The Russian flag was flying at Hillary Rallies and not Trumps

Following their massive electoral defeat in the 2016, the Democrats are looking for scapegoats to blame for their loss.  It is almost unbelievable that Democrats would point to the Russians as being behind the Trump victory, when it was the Democrats that got not only the endorsement of the CPUSA (Communist Party USA), but virtually are Marxist leaning organizations in this country.  Honestly, I don't recall seeing the red hammer and sickle flag flying in a show of solidarity at Trump rallies.  The same cannot be said for those of Hillary.  The Democrats must really be desperate to advance such a fake news story.  But as usual, they have their "fellow travelers" in the media who will latch onto this lie and advance it as a irrefutable truth, much like the "hands up don't shoot" fable that came from Ferguson earlier.  Actually, I enjoy seeing them twisting in the wind.  For as long as they seek to point the finger at others for their failure, they will never be able to fix the problems that permeate their own party.  If you are one who actually believes that Russian Communist would support a Republican over a Democrat, then as that old saying goes---"there is one born every minute"!        


Obama is a globalist who took an apology tour, Trump in a nationalist who took a 'thank you' America Tour.

Last night I was watching the Trump "thank you tour" in Iowa.  Trump is traveling the nation thanking those who supported him in all the swing states.  Some may remember that when Barack Obama won the election of 2008.  Shortly after he was inaugurated and got the keys to Air Force One, he never even thought about thanking those Americans who voted for him.  Instead he took Air Force One, a massive Boeing 747 on a world wide tour----not a thank you tour like Trump is now having, but what became known as an apology tour. 
A tour where the President of the United States apologized for, what he saw as, past transgressions of the USA.  More than any one single factor, the post election tours of Obama and Trump point out the stark difference between the two leaders.  While one would wrap himself in the blue flag of the United Nations, the other puts America first and wraps himself in the red, white and blue.  In short, Obama is an international globalist while Trump is a patriotic Nationalist who puts America first. 


EPA discovers reason for declining Wild Rabbit population

After an exhaustive study, at a cost of 5 million dollars, to the American taxpayers the EPA has just announced they have found the reason for the shrinking wild rabbit population.  It now appears that global warming has brought about a decrease in tree foliage resulting in fewer leaves on the forest floor.  This extreme environmental  condition has forced both the Grizzly Bear an well as his smaller black bear cousins to resort to a unnatural act following their morning constitutionals.  Bureaucrats at the EPA are looking at two possible solutions to prevent this rabbit holocaust.  They would import massive numbers of leaves from forest areas yet to be effected by man-caused defoliation or else send animal trainers to the remote forest areas armed only with multiple rolls of Charmin and train the bears to perform the unnatural act of wiping their butts.  As of this time no animal trainers have volunteered for this assignment.
Satirical fiction, of course.  But not as strange as the actually regulations coming out of the, all too real, Environmental Protection Agency.  Regulations, that are about to experience sweeping changes under the Trump Administration.  No longer will the minnow-like Delta Smelt be given preference over water rights in California's central valley while farmers see their lands dry-up and blow away.  No longer will a single pair of Spotted Owls  be allowed to destroy the livelihood of hundreds of  lumber-jacks in the great Northwest.  Times are a changing, and the panty waist keyboard tickler's need to suck it up and get use to the new reality.    


Remembering Pearl Harbor

The once millions of those with vivid memories of that Day that will live in infamy, December 7, 1941 numbers are dwindling.  Soon it will fall on all of us to keep alive the memory of that day and of the brave men and women at Pearl Harbor.  Men who were the first to feel the onslaught of the Empire of Japan.  Beginning a life and death struggle in the Pacific that would  come to an end only when mushroom clouds towered over two cities in the Land of the Rising Sun.  So on this solemn day we celebrate the memories of the Greatest Generation by Remembering Pearl Harbor.

Other days in our nation's history, that are days of remembrance and are noted below.