Trump's Scorched Earth tactic on the Media

Without a doubt, Donal Trump will call a spade a spade and biased reporters liars.  Actually he is right to single them out for the vicious attacks they so richly deserve.  There is nothing, absolutely nothing so low as a reporter who lies in order to advance some personal agenda.  They are suppose to be the conveyors of truth, but today they are little more than puppets of a vast left wing conspiracy flooding the airways with lies and half-truths while declaring them to be the truth.  Remember during the first Gulf War, when Baghdad Bob the spokes person for Saddam Hussein declared the American invasion of Iraq had been stopped by the heroic Republican Guard, while all the time U.S. Troops and tanks were in the suburbs of Saddams capital city.  Today's media has way more than it's fair share of Baghdad Bobs---reporters that will lie and cherry pick news items to advance their twisted agenda.

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Sandee said...

They are a corrupt as Hillary Clinton.

Have a fabulous day. ☺