Chinese steal U.S. Navy Underwater Drone in South China Sea

The Chinese are apparently stepping up their challenge to the American Navy in the South China Sea.  Recently they have constructed large man-made islands on reefs in the international waters there and now have gone a step more by stealing a U.S. Navy drone in that same area.  Of course, the Obama administration is condemning this action with a formal flood of what will turn out to be meaningless words.  Meanwhile Chinese leaders in Beijing are shaking in their  高帮 (translated: Shoes), knowing that our silver tongued orator will continue to repeat his shallow threats until such time as he leaves office in January.  As it turns out, this Navy Drone was only mapping the ocean floor while also tracking the movement of Chinese government genetically altered sharks moving into Japanese fishing grounds for the explicate purpose of destroying Japan's commercial fish industry.  A industry that poses a threat to China's booming Tilapia market.

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Kismet said...

This makes me think that Obama and Hillary are genetically modified to not have a cerebrum.