Lastest Popular Vote Count 2016 Election (December 19, 2016)


Trump - 306        Clinton - 232
 270 Needed to Win
Note: There may be a very small, insignificant change to these electoral vote numbers as they are cast today in the various state capitals.  The outcome however will not change the fact that Donald Trump will be President January 20, 2017
Latest Popular Vote Count
 Trump - 62,979,616       Clinton - 65,844,594
Below is the actual popular vote totals from the state of California.  One cannot help but notice the 4,000,000+ vote lead of Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in that state.  This leads me to believe that perhaps millions of illegals voted in that state's election.  After all in CA the state government provides all the necessary documents necessary to vote such as a driver's license.  And for those items not provided by the state, the voter registrars are required by law to merely accept the word of the voter applicant that they are citizens and have the necessary documentation (even if in a closet in Tijuana), necessary to become a registered state voter.  Is this a foolproof system, or just a means to insure that illegals have no problem at the ballot box.    

California Popular Vote Count
 Trump - 4,483,810         Clinton - 8,753,788

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Sandee said...

If you take California out of the mix she lost horribly. Yes, the illegals vote here. They do whatever they please here.

Have a fabulous day. ☺