Gunfight at the Sanctuary Corral: Staring Governor 'Moonbeam' Brown and AG Sessions, the 'Alabama Kid'

The 'Alabama Kid' Attorney General Sessions is on the prowl in the Golden State.  Going out to face this unwelcome visitor from D.C. is Governor 'Moonbeam Brown', an unarmed recent convert to the 10th Amendment.  Sadly, onlookers to this farce, can easily predict the outcome of this Showdown at the Sanctuary Corral, before the first shot is even fired.  Just like the Ike Clanton gang that controlled the town of Tombstone before the new sheriff came to town in the person of Wyatt Earp the outcome of this historic battle has been written before the first gun has been upholstered!


NRA calls for total ban on Abortion Forceps labeling them as weapons of mass destruction

Following the Florida school shooting the nation has witnessed massive attacks on the NRA, National Rifle Association.  With many liberals not only attacking the organization itself but it's members as well.  As you might imagine, these attacks on the NRA and it's members coincide with calls for the banning of the AR-15, apparently the weapon of choice of most school shooters.  After all that WMD has been responsible for over a 100 mass killings in the past 10 years as compared with the mere millions of unmerciful murders, of the innocent,  committed by men in white wearing a mask and armed only with a small pair of stainless steel forceps.  
Seriously folks, does anyone think that killings would stop if we banned abortion forceps or even guns.  Damn I would hate having to defend my home and family with a pair of forceps against an intruder.   That is, unless he is some little baby.  A little one according to some who is immune from pain with no sense of belonging.  Just some inanimate object.  Such a worthless piece of crap that should be tossed on that growing waste pile of blood and bones.  Hell, Nazi Germany had nothing on modern day America.  Quite frankly, I would gladly turn in my guns today if abortionist tools in this country were banned forever.     


Off to Iraq again!

Above my nephew Benji and his wife Stephanie.  Well the war in Iraq goes on and on.  Benjamin's number has come up again and he will be deployed once more to that worthless piece of land containing nothing but sand and camels. A land where there are obviously no razors judging by the appearance of the man on the street.  Fear not, Benji has stocked up on a 6 months supply.  WTF!  We should have just nuked those Sons of Allah years ago and been done with this futile game of Whack-a-mole.  Guess I've vented enough!  May God watch over Benji and Stephanie and their children during this deployment.