Remembering Pearl Harbor

The once millions of those with vivid memories of that Day that will live in infamy, December 7, 1941 numbers are dwindling.  Soon it will fall on all of us to keep alive the memory of that day and of the brave men and women at Pearl Harbor.  Men who were the first to feel the onslaught of the Empire of Japan.  Beginning a life and death struggle in the Pacific that would  come to an end only when mushroom clouds towered over two cities in the Land of the Rising Sun.  So on this solemn day we celebrate the memories of the Greatest Generation by Remembering Pearl Harbor.

Other days in our nation's history, that are days of remembrance and are noted below.

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Sandee said...

One should never forget that day. It was a most horrible day in our history.

Have a fabulous day Ron. ☺