The Shot heard round the World

The oppressive forces of the "New Socialism" and "Multiculturalism" are attempting to destroy the very fabric of American society and replace it with something totally unrecognizable to the land our forefathers gave us.  We must join the fight against this onrushing enemy or leave the field in shame!  
Meme and test by Ron Russell


Mexicans welcome with or without papers


I remember the nights at the El Patio Club, where I met Maria no. 1, Maria no. 2 and Maria no.3 when I was stationed at the Naval Air Station in Kingsville, Texas many years ago and much later the nights at the Zona Rojo in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero where I met Maria no. 4, Maria no. 5, and of course Maria no. 6.  I love the Mexican people, especially the young senoritas who gave their affections to this now old gringo!  What the hell I would welcome them all now with or without papers.  Just the way it is folks.
Fat or slim short or tall I love them all!
Danced a many nite to the Tex-Mex music you can hear above!

The Gold-plated Hook of Socialism

In the recent election in Iowa it was noted that a self-admitted Socialist, Bernie Sanders,  got some 90% of the vote coming from university campuses.  The only two things that might explain this astounding outcome was that Bernie promised to have the government pay off the ten of thousands of dollars of debt that these brilliant  young voters had accumulated during their extended vacation years at the campus playground.  Or perhaps, just perhaps this was due to the influence of their of Woodstock generation Professors who not only failed to warn them of the past failures of Socialism, but actively promoted it!  It appears that today's college students are like the "Post Turtle" with no understanding of how they got to the place where they find themselves.  They live in that land of academia where their professors make $100,000 for teaching one or two classes per week and wonder why tuition is so high.  They graduate and are given diploma.  A diploma, that in many cases, is virtually worthless despite it's inflated cost to both tax-payers and students.  In short, these students eagerly turn to demigods like Bernie Sanders to bail them out; just as the German people in the 1930's turned to Hitler and more recently the people of Venezuela to Hugo Chavez.  Yes, campus idiots have again taken the bait offered to them on that gold-plated hook of Socialism!  
By Ron Russell