Ritual (Harakiri) Suicide Swords sent to Hollywood Elites by "Make America Great Again" committee

Following the release of the below video, by disgruntle Hollywood elites lead by Martin Sheen,  made for the exclusive purpose of getting Trump electors to change their vote in the Electoral College; a committee of Trump supporters sent a number of ritual (Harakiri) suicide swords to these poor lost souls.  The Trump Committee members simply couldn't bring themselves to watch  the 'weeping and gnashing of teeth', as if these celebrities  had been tossed into the very pits of hell, following the inauguration of Donald J. Trump on January 20, 2017.  So in an act of mercy, not seen since the day Attila the Hun spared Rome, sympathetic committee members dipped into their rainy day fund and purchased the 'ritual swords'. 

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