Antifa Punks Attack Law Enforcement Using ‘Feces’ Balloons…They’ve Hit A New Low

Portland, Oregon Police Chief Michael Marshman disclosed on Friday that riot cops had to force Antifa protesters out of local parks during a Jun. 4 protest after the supposed ‘anti’-fascist group started to use balloons filled with feces, urine and chemicals to attack law enforcement officers. 

In an open letter to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, Marshman also gave an account on how the protesters “may have been using ‘gopher gassers,’” which are made up of “small rodent poison gas devices.” 

After The American Civil Liberties Union did what they do best, and sided with the leftist radicals and their violent ways by claiming the response to the Antifa group was “excessive,..” Mayor Wheeler demanded an explanation from the Portland Police Department as to why they reacted to rioters tactics in such a way… 

Showcasing just how incompetent the Mayor is. 

The ACLU had a problem with the way that protesters were “corralled” and photographed, somehow finding any excuse to complain about it.   Read more.....


House To Vote On Illegal Immigration Laws Next Week

You can expect these to pass on strict party lines, as Democrats are not interested in holding illegal aliens who’ve committed crimes accountable 

(Politico) House Republicans are preparing to take up a pair of bills next week that crack down on illegal immigration, according to leadership sources, in a bid to carry out President Donald Trump’s promise of tougher enforcement. 

One of the bills to see a floor vote, dubbed Kate’s Law, boosts penalties for immigrants who try to re-enter the United States after being deported. It is named after Kate Steinle, a young woman who was shot and killed in San Francisco by an immigrant who had been deported repeatedly yet returned. Trump frequently discussed the killing on the campaign trail last year. 

The family of Kate Steinle is still waiting for a phone call from Mr. Obama, who was great at calling athletes who declared they were gay, not so much at Americans murdered by illegal aliens with criminal records who had been deported multiple times.   Read more.....


History that drives Snowflakes absolutely Nuts

And last but not least, a song by John Philip Sousa that embodies the thing they hate the most---America!  Have no doubt, many on the left would love to rewrite history and completely erase all those parts that don't fit the narrative they would like to present to future generations.  Essentially they are the new book burners.  I suppose something they learn from the Nazis.