President Trump fires acting Attorney General Sally Yates for refusing to Defend his Migrant Ban

Today the acting attorney general of the United States, 
Sally Yates (an Obama hold over), 
publicly stated she would not nor would she allow
anyone in the Justice Department defend a lawful order 
of the President of the United States 
on the immigration ban.  
And tonight, her action gave President Donald Trump reason 
to use what are probably his most famous words:   


ISIS stand with anti-Trump protestors across America and demand right to import suicide bombers

In Democrat Party strongholds across the nation, hundreds are protesting President Trump's travel ban directed against Middle East states where there are large terrorist training areas.  Oddly, those in the media are claiming that the travel ban is in effect being used as a recruiting tool by ISIS.  An absurd claim that runs contrary to common sense.  But when did liberals start using common sense to boaster their positions.  In the past they have more than often condemned those who practice what they see as an antiquated mindset and normally opt for political correctness.  I would advise those watching the demonstrations on their TV, just to remember they are occurring in heavily Democratic controlled areas that voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton in the recent election.  They are not representative of the nation as a whole.


Is there a direct correlation between the Chicago Carnage and increase in Democrat voting rolls?

Perhaps there is some master scheme behind the seemingly mindless carnage on the street of Chicago.  Is it that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is unable to control the streets of his city, or perhaps  wants it to continue.  Is there some dark sinister plan behind what the public views as random acts of violence.  Maybe these acts are not so random and there is a method behind the madness.  Those political leaders in the windy city have become masters at the art of "tomb stoning".  Tomb Stoning is a way of taking the names of those deceased from their final markers in the graveyard and signing them up at the local voting precinct.  These poor departed souls, barring any objection---which is very unlikely, will become Democratic voters for eternity.  Perhaps the Chicago Mayor and those in his political machine have found a way for those under 18, as many of the shooting victims are, to vote forever and often in the elections.  Just a little dark humor here folks, nothing to get you're panties in a wad over, should you be someone of the progressive persuasion!
The only cold hard facts in this piece are the many bodies lining the streets and the mayors apparent inability to do anything about the ballooning problem.  And the possibility that cracking down on the criminals in the streets, may actually cost him votes in the next election.  If mayor Emanuel is between a rock and a hard place, it is one of his own making.     


The Evolution of Interrogation techniques from "The Rack" to a "Starbucks Latte"

Recently President Trump indicated he favors waterboarding to gain information from terrorist detainees.  Got me to thinking about the evolution of torture for gaining information.  Below are the stages from most effective to least: 

1.  Medieval Rack (very effective, but tiring for the inquisitors).

2.  The Nut Cracker (not to be confused with the Tchaikovsky Ballet).

3.  The "shocking" battery induced thrill of the Third Reich .

4.  Waterboarding (useless when interrogating life guards and Navy SEALS).

5.  Sleep deprivation (useless when attempting to break an insomniac).

6.  Playing loud rap music (only effective against country music lovers and totally useless on inner city brothers).

7.  Enlightened conservation supplemented with a Starbucks Latte (the preferred method of American Liberals).  


Trump keeps campaign Promises, issues Executive Orders to cut funds to Sanctuary cities and build Wall

Unlike the vast majority of two faced politicians who tell the voters one thing while on the campaign trail and do nothing or sometime just the opposite when they get into office, President Donald J. Trump is proving to be that rare exception.  Candidate Trump had promised to do something about sanctuary cities and the criminal aliens that freely walk the streets preying on innocents.  In his first week, President Trump has issued sweeping executive orders to withhold funds from those lawless cities.  And they are just that---lawless!  The mayors of these municipalities not only give alien criminal elements the freedom to roam the streets, but in many cases fell to reign-in lawless gangs who go on murderous rampages every day in cities like Chicago.  Few care if these gang members kill one another, but far too often their bullets go astray and kill innocent bystanders, including children.  This carnage must stop.

Of course, the biggest campaign promise of Donald Trump was to build a border wall on the southern border and have Mexico pay for it.  But just as those in the media said he had zero chance of being elected president, these same purveyor's of fake news and half-truths are repeatedly telling their dwindling audiences that Mexico will not pay for they wall.  All I can say, is wait and see.  At any rate despite being in office for less than one week President Trump has not only issued an executive order to build the wall, but at the same time to increase the number of Border Patrol agents by 5000 and ICE agents by some 10,000.  Also he is putting an end to the "Catch and Release" policy of Obama.  While at the same time ordering the construction of more detention centers along the border to hold illegals until their status can be determined.  This instead of giving them a bus ticket, at taxpayers expense, to any city in America and asking then to please return for a court hearing in a year.  Guess what?  They never show up!


Obama was the "Me, Myself and I" president, while Trump is the "We the American people" President

Since and even before Donald Trump became President those in the media have repeatedly referred to him as being Narcissistic.  But when one examines his words, his speeches compared to those of ex-president Obama it seems that it was the latter that was actually the "me, myself and I" president.  While Trump, on the other hand, seems to be a nationalist more concerned with "we" the people.  Recent speeches by the two leaders seem to bear this out. 


What the Media wants you to forget about Inauguration crowds of 2017

The important thing about the inauguration crowds on the National Mall is not how big they were as compared to other years, but the immutable fact of who was not sworn in as the 45th president of the United States.

From "Standing Rock" to Crushed Stone with a stoke of the Presidential Pen

Before the recent election that were countless protest near the Dakota Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation.  The protesters were a conglomerate of far left demonstrators as reflected in the above sign.  These are the same groups that support, although not openly, the destruction of the Israeli State.  They were protesting again the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.  A pipeline that would be entirely underground and the safest way, by far, to transport oil across that region.  I should add petroleum that would help to make America energy independent from Middle East sources.  Of course those on the far left are not in the least concerned with that.  They are environmental fanatics that would put the life of one prairie dog above that of a human.  They have little concern about the welfare of the Native Americans living at the Standing Rock Reservation.  If the buffalo still roamed, and those same Indians dared to bring one down with his lance, the outcry from these same protesting groups would be deafening.  

At any rate, today President Trump signed an executive order that would once more put both the Dakota Access and the Keystone Pipelines on a path toward construction.  America needs the energy.  And for far too long the nation has needed a president who would not bow to the will of radical environmentalist groups or to Middle East rulers.  Finally we have such a leader in the person of Donald J. Trump.     


Madonna Dreams of Blowing Up White House

At Saturday's woman's march (pro-life women were excluded), has-been Madonna spoke to throngs of  mostly female Trump-haters.  In her "f" bomb filled rant, she revealed her dream of blowing up the White House.  While a Muslim man some distance across the National Mall was hauled away by the secret service for uttering similar remarks.  I for one demand equal treatment for both.  Either lock them both up or let both walk.  Bet you didn't hear about the Muslim.  Neither did I, but it makes a good story.  
President Trump had a good day.  He stopped TPP, froze government hiring except those in military, and banned federal funds for abortions done outside the country.


Trump evicts unemployed Black Man from Public Housing

In a shocking display of white privilege and rampant racism Donald Trump on the very day of his inauguration has evicted an articulate unemployed black man and his family from their federally subsidized housing in the shadow of the monument to the Great Emancipator (The Lincoln Memorial) in Washington D.C.  This event was watched by millions of cheering undesirables in the vast wastelands of what has become known as Trump Country.  The poor black family has, for the moment, been relocated to a remote desert region in California known as Palm Springs.  Where they will be put on public display for the amusement of the nation's most elite who flock to this area from nearby La La Land for the specific purpose of being able to show their faux inclusiveness, by breaking bread with a black man who is an obvious victim of white privilege.   
Also posted at TOTUS.


Snowflakes fleeing as Sheriff Trump straps on his Guns

Snowflakes, drug dealers, and Illegals 
are fleeing towns across the Nation 
as new Sheriff Donald Trump straps on his Guns.


Independence Day: Free from Obama, Thank God almighty free at last!

Thought this day would never come, but someone was watching over me and my country.  As MLK said on his Washington March decades ago, "Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty free at last".  Very fitting on what I see as America's new Independence Day.  I want to see that wall on the Southern border, but the walls that Obama has built between different groups in America must come down.  The divisions between races and economic groups must come down.  Divisions progressives like Obama have only acerbated in order to gain political advantage.  The legacy of Obama must be removed because it's a stain on the nation of Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln.  America has given itself another chance with the election of Donald Trump and as his campaign says,  it time to "Make America Great Again"! 


Why does Obama seemingly have a love affair with America Haters

President Obama as he exits the White House has again seen fit to embrace American Haters with his commutations of the sentences of Chelsea Manning and FALN terrorist leader Oscar Lopez Rivera.  Both have shown by their actions that they clearly do not like America, but some would say hate it.  But then during the past eight years Barack has shown over and over again his apparent warm feelings for those that trash this country and the values it stands for.  With Trump taking the helm, it we be great to have a president that does not humble himself at the alter of American Haters.


Obama only commutes Chelsea Manning's sentence after her ability to leak is altered

We must really give President Obama credit for commuting the sentence of Chelesa Manning.  A pardon that was only given after the former Bradley Manning had his ability to leak severely altered.


Were Obama CIA appointees told to release fake dirt on Trump on their way out the door?

Does anyone else think it quite strange that a scandalous compromising document on Donald Trump, that had been circulating around Washington for some months, suddenly came to the attention of those at the CIA only after Hillary lost the election and shortly before Trump is sworn in as the 45th president?  No wonder Donald and others thought that just perhaps political appointees in the intelligence services saw that this information was made public.  Seems that dirty people toss dirt.


Donald Trump has ordered a state of the art Shredder to be installed in the Oval Office on Jan 20, 2017

The two first items ordered by President Trump for the White House are a gold chandelier for the master bedroom and a state of the art paper shredder for the Oval Office.  When asked about this, soon to be president Trump said he need the chandelier to remind him of his former digs at Trump Tower and the shredder to provide material for the big bonfire he was having on the White House lawn on the night of the inauguration. 


Russian Hackers helped U.S. voters by exposing Political Corruption

Democrats are crying foul about Russian Hacking because they believe it to be the reason for Hillary's defeat at the polls.  They are blinded by the truth, their candidate, their message, and Obama's policies were rejected by the voters in the vast heartland of America.  I for one think the Russians did us a great favor by exposing the corruption, stealth racism and political shenanigans that exist in their party.  All of which never would have been revealed by their comrades in the main stream media, and most certainly not those at CNN (Clinton Campaign Network).  Yep, as I see it, the Putin Boyz-in-the-Krelim should get a medal for exposing the truth.  That was suppose to be the job of the media elite.  But then does anyone really believe the New York Times, CNN, NBC, PBS, ABC, CBS and MSNBC would have even crossed the street to get a negative story on their beloved Hillary Rotten Clinton. 
They would never admit it, but comrade Putin has done more for the U.S. political system since the days of the Woodward and Bernstein's Watergate Papers.  Just give WikiLeaks and Putin the Pulitzer Prize and be done with it.  But does it seem strange to anyone, while rejecting truthful news coming from WikiLeaks and Putin Hackers, those in the National Democratic Party are quick to embrace the false allegations, directed at Trump, coming from Democrat hacks at Buzzfeed. 


Trump makes secret deal with Putin to transfer Gitmo detainees to Russian Gulag

A Pulitzer Prize winning reporter from Buzzfeed has confirmed that President-elect Donald Trump has entered into a deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin for the exchange of prisoners from GITMO and an undisclosed Russian Gulag located somewhere near the Arctic Circle.  Rumors are flying that the Russian inmates are overjoyed and looking forward to shedding their heavy winter clothing for speedo's, and their shovels for soccer balls.  However, this information is being kept from GITMO detainees for fear they would trash their laptops.  President-elect Trump when asked about this, declared that those on the left including Barack Obama should embrace his ground-breaking agreement with Russia.  An agreement that would address their concerns and finally empty what they view as the Medieval Torture Chamber of GITMO. A torture facility specifically designed for the abuse of those that hold the Muslim faith and run by racist Islamophobes.  Sources inside the Obama White House have confirmed that for the first time in his life---Barack is speechless!


Obama's new Red Line in Syria, a River of Blood flowing from Aleppo

Remember when Obama boldly announced some years ago that he had drawn a red line in Syria and dared President Assad to cross it.   Obama should not worry, the red line still exist and runs southwest from Aleppo.  This river of blood flowing from the once great city of some 2 million people will stand as a lasting legacy of the man from Chicago.  Just recently, president Obama gave his farewell speech to a sobbing crowd in the windy city, reminding the gathered throngs of what he had done for America and the world in his 8 years in office.  While at the same moment just down the street from where he spoke, bullets filled the air as his brothers butchered one another in the streets.  Perhaps, Barack Obama needs to draw a red line in Chicago just as in Syria.  A red line that would surely stop the violence in Chicago just as in Aleppo.  Actually Obama doesn't have to draw imaginary red lines on the map, given enough time his complete lack of leadership in foreign policies will insure that rivers of red continue to flow in the Middle East.  The utter fool we now have for a President will shortly leave the seat of power and the world will be a better place.       


Will Trump take down Statue of Barack Obama

Should soon to be former President Obama continue to place obstacles in the path of the incoming Trump administration would it be fitting for President Trump to tear down a statue of Barack of the Avenue of Heroes in San Juan, Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory?  Of course we all know the Donald would never tear down such a monument and deprive Latino Pigeons of a roosting place.  A place set aside by the citizens of that Island Nation dedicated to the proposition that all pigeons are created equal and entitled to dump where ever they choose regardless of sex, race or creed and national origin.  One has to admire the people of Puerto Rico for the construction of this gender neutral outdoor porta-potty.  However, I'm sad to report, that to this point, no transgender or even gay pigeons have been observed using this state of the art facility!


Countdown to Inauguration: Jan 8 - 9 - 10........18 - 19 -Jan 20 - Trump is Commander-in-Chief

Countdown to inauguration 
January 8
January 9
January 10
January 11
January 12
January 13
January 14
January 15
January 16
January 17
January 18
January 19
JANUARY 2O, 2017


Obama building wall to keep out illegal trespassers

In less than two weeks, according to the Constitution, Barack Obama and family will be evicted from their current residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave known as the White House.  It has been confirmed that the Obama's have already purchased a new home in an upscale neighborhood of Washington D.C.  However this new home for the former first family does not have a wall to keep out potential unwanted visitors (sounds like our southern border),  So brick-layers are busy constructing a formidable barrier around soon-to-be ex-president Obama's new digs.  But not to worry, although this is a private residence, tax payers will pick up the tab for this security barrier---apparently the Secret Service, which is charged with the protection of all former presidents deems it to be necessary for the safety of the Obama's. 
Too bad, Obama didn't think enough about the safety and well being of the American people while he was President to secure the southern border to keep out unwanted and uninvited visitors.  But then his family is far more important than yours----after all he is President.  And you and yours are just poor serfs in what he has viewed as his serfdom.  At any rate, we will soon be in the same league as the elitist Obama Clan thanks to President Trump who will build the people's wall for all us serfs.  Bet it will be taller than Obama's!!!!

Today's Bonus


Who let the Rabid Dogs loose on the Streets of Chicago

If I had to assign the blame for the actions of the 4 rabid dogs who tortured a mentally impaired young man in Chicago for simply being white and a possible Trump supporter; other than the four themselves, I would lay the blame squarely on the doorsteps of the current president of the United States.  His actions for the past 8 years have fostered, and to a lesser extent brought about a deeper division between the races than any other singular person in recent history.  But then who can really blame Obama.  After all, he is only a product of his environment---oops, that's Chicago!


Russian Hackers target U.S. Nuclear Launch Codes

Does anyone really believe that Russian President Putin wants to reveal what those in the DNC or RNC say in their emails or behind closed doors.  Americans with even a basic understanding of our government already know just how corrupt both political parties are.  Apparently, those in the Democratic party are trying to bring back the good ole Cold War days between Russia and America.  A war they denied most of the time, but one that seems to fit their agenda now.  The real danger from Russian hacking is not that of releasing some rambling emails to and from political operatives, but the increasing probability that they will hack our most guarded military secrets.  Secrets, that in the hands of an enemy could result in a bloodless coup or an unanswered nuclear attack on the country.  The bottom line here is that both sides hack away at the other like a Muslim terrorist in a Christian church.  Nothing new here.  The only reason for this hacking mania in the media is to marginalize the Trump victory by connecting it to foreign hackers with some obscure grudge against Democrats.  A grudge that would best be directed at Republicans who over the past many years have been far more critical of the Russians and their actions than their Pinko cousins in the Democratic party.

Stop Russian Hackers. Get a Carrier Pigeon

It is quite strange, now that Russian hackers who may or may not have hacked organs of the Democratic Party,  are suddenly a grave  threat to the country.  Funny that President Obama only sees Russian hackers as a threat when they attack his party.  Why didn't he speak out sooner.  Could it just be, he is trying to undermine the Presidency of Donald Trump.  If the Russians did indeed hack the DNC and top Democratic Party officials and revealed what a bunch of hypocrites they are, then they should be awarded a medal.  Of course we all know that had the hacking victim been Republicans and Hillary the victor in the presidential election the voice of the turtle (which doesn't exist) would be echoing across the media.  Russian hackers revealed a truth and are being condemned whereas a news reporter would have been awarded a Pulitzer for revealing such truths.  That's if, and only if the revelations unmasked deceptions within the Republican party.  This Russian Hacking Story is little more than a Trojan Horse hiding an attempt to discredit the Trump election.  An attempt to show that the American voter is so stupid he can easily be influenced by a foreign entity.   


Rule 5's Country Babe 2017

One must wonder just how much fishing could a young man could get done with this fishing partner.  Or how many times an old man's bait would get snagged in the bushes while admiring the scenery.  


Remains of Harvard Professor found on Mount Kilimanjaro

After providing their favorite liberal professor with an all expense paid safari to Kenya the students at the Harvard  Campus Conservative Club have been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Trump.  This prestigious honor was bestowed on the Clubs 3 members for their above and beyond humanitarian efforts in assisting their distraught teacher overcome his grief brought on by the election of Donald Trump!  When asked how they felt about receiving the nation's highest civilian award the three replied, "we only wish we could have done more.  Next time, we'll try and send at least a dozen of more of our deserving professors on this life-changing adventure."
And for those morbid souls who are wondering what book the deserving professor was reading when he came face to face with the real world.  Well, that remains somewhat of a mystery because two books were found among the remains at the campsite---one was Karl Marx's, Das Kapital and the other Barack Obama's, Dreams from my Father.