior

The newest disciple for the paradise offered by Statism is New York socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes.  Or perhaps she is little more than a pathfinder on the road to Venezuela (an oil rich nation where the common man is starving, while the protectors of the Statism grow fat and whose only hunger is for more power over the teeming masses.   Have no doubt, this is what Alexandria and those like her are offering to those foolish enough to follow her through the wilderness to the promised land. 


Make America Weak Again

The MAGA movement of Donald Trump is failing.  As the leaders of the National Democratic Party would tell you it's time to 'Make America Weak Again'.  After all the United States is only one of the 100+ nations on the globe.  We are the same bully nation that defeated those terrible  Latino despots  in Panama and Grenada.  Furthermore we had the audacity to break away from the loving arms of our mother country, Great Britain.  And then we had the utter gald to lay, not one, but two fat nukes on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki following their pin prick strike on Pearl Harbor.  Yes we must make America Weak Again in order to preserve the legacy left by the greatest President in U.S. history, Barack 'himself' Obama.  Yes, this is political satire.  #MAGA  


20 pounds of Human Feces found in Plastic Bag on San Francisco Street

The San Francisco city counsel along with mayor Mark Farrel are calling for a full investigation after 20 lbs of human waste was found in a plastic bag on a city street.  They claim that discarding a plastic bag on the streets violates numerous city ordinances and the perpetrator should be brought to justice.  When asked by a reporter from FOX News about the foul stinking content of the bag, city hall officials refused to comment.   However, one official, who wished to remain ominous did say 'that unlike the plastic bag, the content was at least biodegradable and posed no danger to the environment'. 


Trump makes surprise Supreme Court Pick

H?T to Stilton's Place
After days of careful deliberation and consolation  with his closest advisors, President Trump has made a shocking pick for his Supreme Court nomination.  While commenting on his untraditional pick the President told the nation this would put a spring in the step of some of the Court's older male members and could send some who were too old to 'cut the mustard' to an early grave creating openings for future Trump nominations to SCOTUS.  


Democrats in a nose dive, trying to fly with two left wings

It doesn't take a genius to figure out a plane can't fly with two left wings.  But then who says Democrats are geniuses!  They will crash and burn.  I already hear the cheers coming from the Heartland of America!


Liberal Meltdown over Justice Kennedy Retirement

Damn I almost feel sorry for these guys, almost!

Senate Democrats demand Supreme Court nominee not be unduly influenced by U.S. Constitution

Somewhere in the dark corners of the U.S. Capital muffled voices of Democrats are quietly demanding that any Supreme Court nominee put forth by Donald Trump should not be unduly influenced by the Constitution.  While at the same time more and more of these 'wannabee socialist' are calling for the abolition of ICE.  Are we on the road to Venezuela?

Michael Moore organizes "Meal Team Six" to Oust Trump

In a recent interview with Late Show host Stephen Colbert, Hollywood producer Michael Moore said we must "put our bodies on the line" to stop Trump!  One must wonder what Moore would have his followers do, "toss fries and whoppers" at Trump supporters while calling them stinking Nazis!!!