Trump evicts unemployed Black Man from Public Housing

In a shocking display of white privilege and rampant racism Donald Trump on the very day of his inauguration has evicted an articulate unemployed black man and his family from their federally subsidized housing in the shadow of the monument to the Great Emancipator (The Lincoln Memorial) in Washington D.C.  This event was watched by millions of cheering undesirables in the vast wastelands of what has become known as Trump Country.  The poor black family has, for the moment, been relocated to a remote desert region in California known as Palm Springs.  Where they will be put on public display for the amusement of the nation's most elite who flock to this area from nearby La La Land for the specific purpose of being able to show their faux inclusiveness, by breaking bread with a black man who is an obvious victim of white privilege.   
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Snowflakes fleeing as Sheriff Trump straps on his Guns

Snowflakes, drug dealers, and Illegals 
are fleeing towns across the Nation 
as new Sheriff Donald Trump straps on his Guns.


Independence Day: Free from Obama, Thank God almighty free at last!

Thought this day would never come, but someone was watching over me and my country.  As MLK said on his Washington March decades ago, "Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty free at last".  Very fitting on what I see as America's new Independence Day.  I want to see that wall on the Southern border, but the walls that Obama has built between different groups in America must come down.  The divisions between races and economic groups must come down.  Divisions progressives like Obama have only acerbated in order to gain political advantage.  The legacy of Obama must be removed because it's a stain on the nation of Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln.  America has given itself another chance with the election of Donald Trump and as his campaign says,  it time to "Make America Great Again"! 


Why does Obama seemingly have a love affair with America Haters

President Obama as he exits the White House has again seen fit to embrace American Haters with his commutations of the sentences of Chelsea Manning and FALN terrorist leader Oscar Lopez Rivera.  Both have shown by their actions that they clearly do not like America, but some would say hate it.  But then during the past eight years Barack has shown over and over again his apparent warm feelings for those that trash this country and the values it stands for.  With Trump taking the helm, it we be great to have a president that does not humble himself at the alter of American Haters.