"Fail Safe" redux with President Trump

Are you old enough to remember the old "Fail Safe" flick, where the U.S. accidentally drops a nuke on Moscow.  The then U.S. president played by Henry Fonda informs the Russian leader that we would drop a nuke on NYC to even the score.  Now if Trump has been president in those days the conservation may have gone something like this:  "Vladimir, apparently one of our planes will get through and bomb Moscow.  What I purpose should that happen is that I will order a Nuclear bomb dropped on San Francisco.  Vladimir replies: 'Donald that would put you two up on us.'" 


Starbucks' New Straw less Lids use more Plastic than old Lid/Straw Combo

With Starbucks, perception is not reality.  Apparently it new straw less lids use more plastic that the old straw/lid combos.  Starbucks business relies on those that fall into the 'sky is falling if a tree is cut crowd' and will do anything, anything short of losing money to keep the business of these environmental wackos!  And that my friends is the bottom line!  

Trump Condemns Cannibalism, Demcrates begin Eating each other

No matter what President Trump says or does it seems that the media and Democrats oppose it.  What we have is instead of the loyal opposition is the vocal opposition.  I would suggest that Trump come out with a strong condemnation of Cannibalism and have Republicans send salt and pepper to the left side of the aisle.

MSM didn't get upset when Obama interfered with Israeli Election.

Obama and those cronies around him who virtually hate the Jewish state were more or less given a free pass by those in the media when the Obama administration tried to tip the outcome of the only free elections in the Middle East.  It was well know that Barack had little over for Bibi Netanyahu and the policies of his government.  Interference in elections is nothing new and has been going on since the beginning of time.  It is now, that Trump is in control that the media is in full blown panic!