Democrat House Member Alexandria Ocasio Cortez may Change Her Last Name because of its connection to European Colonization of America

Sources close to Alexandria Cortez have indicated that the  New York Democrat may soon change her last name.  Apparently Rep. Alexandria Cortez has recently become aware that she bears the same last name as that most infamous Spanish Explorer who dared enter Mexico without proper papers and who proceeded to ban that nation’s most beloved sport.  A sport where human sacrifices atop the great pyramids were carried out by Montezuma’s  high priest with obsidian knives where willing commoners  gave up their beating hearts to the  ancient omnificent Mexican state, and were enthralled by the mere  prospect of having their decapitated heads being used for soccer balls after being tossed down to the lowly peasants at the foot of the grand pyramids. 

The migration of these Spaniards  who were only seeking a better life marked the beginning of the end for the indigenous natives of Mexico.  Hell, Alexandria, the Aztecs refused to build a wall along their eastern border.    Unless you learn from history you are doomed to repeat it.  #MAGA


Barack Obama set the Economic Table for Donald Trump but…

I noticed that former president Barack Obama is now claiming that he set the table for the nation’s economic recovery and in his own snarky way is patting himself on the back for the stunning  success that Donald Trump is experiencing.  Well perhaps he did put a fork, knife and plate on the table although it took him 8 years, but the Donald served the meat and potatoes in less than 2 short years.    Damn Obama, I really hated to burst your bubble.  #MAGA


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer attempts Suicide following Recent Democrat losses in Senate and news that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg admitted to Hospital

An unidentified source close to Senate Democrat Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, is claiming that Schumer who was already deeply depressed following the stunning losses of his party in the recent off-year elections was driven over the edge upon hearing that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was admitted to the hospital.  Apparently, the Senator, dashed to his office bathroom and was attempting to toss back a bottle of sleeping pills, but was restrained by a alert intern.  

Totally fake news, but then Americans have grown use to this.  Just having a little fun with this piece of satire, but would have loved being a fly on the wall when Chucky received the news about Justice Ginsburg.


Democrats in Broward County Florida have proven once again they can’t Count

In case you’ve forgotten, the disputed presidential election of 2000 between Bush and Gore had it’s roots in voter irregularities coming from both Broward and Palm Beach counties in Florida.  Who says lightening doesn’t strike twice in the same place?  This time the election was for U.S. Senator and Governor of the state.  The race for the senate there is between the present Governor Rick Scott and Senator Bill Nelson.  You should note that the voting apparatus in both of these counties is controlled by Democrats.  Democrats who have proven once again, that should the vote exceed 20 they just can’t count.  Heck they run out of fingers and toes.  Either that or they are as crooked as a cross-eyed snake trying to rape the wrong end of a hemp rope on a dark night.  

This election reminds me of the old saying, “It’s not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes!”


Democrat Heads Explode as Trump Prepares to Appoint Himself Attorney General

Rumors are flying throughout the Capital as anonymous sources reveal that Donald Trump is seriously considering appointing himself Attorney General. When asked about this by CNN reporter/Democrat operative Jim Acosta whose hair was on fire at the time, President Trump calmly replied he could walk and chew gum at the same time and was fully capable of handling both the duties of President and AG simultaneously! The Donald continued, saying there was absolutely nothing in the Constitution that prohibited such an action. When the President’s words reached the Justice Department observers reported seeing an unidentified man jumping from the 4th floor window of the office of the Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller! Even in Washington, you occasionally have a story with a happy ending. #MAGA


Hanoi Jane claims Donald Trump in the Second Coming of Adolph Hitler

Actress Jane Fonda is now claiming that Donald Trump is a modern day Hitler. After all, it was a young Donald Trump that visited North Vietnam at the height of the Vietnam War, and while there manned North Vietnamese anti-aircraft batteries overlooking the rice paddies where American airman lay dead. Yes Jane, you are certainly, an astute historical scholar when it comes to comparing Donald Trump to Hitler. After all, we stupid knuckle-dragging Neanderthals need the counsel of all-knowing Hollywood elites like yourself to help us make the vital choices necessary for the nation’s future. #MAGA


Progressives see the coming Migrant Caravan as a “Band of Angels”

Liberals see the migrant caravans heading to our southern border as a ‘Band of Angels’ sweeping northward to free their brown-skinned brothers from the oppressive heel of the gringo, and to take back the lands of their ancestors that were stolen by a ‘force of arms’. A ‘force of arms’ that was used by the evil white man again and again around the globe to subdue and ultimately control the black and brown-skinned masses. Yes, guilt-ridden progressives feel they are responsible to correct what they view as historical transgressions of our forefathers. For the moment, progressives will not admit to supporting ’open borders’, but that claim will be exposed for the lie it is. Should this caravan and those that will most certainly follow this ’Band of Angels’ be successful in their march to the North. Unfortunately there is no middle ground here. One side must win and one lose. History has repeatedly shown that. But then how few know history these days other than the revisionist version being taught in our schools today? Perhaps, this may explain why today’s college grad has so little knowledge about the real world-----there is a difference between education and indoctrination! #MAGA


Nationalism in the Age of Donald Trump

Sometime it seems quite strange to me that President Trump garners so must hate from the left and their fellow-travelers in the media, just by calling himself, what has become a despised term of progressives, a NATIONALIST!  Apparently, to many on the left, they would love to see the end of the new rising nationalism in this country and those former eastern bloc states in Europe.  They are quite fearful that if this movement is allowed to continue unabated it will sweep away their beloved “Globalism”!  This indeed does seem strange, in that, it was the Neo-Nationalism movement following WWI and WWII that delivered the final death-nail in the coffin of 18th and 19th century colonialism.  This total collapse of colonialism was most noticeable in Africa and Southeast Asia.  While most of the left decry nationalism in the west, they are totally silent when it comes to the emerging nations of the third world.  But as some the on right have noticed, this silence does not extend to the tiny state of Israel.  After all, modern day Israel is viewed by most in the progressive movement as a child of colonialism.  A State, that must not only be condemned but exterminated.  After all, unlike the colored peoples of Southeast Asia and Africa, why would they ever allow transplanted white Europeans to call themselves Nationalist.  That is reserved for those down-trodden states that were victims of colonialism.  Yes, President Trump has dared to call himself a Nationalist.         
Of course, a white man daring to label himself as a nationalist is strictly forbidden by those on the left.  That title is reserved for the black man on those that call themselves Black Nationalist are given a seat of honor at the progressive table.  Somehow, what’s “good for the goose is not always good for the gander”!            


Will Kanye' West White House Dinner include Collard Greens and Ham Hocks

If you just accidentally hit the wrong button on your TV remote and caught a brief glimpse of the commentary on rapper Kanye West you may have noticed the phrase "token negro" being used over and over again as he was bashed by the likes of Don Lemon and others.  Have you ever noticed that when CNN refers to conservative blacks, they almost always use the term 'negro' and when referring to liberal blacks it always the term "blacks" that is used.  I know what those sorry hypocrites over at CNN are thinking as they spout the term 'negro'.  It's as close as one can get to the "N" word without being fired.  Yes, to those CNN anchors conservative black people like Kanye are indeed 'nig*ers'.  And they literally hate them.

Enough about CNN!  Today Kanye set in the Oval Office with President Trump and later dined with Donald.  Being an old southern boy, raised on what is today often called soul food, I would hope the main dish was collard greens and ham hocks.  I'm quite sure the President's guest, that included not only Kanye, but football great Jim Brown would have appreciated this jester.  Of course, liberals would have called this racist.  Throughout the meeting Kanye was sporting his MAGA cap. Commented it made his feel like superman. 


The Absurdity of being a Bolt in a Nutless World

Giving an entirely new meaning to female story of last night's adventure:  

First Girl      "I got me a big cock last nite"!
Second Girl   "MeToo"!

Somehow, I think this gives an entirely new meaning to the 'MeToo' movement.

Say you don't see the hand-writing on the wall?  Well I wouldn't expect that from an old misogynist white fart!

Truth is, it's no longer kosher to say, "I'll screw the light bulb into the socket".  In this Huxleyeon Brave New World we must say, "Let's screw the socket into the light bulb"!  Get use to it guys we're  becoming obsolete---like a bolt without a nut.  Really, a recent report by the United Nations, confirmed the quantity of sperm in the world's sperm banks is sufficient for the next 100 years.  I plan to make a deposit later today to insure the future survival of my gene pool!  However, that may present a small problem because of my recent prostate removal.  Guess I will have to work twice as hard to get half as much!