Raise both the Gun Ownership and Voting age to 21

If indeed, the ballot is stronger than the bullet then lets raise the voting age to 21.  Why allow those who are only 18 to possess the most dangerous of all weapons, the Ballot!  After all many on the left claim the mind of a 18 year old is not fully developed.  And while we are raising the voting and gun ownership age to 21, let's not forget those millions who are mentally impaired and obviously incapable of safely using not only a gun, but that ultimate weapon --- THE BALLOT!      


Sandee said...

They will only do what serves them. Won't happen for the voting, but they really want guns gone altogether. That way they will be protected, but the rest of us won't. And only the criminals will have the guns.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. ☺

Kismet said...

I disagree. Voting solves nothing. The majority isn't always right. Age is immaterial-some are smart at 15 and others never get it, except they're on Social Security.