Environmental Activist forced to abandon Standing Rock, leave behind over 1,000 tons of garbage

Following the signing of Executive Order by President Donald J. Trump, environmental activist have been forced to leave their Standing Rock campsite.  A site they occupied for months protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.  As usual these radicals left behind their mess for others to clean up.  Something that those who observe such protest have grown use to.  This time it has been estimated that over 1,000 tons of garbage along with huge quantities of human feces was left as a sacrifice to Mother Earth.  But let's not jump to the wrong conclusion.  Perhaps these youthful guardians of the planet believed their garbage and sh*t would serve as a fertilizer and provide more grass where the buffalo roam.  At any rate construction on the pipeline has resumed and soon the black gold will be flowing along it full length.  Oil, that before, had to be trucked or transported in railroad tank cars.  Something that is far less environmentally friendly and much more likely to result in a spill.  I do however, hope the Standing Rock Sioux were fairly compensated for the land where the pipeline runs.  But it is great to see a President who is more concerned about making our nation energy self-sufficient, than one who buckles down to environmental activist who actually know little about the natural world, having spent most of their lives surrounded by their office walls on the 15th floor of some San Francisco high rise.


Help Trump reunite Illegal criminals with their families in Mexico by deporting them

All Americans need to rally around President Trump's effort to reunite illegal alien criminals with their families who live in Mexico.  We must return these prodigal sons and daughters to the loving arms of their aging parents.  Additionally we should bring pressure on Donald Trump to swing open wide the doors to all federal penal institutions so that these forgotten souls can once more experience the loving embrace of the families they cherish. 


Liberal put Circus Clowns out of business, but still flock to see those at CNN

Because of protest from mostly liberal leaning groups the Ringling Brothers Circus will shortly close it's doors forever putting hundreds of clowns out of work.  Apparently progressives could not stand seeing the clowns lead around those large pachyderms on those sawdust floors.  However, they see absolutely nothing wrong with those clowns over at CNN playing nursemaid to those donkeys (asses) from the Democratic Party.


Anti-Smitic acts across the country are being committed by dedicated Trump Haters

Those in the media would have you believe that most all anti-Semitic acts are committed by supporters of Donald Trump.  Of course I'm quite sure some are.  But I suspect the vast majority are committed by youthful university indoctrinated Trump haters.  Today's university campuses are a breeding ground for the 'hate Israel' movement.  You see it raise it's ugly head on the commons of our great schools across the nation.  Following the election of Trump, campus radicals saw an opportunity to vent their hate for what they see as the apartheid Jewish state of Israel and blame Trump supporters  for these anti-Semitic acts of vandalism.  These radicals often equate Jewish leaders such as Benjamin Netanyahu with Adolph Hitler.  The truth here is that their are some white supremacy groups around the country who indeed would commit acts such as these, but their numbers are small when compared against radical groups on the left.  We have been witness to acts of vandalism by those on the left again and again on the streets following the election of Trump.  And there is no reason to believe these haters of Israel walk quietly past the Synagogue or the Jewish cemetery at the midnight hour without using their tools of hate---chalk and spray paint.  I feel certain the Trump administration's DOJ in looking into these hate crimes and will soon bring those responsible to justice.  Wonder what the media will report when some left-wing campus radical along with his professor is brought before the bar.