Breaking News: Trump continues to separate Children from their Parents

H/T to Stilton's Place
After signing an Executive Order preventing the separation of children from their parents President Trump has the audacity to continue separating children from their parents.  Not only is this uncaring human being responsible for ten of thousands having to leave the safety  and comfort of their parents basement, but this man is forcibly removing rapist, child molesters and even killers from the loving arms of their children by sending these caring parents to penal institutions across America.  We must demand this outrage stop immediately and open our borders to all comers as well as the iron doors of our prisons! 


Secret Service Springs into Action After Actor Peter Fonda Calls For Barron Trump To Be Kidnapped

Hollywood actor, Peter Fonda and brother to the infamous 'Hanoi Jane' recently posted this tweet on his twitter account, "Barron to be ripped from Melania's arms and put in a case with pedophiles".   Why am I not surprised!  Read more here.....

5 Massive US Navy Aircraft Carrier Groups Prepare For Mexican Invasion

With Mexico spinning out of control and Democrats in this country seemingly marching in lockstep against any effort to stem the violence flooding across our southern border is President Trump making preparations to protect our nation regardless of open-border progressives in Congress. aaaa
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Study Confirms Most Psychopaths Live In Washington D.C.

Leading head-shrinks across the nation are shocked to fine that more psychopaths are found in Washington D.C. than any-other urban center in the USA.  What is not at all surprising to me is that they failed to see this.  For the stats on this less than shocking finding go to this site.....