Motto Broward Co. Sheriff's Dept: "Better a live Coward than a Dead Hero"

Following the school shooting in Florida, we all were almost immediately treated to a news conference where Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel was quick to point out the heroic efforts of his officers who were first on the scene while the school shooting was still in progress.  However, it has just been revealed that officers from a nearby department, Coral Springs, reported seeing Broward County Deputies crouching behind their vehicles when they arrived.  Not a single one had entered the school.  Perhaps Sheriff Israel has some unwritten motto for those serving under him:  "Better a Live Coward, than a Dead Hero"!  Guess that's what the sheriff was praising his men for.  It's so damn sad that why some brave teachers inside the school were literally throwing themselves in the line of the shooter's fire to protect their students, cowardly officers from the Broward County Sheriff's Dept, were hiding behind that cars outside the school.  Let's arm the teachers who wish to arm themselves.  
It should be noted, that officers from the Coral Springs Police Dept did immediately enter the school seeking to engage the deranged shooter.  We do support our honest and brave police, but deplore those cowards who dare to dishonor the uniform they wear.  The four cowards should be fired and Sheriff Israel removed from office. 


Raise both the Gun Ownership and Voting age to 21

If indeed, the ballot is stronger than the bullet then lets raise the voting age to 21.  Why allow those who are only 18 to possess the most dangerous of all weapons, the Ballot!  After all many on the left claim the mind of a 18 year old is not fully developed.  And while we are raising the voting and gun ownership age to 21, let's not forget those millions who are mentally impaired and obviously incapable of safely using not only a gun, but that ultimate weapon --- THE BALLOT!      


Gun Free Zones and FBI failures provide Crazy People with Target Rich Environment at Public Schools

No longer do insane gun owners have to pay to visit the local gun range.  Local governments across the nation have provided them with thousands of 'Guns Free Zones' with an abundance of moving targets.  It is a myth that these crazies support the 2nd Amendment.  In fact, it is their worse nightmare.  After all it provides those would be law-abiding targets the ability to shoot back.  While they, on the other hand, can get that AR-15 illegally.   
My solution to the school shootings problem is actually quite simple.  Harden our schools (perhaps with a tall fence), require each facility have only a single entrance and place a armed security guard at it.  We protect our political leaders at courts and city halls across the nation, but sadly neglect our most precious people---our kids!  


White House Daily Briefing the Day before Asteroid BFF666 Crashes into Earth

Sara Sanders:  "Today's session will be short due to impending collision of Asteroid BBF666 with earth.  The impact zone for this 126 mile wide asteroid will be some 150 miles north of Washington D.C. in approximately 23 hours and 52 minutes.  I will now take a few questions."

CNN Reporter:  "When did President Trump find out Rob Porter beat his wife and will he fire Chief of Staff, John Kelly?"

Sara Sanders:  "Don't you think that is a moot point!"

MSNBC Reporter:  "Will President Trump sit down for an interview with Mueller?"

Sara Sanders:  "Another moot point!"

CBS Reporter:  "Are you concerned with Russia influence in the upcoming 2018 elections?"

Sara Sanders:  "Fu*k All you idiots!  I'm going home to be with my family!"    



Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister would eliminate 'MANKIND'

During a recent speech, Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau announced he would no longer use the term 'mankind' and replace the word 'man' with people.  Kind of makes one wonder just how long this would be allowed by the other kooks on the left.  After all 'peoplekind' is not all inclusive and excludes billions of our winged and four-footed friends around the planet---let's just use the term 'animalkind' and be done with it.  CROSS-POSTED AT TOTUS

Love-fest: Kim Yo Jong, Sister of 'Little Rocket Man' Captures hearts and minds of Media

Finally those in the media have found someone among world leaders that hates Donald Trump almost as much as they do.  Kim Yo Jong, the sister to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un suddenly has been elevated by many in the press to 'Princess of Peace'.  Not since the days of Jane Fonda has such a woman burst on the international stage.  Rumors are flying that the Nobel Committee is considering  nominating Kim Yo for the Alfred Nobel Peace Prize!  This site is grateful to the all-knowing men and women of the press for opening the eyes of deplorable's in flyover country so they could see the beauty of this child of the North Korean Communist State.
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Trump's Grand Military Parade to be held in North Korea

President Trump has just requested the Pentagon give him plans for a grand military parade to honor the men and women of our Armed Forces.  Of course, as you might expect he was immediately attacked by the media and Democrats---I suppose this was just too damn patriotic for them. 

Personally, I think Trump should double down and instead of our troops and tanks marching up Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington D.C. have the parade in Pyongyang, North Korea.  This would also alleviate faux concerns of the D.C. city council that military tanks would destroy their streets.  After all, the roads of Pyongyang are much more suitable for such displays of military hardware.   

Trump's Grand Pyongyang Parade would be lead by a Jackass pulling a small cart with Kim Jong-un, in chains.  A very fitting end to 'Little Rocket Man', the leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.  'Democratic People's Republic', damn sounds like a name provided by some modern day Democrat.
Please check out satirical remarks by Stilton on this subject!    



My wife Barbara, our dog Barney and me one weekend at 'Penny Patch'.  A small  share-cropper house on the old place.  Barbara and Barney are gone now as well as the cedar tree in front---the cabin, built in the late 1920's still stands although it was almost a victim of a spring tornado that moved the house several inches on its foundation back around 2001.  I first visited the cabin back in the 1950's as a young boy with my grandmother who lived on the next hill over.  At that time the Lee Jackson family (black share-croppers) occupied it.  Among Lee's family was an old, very old great, great aunt who was a slave before the War Between the States.  Old Aunt Lizza, as we called her told great stories of her childhood and teen years.  I am blessed to have the memories of Barbara, Barney and old Aunt Lizza.  Time is winding down for this old-timer, but soon I hope to see my beloved Barbara and Barney and hear more tales from that old snagged-tooth black woman--Aunt Lizza.
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