Hillary Kissing the Klan

Actually photo of the two Senators while serving in the Senate together

Hillary loves to call Trump a racist and points out the fact that it took him several day to refute the endorsement of David Duke.  Guess she has forgotten her warm embrace of former Senator Robert Byrd, Democrat of West Virginia.  Byrd at one time a member of the KKK and the "Exalted Cyclops" of his local chapter.  Hey Hillary, your relationship with the Klan appears to be much closer than that of Donald Trump!


The Alt-Right Movement

After days of pandering to Hollywood Fat Cats in what was once the Golden State, Queen Hillary Clinton worked her way over to Reno NV where she delivered a speech on Trump and the Alt-Right movement.  Basically the Demon-crat candidate implied that Donald and his followers had taken up the banner of the Alt-Right movement.  A movement she describes as racist.  Well that was certainly not unexpected---simply a diversion to distract from her criminality while being Secretary of State.  After all, the Alt-Right represents everything the candidate from Chappaqua, NY hates.  The oppose globalization, multiculturalism in all it's perverted forms, nationalism, and of course Political Correctness.  Hillary was careful in her Reno speech to point out the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) had branded Alt-Right as a hate group.  For those of you who may not be familiar with that less than distinguished organization, they are little more than a political arm of the Democratic Party and label many right wing groups as racist.  Of course, occasionally they do toss in a token left wing organization in order to maintain the appearance of objectivity.  
I've provided a link to an article about the Alt-Right Movement HERE  !  

Has Hillary Peaked in Polls, Trump moving up

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the often used political phrase "peaking to soon", seems to have become obsolete in the jargon used by those in the media.  Remember, just a short while ago, media elites would of say such and such a candidate has peaked to soon---implying he or she was in trouble.  But now that Hillary is leading in the polls, no one in the MSM will dare to imply that, the infamous candidate from Chappaqua has "peaked to soon", for fear they will give fodder to the Trump campaign and those who support him.  Does anyone really think that should the positions of the candidates in the polls be reversed that those seemingly forbidden words would suddenly come back from the grave and once more the airways would be filled with the phrase:  


Hillary throws Colin Powell under the Bus

H/T to Hope n' Change Cartoons
How many times have you hear both the Lady from Chappaqua and her minions in the press blame in someway, the former Secretary of State, Colin Powell for the missteps Hillary made in setting up a private email system for her State Department business.  Didn't the former First Lady tell us time and time again that Colin Powell informed her that he conducted official business by using private emails.  Implying that pronouncement by Colin was the reason she set up the private server in her basement.  Now however, General Powell is claiming that her Highness, set up that private system at least a year before he had any conservation with her on that subject.  And that she was now trying to blame him for that fiasco!  Well what else could one expect from this woman.  After all, it was little Hillary Rodham, who as an innocent 10 year old first coined that famous phrase, "but teacher, the dog ate my homework"!
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