Mueller set to reveal Evidence of Trump-Russian Collusion following DNA analysis

Somewhere deep in the bowels of the J. Edgar Hoover Building (FBI Headquarters) in Washington champagne corks are popping as Special Counsel Robert Mueller is set to release proof that President Donald Trump not only colluded with Russia but had sexual relations with an undercover Russian agent. Deep state sources in the Special Counsel's office have reveled, some years ago citizen Trump spent the evening with a Brighton Beach (Little Odessa) 'Lady of the Evening' while Melania was visiting relatives in her native Slovenia. Unbeknown to her superiors at the Kremlin ,this female Russian agent aka Hooker kept the Blue Stained Dress she wore in her brief tete-a-tete with Donald Trump a secret.  A secret she only just revealed to the Deep State employees of Robert Mueller in the Justice Department.  Of course, the Blue Dress along with the details of this salacious rendezvous in Trump Tower were not freely given, but were only provided to the FBI after the government deposited some $3,000,000 to a numbered Swiss Bank Account of American tax-payer dollars.  

Details of what some are calling The Great anti-Trump Coup are just emerging.  After buying the relatively inexpensive dress (by government standards) for only $2,500 per sq. inch, samples of the questionable stain were forwarded to "23 and Me" for analysis.  While at the same time an heroic undercover Deep State Operative, FBI agent was able to penetrate The Kremlin West aka Trump's White House and obtain a sample of the President's DNA  from his 'double dip ice cream bowl' while attending that most repugnant of all events, The White House Christmas Party.

After analysis of the stained dress and over-sized ice cream bowl were revealed uncontrolled cheers could be heard coming from the Hoover Building.  Seems that not only did the DNA from the dress and bowl match, but after the comparison with an old sample of Vladimir Putin's DNA, '23 and Me' confirmed that there is a 99.999 % probability that Trump and Putin are 2nd cousins twice removed.. 
by Ron Russell  
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Brooklyn College would Ban Cops from Campus Toilet Facilities

State funded Brooklyn College in NYC has deemed it necessary to ban cops from their primary restrooms on campus and directed them to a broken-down facility at the edge of the campus.  The faculty and students thinking is apparently, that seeing a cop in uniform would trigger the snowflakes in their safe-spaces.  For some reason, seeing a "No Police Allowed" sign posted on a public toilet somehow reminds me of the "White Only" signs across the south in the old Jim Crow days of the 1960's!  And no this is not fake news.  Truth is often stranger than fiction.  You can read the disgusting details of the story here, from the New York Post!

And don't blame the students for their thinking.  They are simply reflecting the thoughts and opinions of their minders (the faculty).  Thoughts and opinions that are alien to America, but found at virtually all institutions of so-called 'higher learning' across the country.
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Mexican Turds land on Imperial Beach in Southern California

Although the state of California has thrown out the welcome mat for visitors from the south apparently some citizens near Imperial Beach have called for a halt to unwanted raw sewage, toxic waste and chemicals being dumped into the Tijuana River which flows north contaminating some beaches in Southern California.  I suppose there is a moral to this story:  "some think only the cream rises to the top, they but seem to forget that turds also float."  You can read the story of the Mexican raw sewage being  sent to California via the Tijuana River here!

Mueller's Punitive Monday Prep-Walk

Special prosecutor Robert Mueller was beginning to find himself in a bind after the Uranium One scandal resurfaces along with the fact the so-called Russian Dossier was paid for by Hillary and her gang at the DNC.  Apparently Mueller is striking back with leaked information that a Washington grand jury has indicted someone in his shamefully expensive investigation of Russian collusion by the Trump campaign.  I have little doubt the person indicted will be shackled and perp-walked today in front of Mueller's fans in the corrupt media.  Normally when such arrest are made, the subject is given the opportunity to turn himself in rather than being cuffed and paraded before the cameras if he is not a flight risk.  Will this be the case today?  Or will the special prosecutor grand stand, and herd his sacrificial lamb to the slaughter.
Whatever the case, I personally feel, that Robert Mueller's days of running what I view as a latter-day Spanish Inquisition are numbered.  Occasionally, 'sanity' wins a round, and I suspect this will be one of those.    

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Racist monuments to Washington and Lee removed from historic Virginia Church

Beloved comrades of the Revolution victory at Alexandra, Virginia where plaques honoring both George Washington and R.E. Lee have been removed from  historic church est. 1773.  These two symbol of America's racist bourgeoisie past have been relegated to the dust-bin of history.  Now comrades, it's onward to Washington, D.C. to topple that most hated of all symbols, "The Washington Monument" and achieve that crowning victory over the forces of racial oppression, colonialism and the capitalist white men who have for far too long imposed their European-centric culture on the indigenous peoples of the New World.


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Clinton Campaign and DNC Colluded with Russia. Donald Trump did not!

Tonight, the Washington Post (no friend of President Trump) is reporting that Fusion GPS was paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC  to gather information from Russia that would laid the foundation for the discredited 'Russian Dossier'.  After a full year of hearing Democrats and the lying voices coming from the MSM accusing Donald Trump and his campaign of colluding with Russia, guess what?  Those colluding were Hillary and the DNC.  The shocking lie being promoted by the Democrats, Hillary and the media is falling apart and in it's place it is now those 'masters of deception and fake news' that will soon have to 'pay the piper'.   The complete Washington Post story on Russian Dossier, Fusion GPS and Clinton Campaign.  

This turn of events reminds me of the old story of a snake eating it's own tail!


Goodbye old Friend

PROFESSOR (1998 - 2017)
Had to say goodbye to an old friend this day.  
But he is still close, in my heart, my tears, and laid to rest on a small hill near my home. 
I love you old fellow.



Generation Z “Cleansing” Of America Nears As US War Dead Gravestones Face Obliteration Threat

US Federal Court’s has just turned its back on their nations honored war dead by its threatening to obliterate all of the gravestones of its soldiers containing a Christian Cross—but with this report, also, saying that hope for this country might soon be renewed as its Generation Z population block is preparing for a “cleansing” that will eliminate forever the “liberal rot” threatening this once free nation’s very existence.

Want to know more?  Click HERE.

According to this report, in a stunning rebuke to “The Father of the CountryPresident George Washington, who created the United States by stating: “It is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor.”—the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, this past week, ordered the immediate destruction of the Bladensburg Peace Cross that was erected over 90 years ago to honor the American war dead of World War I.

This shocking ruling proving that America could no longer be trusted to even protect its own honored war dead, this report continues, is made more insidious due to its laying the groundwork for the total obliteration of every single soldiers headstone in the US containing the Christian Crossand that numerous “friend of the court” briefs warned about by their stating that the US Federal Court’s ordering the destruction of the Bladensburg Peace Crosscould eventually justify taking away the crosses at sites like Arlington National Cemetery”.

Due to America’s decades long “War on God” that has allowed such a shocking court ruling to be made in the first place, this report details, large masses of this nations young peoples have been turned into imbeciles knowing nothing about religion, but in their “knowing” that life is more than just physical existence, are, instead, turning towards the satanic belief systems of witchcraft and astrologyRead more......


Obama publically Renounces His Life’s Work as Community Organizer

Better late than never. At a campaign rally for New Jersey gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy, Obama barked: 

“You are going to send a message to the country, and you will send a message to the world that we are rejecting a politics of division.” 

That represents quite a reversal for a Chicago community organizer in the classic Alinsky mode, which entails applying the Rule for Radicals, including the infamous “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” 

Too bad this change of heart didn’t precede Obama’s attempts to inflame racial hostilities over Henry Gates, Trayvon Martin, and Ferguson. Too bad it didn’t come before he denounced the Bitter Clingers out in Flyover Country. 

The anger and alienation that produced the Donald Trump phenomenon are Obama’s main legacy, due to his deliberately divisive brand of politics. Now he doesn’t want to own it.  
Thanks to Moonbattery



Wildfires: Terraforming of California by illegals from south of the border

After days of blaming the California wildfires, that have killed 41 people, on climate change the media has suddenly grown silent on this issue.  Could it just be because ICE Detainer Issued for Suspected Wine Country Arsonist in Sonoma Jail. Evidently the arson suspect Jesus Fabian Gonzalez, is an illegal alien who was living under a bridge and had to build a fire to warm himself (it was 78 degrees outside) from the extreme cold of gringo country.  But perhaps we should give Jesus a break---after all he may have been just doing his small part in Terraforming California to match the climate of his native Mexico.  I'm quite sure he would like to see Guava Plants replace grapes in Napa Valley, after all, cantina's serve cerveza and tequila not wine!  It seems reasonable, that the alien population of the soon to be former state of California will hail Jesus Gonzalez as a hero and demand his likeness be placed on the pedestal formerly occupied by Christopher Columbus.  We are waiting to see if the sanctuary state of California will honor the ICE detainer!
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Real Russian collusion found in Uranium One deal: Senate to open Nuclear Bribery Case

Yesterday we learned of a massive Russian bribery scheme that was occurring under the nose of the Obama administration, which involved lots of federal agencies, Obama, Hillary Clinton, and DOJ head Eric Holder, and private companies. Oh, and uranium. And the Clinton’s “charitable” foundation. And now we learn
Senate Judiciary opens probe into Obama-era Russian nuclear bribery case

The Senate Judiciary Committee has launched a full-scale probe into a Russian nuclear bribery case, demanding several federal agencies disclose whether they knew the FBI had uncovered the corruption before the Obama administration in 2010 approved a controversial uranium deal with Moscow.
Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), the committee chairman, gets his first chance to raise the issue in public on Wednesday when he questions Attorney General Jeff Sessions during an oversight hearing.

Though the hearing was scheduled for other purposes, aides said they expected Grassley to ask Sessions questions about a story published in The Hill on Tuesday that disclosed the FBI had uncovered evidence showing Russian nuclear officials were engaged in a racketeering scheme involving bribes, kickbacks and money laundering designed to expand Russian President Vladimir Putin’s atomic energy business on U.S. soil.

The evidence was first gathered in 2009 and 2010 but Department of Justice officials waited until 2014 to bring any charges. In between that time, President Obama’s multi-agency Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) gave approval to Russia’s Rosatom to buy a Canadian mining company called Uranium One that controlled 20 percent of America’s uranium deposits.
The committee’s members at the time included former Attorney General Eric Holder and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whose husband collected large speech fees and millions in charitable donations from Russia and other entities interested in the outcome of the decision.
Of, course, let’s face it, it’s highly unlikely anything will come out of this, as Republicans haven’t shown they have the cajones to get tough on Obama or the people who worked for him on pretty much anything. And we do not know how in-depth the committee will get on this. They are demanding certain documents from federal agencies by October 26th. Read more.....


Islamic Rap

Maybe liberals will finally find fault with Islam, now that it has added cultural appropriation to its long list of sins:
But knowing them, I suspect this will only make them snuggle
 up closer to the bomb-throwers.  
After all, birds of a feather..... 
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2nd Amendment Advocate Dana Loesch forced to move because of Rape and Death Threats

This just shouldn’t happen to anyone. Dana Loesch is being forced to move simply because of her stance on gun rights and the Second Amendment. She’s an incredibly gifted woman who has been a tireless advocate for the right to bear arms. For that, she gets death and rape threats so severe, she is being forced to move. She has an incredible career ahead of her because of her talent as a pundit, reporter and show host, which also makes her high-profile. From what I understand, Dana always puts her family first as well and this must be very bad indeed if it has resulted in her moving. 

Gun control advocates are behind all of this. She has had her cell phone number uncovered and she was actually threatened in front of police with being shot in her front yard. Her home has been photoed and publicized all over social media from what she says and one of the guys who did that, threatened to rape her to death. This is insane and deeply evil. Whatever happened to just disagreeing with someone? This is frightening for both Dana and her family. She’s got security protecting her children. This family should not have to live in fear like this. Read more.....

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Classic Book 'To Kill A Mockingbird' banned

A Mississippi school district has finally killed the mockingbird for good. Based on complaints from some parents in the Biloxi School District, the book has been removed from the curriculum, because it “makes people uncomfortable,” notably because it contains the “N” word, among other reasons. 

To Kill a Mockingbird is the magnum opus of author Harper Lee and has been in school curriculums nationwide since it was written in 1960. Lee passed away in 2016 at the age of 89. The lesson of the book is one that affirms we are all equally valuable no matter our race and that we all deserve a fair shot at life and at justice. This fact seems to have escaped the complainers, who, based simply on the the book’s intentional and contextual language, have decided it’s not worth reading. Their ignorance and shortsightedness is astounding in its depth and tragic in its effects. Now, these students in this district will not have the benefit of the excellent lesson in humanity, that this book has taught generations. One wonders if the complainers have actually read the book, or just thumbed through, found some ugly language and dismissed it.  Read more.....
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Hollywood Moguls have a small part for young voluptuous starlets

H/T to Ben Garrison Cartoons
The infamous Hollywood Casting Couch has been around Tinsel Town from it's beginning.  Elites there, claimed to be shocked at the revelations coming from the Harvey Weinstein scandal.  Their faux outrage reminds me of those famous lines from Casablanca:  Captain Renault---"I'm shocked, shocked to find there is gambling going on here!"   

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Antifa vows to bring down Statues of Neil Armstrong (First man to walk on the Moon)

Following their attacks on Confederate Monuments where they defaced or destroyed an estimated 1% of statues in Dixie, and their remodeling efforts on Christopher Columbus statues where they were successful in spraying red paint on select monuments across the nation, Antifa has now turned their attention on space explorers beginning with Neil Armstrong.  Sources close to Antifa gang members are informing us that Neil Armstrong (first man to walk on the moon) is being targeted by that group for daring to lead, what they are calling "the white man's neo-colonialism" effort to colonize space.  An obvious attempt to bring little green men of color (if there are any) under the domination of the evil white man.  But perhaps the greatest sin of this 'latter-day Columbus' was to deface a pristine heavenly body (the moon) with what Antifa considers to be the worlds most hated image---the AMERICAN FLAG!

Not pissed off yet? Your ox hasn't been gored?  Then just wait until the national Antifa police come knocking at your door and rip down that beloved image of your departed parents or maybe you child who dared to stand beside some verboten national monument---a monument that has been relegated to the dust-bin of history, by those who are far more enlightened than the mere common man.
Ron Russell
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Antifa Plans Nationwide ‘Deface Columbus Day’ Protests for Monday

Antifa is so upset about people celebrating a white guy who perpetuated violence against innocent Natives that they are going to get a bunch of their white friends together to perpetuate violence against innocent people. 

You know, as a protest. To show how wrong Columbus was. And stuff. 

And there was some stuff about white supremacists thrown in for good measure, despite Antifa being mostly white. But pay no attention to that because FASCISM! 

So what exactly are these pasty losers going to do? Well, according to their websites, they plan to vandalize statues of Christopher Columbus. The group who created this nonsense is the “Radical Abolitionist Movement,” which is painfully vague and doesn’t appear to actually stand for anything. 

They called on their fellow anarchists to “decorate” the statues and their neighborhoods. RAM identifies itself as an “extremely militant group that advocates for the violent redistribution of property” that occasionally fights for the “abolition of gender.” When they’re not busy with their fake “Robin Hood” routine.  Read more.....


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The Day Trump made the Earth Stand Still

Some of you may remember the original Syfy movie 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' from the early 1950's.  However, the message delivered to the planet-destroying robot, Gort has remained a mystery, that is until today.  Computers at the NSA have finally been able to translate that mystifying message, "Gort, Klaatu barada nikto".  Which literally means,  "Gort death to all terrorist, screw all Democrats and RINO's, built the wall, make Mexico pay for it, and make America great again".  Apparently aliens are short-winded and can say a lot with just a few  words.
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Undocumented Democrats

Exactly what makes people who are unlawfully present in the United States think they have the right to demand legislation? It’s like petty thieves demanding they have a say in laws about petty theft. Of course, Democrats, and the tiny number of squishy Republicans, who have empowered illegal aliens into thinking they have a say.  One must wonder what would happen to a illegal American carrying a protest sign against the government in almost any Latin American country.  Wait, we don't need to concern ourselves.  After all illegal Americans south of the border are as rare as snow-balls in hell!

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Hillary Clinton Beats Drum while White House has a moment of Silence

“Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make easier to get.” —Hillary Clinton 

This was Hillary’s ignorant and insensitive reaction to the massacre in Las Vegas. She immediately began banging her gun control drum while attacking the NRA, which had nothing to do with it. The Las Vegas shooting is the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history, (aside from the 700 killed in Chicago in 2016). Many questions remain. Why did the shooter suddenly snap? He was peacefully retired and well-off. He was a hard core gambler and often won. He had no military experience and knew nothing about such weapons. He gave no sign or reasons for the shooting. Some witnesses claim there were multiple shooters. Why were there so many weapons in his room? He couldn’t possibly use them all. Did he convert to Islam recently? It seems unlikely. That religion instructs jihadis to go out in a blaze of glory, not commit suicide. We will get the answers over time—or not.  Thanks to Ben Garrison Cartoons
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In Wake Of Las Vegas, Gun Grabbers Are Back To Pushing The Australia Solution

What is the Australia solution? A simple explanation is offered at the UK Guardian, which is brought up in the wake of Las Vegas to say that the gun grabbyness is being eroded in Australia
In 1996 politicians managed to come to a bipartisan agreement to change our gun laws. The main changes included: a ban on semi-automatic rifles and pump action shotguns, a gun buyback, the introduction of a uniform registration and licensing system and an acknowledgment that gun ownership is a privilege and not a right. These laws were implemented into each state and territory legislation which implemented a national approach to gun regulation.
So, not everything. This article from 2016 explains in depth who can own which guns of those that are still legal.
It’s actually not that hard to own a gun. But you do have to have a genuine reason. You have to be a member of a target shooting club or a hunter and you have to prove it. For hunting, you can get written permission from a landowner who says you are hunting on his land. Or you can join a hunting club. Pistols [handguns], on the other hand, are heavily restricted. All applicants undergo a background check by the police and there is a mandatory 30 day cooling off period for all license applications, both long arms and pistols. Firearms safety training courses are mandatory as well.
There are 6 classes of license, which also includes if you want an air rifle. Yeah, that would be a BB gun. You want a handgun? There’s a license for that. H license. You must compete in at least 8 competitions to keep it. It’s a competition license. “This firearm may be a single-shot air pistol, a single-shot .22-calibre pistol or a .22-calibre revolver or self-loading pistol.” As far as I can determine through multiple articles, those are the only ones allowed. There is no category for “protect myself from criminals” licenses.  Read more.....

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Mystifying Profile of Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock

  • The man suspected of killing at least 58 people and injuring 515 when he opened fire on concertgoers Sunday night has been identified as Stephen Paddock
  • His dead body was discovered by police in a room at the Mandalay Bay Resort after he took his own life, with 'over 10 rifles' discovered on the scene
  • Paddock, 64, lived just 90 minutes outside Las Vegas in the city of Mesquite, where he bough a home in a retirement community back in 2015
  • He lived at the $400,000 property with girlfriend Marilou Danley, 62, the same woman police sought out for questioning about the terror attack
  • Paddock had hunting and fishing licenses as was as his pilot's license, and may have worked at Lockheed Martin as an auditor according to public records 
  • He had no criminal record in the state of Nevada and officials said at a press conference early Monday that they are still looking into his possible motive
  • Paddock's father was a serial bank robber who was 'diagnosed as psychopathic' and spent eight years on the FBI Most Wanted list after escaping prison
The man suspected of opening fire at concertgoers attending a country music festival in Las Vegas on Sunday night was a local resident with no prior criminal convictions in the state of Nevada.
Stephen Paddock, 64, lived just 90 minutes outside Las Vegas in the city of Mesquite, where he purchased a home in a retirement community for just over $369,000 in 2015 according to public records.
He lived there with his 62-year-old girlfriend Marilou Danley, the same woman police announced they were seeking to question on Sunday night as they began their investigation into the horrific terror attack.
Paddock had both hunting and fishing licenses according to public records, as well as his pilot's license, but no criminal record in the state of Nevada.
He was retired but had worked for as an internal auditor at Lockheed Martin for three years in the late 1980s, and previously managed apartment building complexes in Mesquite, Texas and California.
Paddock was also the son of Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, a serial bank robber who ended up on the FBI Most Wanted list back in 1969 when he escaped from federal prison in Texas while serving a 20 years sentence.
The FBI kept him on the list for the next eight years, and he was eventually found one year after he was removed from the list in 1978 while outside an Oregon Bingo hall.
The agency said that the fugitive had been 'diagnosed as psychopathic' and also had possible 'suicidal tendencies.'  Read much more HERE!


A Progressive slogan: "The common good before the individual good"

The Common Good Comes Before the Individual Good. Sounds like a slogan from the Democrat Party, along the lines of Shrillary’s infamous proclamation, “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.” One country actually had this progressive motto engraved on its coinage, which can still be acquired from Capitalist Pig: 

The Nazis massacred 20 million people under the philosophy of collectivism, so integral to German society it was inscribed on edge of every Reichsmark coin. 
 “Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz” (“The community comes before the individual”) concretizes the belief the “greater good” is the only standard of value. Under such a system, man is not an end to himself, only a sacrifice for the Führer or mob.  Thanks to Moonbattery

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Taking a Knee During Taps at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The scene is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, during taps. 

Anyone who thinks it doesn’t matter how the diamond-encrusted Neanderthals of the NFL behave while the national anthem is performed must not have seen this picture. The rot that started with Colin Kaepernick is spreading fast.  Thanks to Moonbatery

Honestly, if it were left up to me, I would line this guy before a firing squad and say, "ready aim fire".  Of course, I would use blanks.  This escapee from a dung pile would most certainly soil himself.  But would remember the moment for the rest of what I suspect will be a short life.  Disrespect for the flag is bad enough, but disrespect for a fallen hero at his tomb!  What a fricking a$$hole! 
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Study shows NFL protests linked to brain damage

A groundbreaking new study by Mayo Clinic’s leading neurologist, Dr. Terrence Lachance, has shown results indicating a link between brain damage and compulsive unwarranted protesting. This news, in light of recent protests by NFL players, seems to be making sense to a lot of people, while leaving others dumbfounded. 

“My study conclusively shows that over time, repeated blows to the head, injuries that could be sustained from playing a sport like football, severely depreciates the logic facilities in the brain,” says Dr. Lachance. “Once I noticed this, I immediately had to reach out to leading behavioral psychologists to further dissect this phenomenon.” 

“Now that we understand that these players don’t have the mental capacity to fully understand complex issues, we can see why they might want to protest,” agreed the American Psychological Association’s leading psychologist Dr. Lara Feinstein. 

“They (football players) make egregious amounts of money for nothing more than God-given talent and the right physical training," said Dr. Feinstein. "They are then put on a national stage and made to believe they are truly special and important so that they perform better on the field. We now know that while they may be fantastic football players, their ability to comment on socioeconomic politics is severely lacking.” 

When asked for a statement, Roger Goodell declined to comment apart from a cease and desist letter we were handed, insisting we not publish this story.  Read more.....

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Rocket Man has declared war on the United States

North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-un aka "Rocket Man" has announced that his nation has declared war on the United States.  Why do we want to repeat history and give them the first shot as we did with the Japs in WWII and Osama bin Laden in the war on terror.  One must wonder how many Americans will fall from that first enemy blow.  America should strike hard and now!

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Being a African Albino, makes one a target for body parts in sub-Saharan Africa

Apparently being a white black man in sub-Saharan Africa presents a clear and present danger to those natives of the 'Dark Continent' not afflicted with albinism.

"In the last decade, close to 200 killings and more than 500 attacks on people with albinism have been reported in 27 sub-Saharan African countries. Tanzania has the highest number of recorded attacks globally at more than 170. There have also been reports of attacks in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Mozambique and Burundi. Most of these attacks are fuelled by rising demand for the body parts of people with albinism used in rituals by traditional healers, known as muti killing or black magic, juju. The hair and bones, genitals and thumbs of people with albinism are said to possess distinct powers. Alleged to bring wealth or success, they are often dried and ground, put into a package to be carried, to be secreted in boats, businesses, homes or clothing, or scattered in the sea."

You can't make this up.  Check out this link: People with albinism may be attacked and killed for their body parts.  

A political version of this story is posted over at TOTUS

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Rocket Man vs. Mentally Deranged U.S. Dotard

One almost has to pity poor 'Rocket Man'.  He is like a toothless mongoose going into a den of Cobra's.  Thanks to Bokbuster 

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Trump Tower wiretapped by Obama's Department of Justice

Remember President Trump tweeting just a few months ago that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower before and after the November election.  Recall all the flack he took from those in the main stream media.  As it turns out Trump was correct in that the Obama Justice Department did indeed wiretap certain offices in Trump Tower.  This story is just beginning to break and the details are still unfolding at this hour.  Apparently, Obama's spy chief, former Director of Intelligence James Clapper has now done an about-face from earlier testimony given before Congressional Committees.  He is now admitting that conversations with Trump may have been recorded by wiretaps.  More on this story Here...... 
It is time for the Trump Justice Department to have a full scale internal investigation of not only the wiretaps, but the unmasking of dozens of Trump associates by former United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power. 

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"Hallelujah! Pass my club" Battle cry from the Land of the Troglodytes.

There is little doubt how the Democrats see those who support 'The Donald'.  They have made it very clear. They view us a throw-backs to some earlier age.  Frankly, we Troglodytes, don't give a fu*king damn.  We prefer the 'good-ole days' and not some Aldous Huxley Brave New World, where an all-knowing, all-seeing big brother seeks to regulate every action we take and every thought coming from what they see as our minuscule Troglodyte gray matter.  What they fail to recognize is that we don't all think alike---after all there are '50 shades of gray'.  Also posted at TOTUS 

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Educates discourage chanting 'USA, USA, USA' at Sporting Events

To get an idea of how broadly federal resolutions to crack down on “racism, extremism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, and White supremacy” might be applied, consider that educrats consider it “intolerant and offensive” for sports fans to chant “USA”: 

Controversy erupts at Vista Del Lago    High School in Folsom [California] over students chanting “USA.” It’s a popular way to for students to show pride during sporting events and rallies, but school and district officials are now warning students that the chants could appear inappropriate and intolerant. “I wasn’t angry, but I was definitely like, ‘Why can’t we chant USA?’” said senior Ryan Bernal, “To say USA, you know, we’re all the same. We’re all American. It doesn’t matter what your skin tone is or where you’re from.” 

No, we are not all the same. Some are guilty of white privilege. By celebrating America, these thought criminals are celebrating the freedom that allows them to succeed. That is, they are celebrating their odious white privilege. Therefore, these racists must be silenced. Or at least, that’s the closest I can come to understanding liberal reasoning on this issue.

One thing I understand clearly is that patriotism and political correctness are mutually exclusive.  Thanks to Moonbattery

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Berkeley spends $600,000 to protect their tarnished 'Free Speech Zone' image

This week, the powers that be, at The University of California at Berkeley spent over $600,000 to insure their image of 'Free Speech' would not be further tarnished by Antifa and the rest of America hating scumbags that seem to dominate that corner of the Nation.  It's not that Berkeley wanted conservative, Ben Shapiro to speak, it's just they didn't want the rest of the country to see what a bunch of a$$holes they really are.  Much to their dismay, the leaders at that discredited University, proved that walls do work.  Most of the money spent went to the construction of barricades around the campus.  Damn they beat 'The Donald' to it!!!  My hope is more and more conservative speakers will be invited to express their opinions by like-minded student groups on campus.  After all, the more they spend on protecting such speakers is the less they will have to indoctrinate the mindless brain-dead zombies that have infested their ivy-covered walls.
The idiots in the crowd at Shapiro's speech couldn’t help but showcase just how mentally retarded they are, by actually accusing Shapiro, an observant Orthodox Jew, of being a full-fledged, card-carrying white supremacist or neo-Nazi! Seriously folks, these are the inbreeds that your tax dollars are paying for? Shapiro couldn’t help himself: “Thanks to Antifa and the supposed anti-fascist brigade for exposing what the radical left truly is…All of America is watching because you guys are so stupid. It’s horrifying, I am grateful, and you can all go to hell, you pathetic, lying, stupid jackasses.”  Below is a brief exert from his address to the students:
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National Anthem now under attack by progressives groups and businesses

Now that Confederate monuments are being removed across the nation and statues of Christopher Columbus and Thomas Jefferson are coming under attack, the left is now turning it's attention to the National Anthem.  Apparently, customers at a Buffalo Wild Wings franchise in California were shocked when an employee muted the Anthem before the start of a televised NFL game---saying it was the policy of his company not to allow such controversial things to be heard or seen on the premises.  This was the same established that not long ago barred police because they were packing heat in a 'gun free zone'.  Where does this madness end?  Perhaps with many whites being sent to re-indoctrination camps or maybe to some obscure location in the Rocky Mts. where the smoke from the CREMATORIUMS will go unnoticed.  I must wonder where is the modern day Hitler?  Maybe he is already walking on a University campus with his backpack!  Complete with a copy of Mein Kampf or Das Kapital.  Hell they are interchangeable!  One thing for certain, you will find no copy of Adam Smith's, Wealth of Nations---I would suspect that campus activist have already removed and destroyed any copies they could find at the school library.  But then maybe Adam Smith's book is safe----after all, the library is the least visited building on campus.  The long and short of the matter, is the National Anthem will soon be a thing of the past at most Universities and our spineless political leaders will do little or nothing about it.

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Superman Renounced U.S. Citizenship, Now Shields Illegals From White Supremacist In New Episode

Truth, justice and ¡Viva México! 
In the newest Action Comics, Superman stars in “The Oz Effect” where among other things, he is shown in a panel to be protecting a group of illegal immigrants from a white man carrying a gun wearing an American flag bandanna. The villain here, the white guy shooting at the illegals is motivated in the comic because he’s upset that the illegals are taking his job.

Did we mention that Superman is also no longer an American citizen? In a fit of rage, he recently renounced his citizenship because he doesn’t want to be a pawn of American foreign policy. Here’s a 1941 issue of Superman, showing what the modern left says they want: NAZI PUNCHING!
Without a doubt those good folks over at Action Comics would have you believe those who are opposed to illegal immigration are neo-Nazis and white supremacist.   Read more.....

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Progressive Hate spills over to Christopher Columbus Statue in NYC

The massive wave of hatred that leftists have been expressing toward our heritage shows no sign of letting up. A statue of Christopher Columbus — despised by liberals for bringing Western Civilization to the New World — was just vandalized in New York’s Central Park: To translate, “Hate will not be tolerated” means that leftists will not tolerate anything they hate. They hate you, me, our history, our culture, our values, and everything else that makes our lives meaningful. Their objective in the Culture War — which they have been winning — is total extirpation.  Thanks to Moonbattery

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If you support Trump, then you've a White Supremacist and a Nazi

Ben Garrison’s response to the Think Progress article

If you’re a patriot and believe your country should come first, then you will be labeled a ‘nationalist.’ If you happen to be white you will then be called a ‘white nationalist,’ then smeared as a ‘white supremacist’ and then a ‘Nazi.’ That’s the modus operandi of the mainstream media these days as well as neo liberal lefty so-called ‘progressive’ sites.
I knew what I was in for when I granted an interview with “Think Progress” and of course they left out nearly all of the good things I said about President Trump and instead concentrated on my criticism of him.
Then they framed it all with a pejorative headline.The published biased interview confirmed my suspicions, this is what happens when you agree to an interview with Fake News Media.
As for my ‘hate speech is not free speech’ gaffe in 2014, it’s something I’ll never live down. In my defense, it pertained to Facebook and their community standards, which in my case they refused to enforce without a lot of legal persuasion. The reporter dug it up and added it in as a ‘gotcha’ side issue.
 If he would have brought it up to me directly I would have explained to him that I meant that it’s not free on Facebook and other social media, which have rules against such stuff…but at the time Facebook was allowing libelous doppleganger pages using my face, name and altered cartoons to stand. Those vile pages featured a dopplegänger version of me who screamed for the murder of blacks, Jews and gay people.
I caught the flak and hate mail, to the delight of the trolls. Facebook allowed the pages to stand for long periods of time–most likely because of my conservative stances. They must have thought I ‘deserved’ it. Facebook would explain that such pages didn’t violate their rules and I had to get my lawyer involved at one point.
Nowadays the MSM and Silicon Valley along with the SPLC and ADL all want to decide what hate speech is and that’s very dangerous. People are already getting censored for politically incorrect viewpoints. These days, just to be a Trump supporter is to be a ‘hater.’  Check out Ben's Cartoons and Blog
—Ben Garrison

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Veiled Woman Attacks Shop Owner In RAGE For Selling Lingerie Near Headscarves

A saleswoman at a fashion boutique in Berlin, Germany got a nasty surprise when a Muslim niqab-wearing woman viciously assaulted her. Why? Because she thought it was improper to have lingerie displayed near Islamic headscarves. Submit to Shariah law or else infidels! Or something like that. This happened in the Berlin district of Neukölln. Surprise, surprise… they have a very high percentage of Muslim immigrants in residence there. At first the woman voiced her displeasure loudly. When her demands were denied, she physically laid into the shopkeeper. 

Ironically, the victim was a 40 year-old Arabic immigrant. She said she saw a tattoo on the neck of her attacker and blonde hair under the niqab. That would indicate it is a convert. There are none so maniacally devout as those who are converted to Islam. Police say the woman had entered the shop once before and insulted the saleswoman in both German and Turkish before being told to leave. 

For once, authorities in Germany are considering this attack to be religiously motivated. What was their first clue? Duh. They have been unable to identify the woman after she fled the scene of the attack before the police could get there. With all the niqabs (face veils) out there, how are they ever supposed to identify attackers? Just wondering. However, she did leave her cellphone and a glove there. Maybe they’ll nail her after all… but it’s doubtful. 

This is far from the first time something like this has happened. In fact, in Europe it’s dirt common anymore sadly. These adherents to the Religion of Peace try to act as Morality Police for the cause. They impose their warped version of morality on businesses and individuals and if they don’t comply, violence often ensues. According to a report from July, Muslims of Chechen origin have repeatedly tried to enforce Islamic morality in Berlin.  Read more.....

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DACA protected low-life punk kills 24 year old American Girl

A grieving father in Florida has now revealed who murdered his daughter outside of a bar in Naples: Carlos Rodriguez, a convicted, illegal alien who is under protection by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. 

The man, Curt Engelsen, called up the columnist Howie Carr to describe the details he had learned surrounding the murder of his 24-year-old daughter Kelsey Engelsen. 

“They said [Rodriguez] was a DREAMer…. What about my daughter’s dreams? And her daughter’s — she left a two-year-old girl. If you’re an American murdered by one of these people, I guess you don’t get to dream.” 

Rodriguez had been previously reported to have been charged with a second degree murder after Kelsey’s death after he had gotten into a fight with another man, where the nearby Kelsey was shot and wounded due to the altercation. Kelsey’s boyfriend said he had heard that there was an argument and that Rodriguez started “spraying bullets,” one of which hit and killed Kelsey. 

Kathryn Steinle was 32 when she was murdered by Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez, an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times with a rifle stolen from a federal agent. At the time, he had already served 17 years for entering America illegally and had four felony drug convictions. After a stray bullet fired by Lopez killed Steinle as she walked on the pier with her father in San Francisco, her name and the cause of cracking down on all kinds of illegal immigration activity became a major plank for Trump to stand on during his campaign. ICE needs more support from the government to do their job, and one part of that job is to deport the illegal immigrants that live fairly peacefully. Even peaceful illegal aliens are breaking the law. 

Legal visitors to America know that their presence in the country is based entirely on the good graces of the American government and whatever mood the border guards happen to be in that day. If you are not an American, you do not have the same rights as Americans.  \
Thanks to Right Wing Humor

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College Students demand 'Banana Free Zone' following Racist Banana Peel incident on campus

Banana peels are the new burning cross on your lawn! The KKK doesn’t have to firebomb your house anymore to spread terror, they can just huck banana peels into the treetops. At least that’s the new thinking at Ole Miss. The University of Mississippi is in a panic after an off-campus Greek life retreat event was cut short when three black students found a banana peel in a tree in front of one of the cabins they were staying at. Some students were described as having been “hurt, frightened, and upset by what occurred at [the retreat].

So now when these students see a wayward banana peel, they immediately jump to RACISM! instead of looking at their feet to make sure there aren’t any more obstacles left by the banana bandit who has been injuring the good people of Mississippi since the 50s. One students, the president of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, was unsettled by the next day’s option of bananas for breakfast at the retreat. “The overall tone was heavy,” said Makala McNeil. “I mean, we were talking about race in Mississippi, at the University of Mississippi and in the Greek community, so there’s a lot involved.” This isn’t the first time Ole Miss has been losing their minds over perceived racism. Back in 2014 we reported on the school’s nickname “Ole Miss” being super racist! These students are going to implode when they reach the real world, and the real world (okay, Twitter) is already having a laugh at them.  Thanks to Right Wing News
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Houston Saved

Phew! It has been a busy day, but worth it. Thanks to me, Houston is now saved and everything is A-Okay. 

I knew that I had to do something for all these poor people who are getting flooded out, so this morning when I was waiting in line for my free-range chai latte with soy and bran muffin made with fair trade canasta grain, I made sure that everybody at the coffee shop knew that Hurricane Harvey was a direct result of that moron Trump pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord.

Some guy tried to argue with me, but I called him a fascist and that shut HIM up. 

After breakfast I hooked up with K-dogg and Sunshine and Fashie-Bashie and we all went down to the park and raised awareness by chanting "Hey-HEY! Ho-HO! Trump's Hurricane has got to GO!" for about half an hour before we got bored. 

I think this one kid over in the sand box was a fascist because he kept ignoring us and playing with a bucket and giggling, but Sunshine stomped on his bucket and broke it while we ran away. Who's laughing now, you Little Hitler? 

We went to MacDonald's for lunch (even though they are like THE avatar for corporate oppression) because they have free WiFi and I re-tweeted a bunch of stuff about how stupid that Hungarian slut Trump married is for wearing high heels when she left the White House to fly down to Texas and get her picture taken like she cares about anybody but herself. Then I saw this thing on Facebook where Linda Sarsour is calling for people to donate to this really cool Hurricane Relief Fund that will help out the people in Houston. It's called the Texas Organizing Project, and they're going to hold rallies and protests about how unfair Trump is DOWN IN TEXAS! Right in the middle of the floods! 

This is really important, because a lot of the people down there are not aware that most of the money the Republicans will put into Houston is going to go to rich white people and corporate fat cats. They need somebody down there to hold up signs denouncing FEMA racism! I posted her link on my Facebook Wall and tweeted the link to like everybody. I even started telling people in MacDonald's about it, but the manager made us leave after I slapped a cup of coffee out some bitch's hand for ignoring me. She made like she was going to hit me with her cane and I was going to mace her, but the place was full of a bunch of guys that looked like storm troopers, so we left. 

We went over to Fashie-Bashie's place and his mom had some two-tone ribbon that was blue on one side and brown on the other, and Sunshine said it looked like flood water with mud in it, so we made up a batch of Hurricane Flood Awareness Ribbons to show that we're solid with the people down in Houston. 

We got your backs, guys, and we're thinking about how tough it must be and how unfair it is and we really feel bad about it. We know Trump didn't show enough empathy for you. They said so on CNN. Well, we got that covered!   Read more.....

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Muslim ‘Mediator’ Defends Brutal Gang Rape: ‘Enjoyed Like Normal Intercourse When Woman Calms’

This is just simply disgusting and why am I not surprised this is the attitude taken by a Muslim ‘cultural mediator’? This mediator in Italy is now defending the brutal rape of a Polish young woman and the vicious beating of her boyfriend on a beach in Rimini. A number of young Muslim refugees from North Africa encircled the couple as they were walking on the beach. They beat the boyfriend unconscious after hitting him over the head with a bottle and then robbed him. But not before they made him watch them hold his girlfriend down and repeatedly gang rape her. They then threw the girl in the ocean. A passerby found both bloody and lying on the beach. 

The mediator is claiming that rape is like normal intercourse if the woman is calm. Really? That is one of the most wicked things I have ever heard. People are outraged by his callous, insensitive, frankly insane statement. I’m beginning to wonder if the majority of men in Islam are simply sociopaths. That’s unfair I know, but I have heard this kind of thing so many times now, I’m really leaning towards that conclusion. 

Abid Jee wrote on Facebook that rape was “a worse act, but only at the beginning, when the willy goes in, then the woman becomes calm and you enjoy it like normal intercourse.” If that doesn’t infuriate you, I don’t know what will. This asshat works at a migrant reception center. A ton of people called for his removal after the post went viral. It was then removed from Facebook. However, I don’t think Jee was removed and he should be.  Thanks to Right Wing News

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