Earth Day 2018: Give up breathing for just 5 minutes to avoid exhaling poisonous carbon dioxide

This Sunday April 22 is Earth Day.  Do you part to help save Mother Earth by turning off your electric power even that to your iron lung, avoid flushing your toilet for the entire day, and don't travel on your private jet like Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore!  And please ride your bike to work.  And may God bless the one and only true god, MOTHER EARTH!!!


Shocking, growing number of Millennial's Not Sure The Earth Is Round!

What are progressive schools teaching Millennial's?  Apparently a growing number of so-called enlightened young adults are not sure the Earth is round.  A recent survey revealed these startling results:  Seventy-six percent of adults age 25-34 say they’ve always believed the Earth is round, compared to 82 percent of ages 35-44, 85 percent of ages 45-54, and 94 percent of adults 55 and over.  These stats are quite shocking when the term "Flat Earthers" is so loosely tossed by millennial's at those who dare disagree with their positions.  But then I suppose we should expect this from millennial's who have been taught to reject almost all traditional values and beliefs.  And lets not forget that those historical idiots who first advanced the round earth theory were almost all members of the world's most hated group---WHITE MEN!


Victory is determined by the Soldier on the Field, not the Diplomat at the Table

Those in the modern day progressive movement have forgotten a simple, but time proven historical axiom:  "Victory over the Enemy is determined not by the Diplomat at the Table, but by the Soldier in the Field".   Compromise with the enemy is but a fleeting achievement that in the end will be overtaken by the inevitable onrushing events that will determine who is the victor and who is the vanquished.  There is no compromise between two diametrically opposed ideologies.


James Comey's Halo and Trump's Forked Tail coming soon to 'Barnes and Noble'

Have you ever noticed that some people see and hear only what they want too?  Apparently, former FBI Director James Comey, fits into this category.  Seems that evil is in the eye of the beholder!  According to the early release of some exerts from Comey's upcoming book President Trump has small hands and his ties are too long.  I can hardly wait to read this grand novel.  Wonder if the cover will show James wearing a halo and Trump with horns and a forked tail?


Blast from the Past

Below is one of my very first post on my TOTUS   blog posted March 23, 2009, shortly after Obama's first inauguration.  Many have wondered about the name 'TOTUS' and how I came to use it on my first site.  Simple: Teleprompter-Of-The-United-States.  Barack became known for his extensive use of the teleprompter.  Seems in his early days as both candidate and president he had difficulty in speaking off-the-cuff, unlike the current occupant of the White House.  This is just a bit of satire poking fun at Obama's Kenyan ancestry, something that was rampant in the country at that time.     

Inside sources at the White House have now confirmed that plans have been drawn up for the construction of a new monument in the nations capital. Although, the plans are somewhat sketchy, at this time some details have emerged. Funds for the new structure will come from items hidden in the new budget proposal under the Department of the Interior (cost is rumored to be an astounding 400 billion dollars). The new structure will reach a towering 1110 ft. and 10 2/8 inches high, thereby doubling the height of the Washington Monument which reaches a height of 555 ft and 5 1/8 inches. Studies to change existing laws governing the height of structures in the nations capital are now being undertaken in secret committee meetings in both the House and Senate. It has also been learned that some White House staffers have been sent to Brazil and have approached the chairman of the DNPM, Department of Mineral Production about the purchase of the worlds largest quartz crystal now housed at the Museum of Earth Sciences in Rio de Janiero. This amazing crystal weights a unbelievable 90,000 pounds (the need for this enormous crystal in the construction of the monument remains unclear, at this time). In addition our sources have learned that contacts have been made with Tiomin Resource Inc.--a multi-national company with large holdings in Kenya. Orders have already been placed with their mines at Mambrui, Kilifi and Kwale on the eastern Kenyan coast; for vast quantities of titanium that will be needed in this monument.

Mystery has surrounded this structure. What is it going to be? What is its purpose? Will it be a great monument to America's first black president. Finally the truth is out and we have the full picture. Welcome to the "Age of TOTUS".


Trump's New Border Fence: So High They Can't Get Over It!

After years of foot-dragging by the open border crowd, President Trump has had enough and is now set to deploy the U.S. Military to the southern border with Mexico.  Can't wait to see that Mexican with a backpack full of Marijuana jump this new-improved border barrier.  Now did you really think all those backpacks were stuffed with sandals, serapes, canned re-fried beans, and Jalapeno peppers?  Heck no.  These packs are filled by border coyotes and loaded on the backs of drug mules.  It's the price of pointing out the hole in the fence.  

I am reminded of an old Elvis song: "It's so high you can't get over it, so wide you can't get around it, so low you can't get under it"! 


Teen Gun Control Activist David Hogg Crushed by Falling Chinese Space Station

Following the death of David Hogg who was crushed by fragments of the falling Chinese Space Station, thousands of students across the nation walked out to call for an end to space exploration.  
Of course this is fiction and pure satire to point out the literal insanity of the current gun debate sweeping the country.  Your comment will be appreciated with none being deleted with the exception of those containing profanity.