Increased Influx of Martyrs Leaves Paradise Facing Severe Virgin Shortages

A disturbing report released by a spokesman in Heaven revealed that the afterlife paradise is on the verge of facing a severe virgin supply crisis. According to the Koran, every martyr entering heaven is guaranteed 72  virgin girls upon his arrival. Alas, an influx in martyrs in recent years due to increased turmoil among radical Islamists has rendered the hereafter Utopia struggling to meet the demand of increased numbers of fanatical militants killed in the name of Allah. The spokesman, who wished to remain anonymous, noted, “nothing like this has occurred since the Crusades. Fortunately at that point we had a surplus of virgins to give out. After 1400 years of Jihad though, our supplies are becoming limited and aren’t replenishing fast enough to keep up with the demand!  

9-11 Memorial Posters Banned on College Campus Due to Anti-Muslim “Bias”

Revisionist history is running rampant at America's sprawling indoctrination camps, better know as universities.  The latest appalling act is coming from Ripon College in Wisconsin where 9-11 memorial posters have been banned for fear they reflect an anti-Muslim bias.  Progressives just can't bear the truth because it goes against the narrative they are trying to push on the nation!  Read more here..... 


Venezuela Donates One-Million to DNC to Promote Socialism

Venezuela donates one-million in Venezuelan Bolivars (about $.10 in U.S. dollars) to promote socialism in the DNC.  The Bolivar has now become as good as free money.  An old communist dream that the money will wither away and all the stuff will be free.  What confuses me, is why millions are fleeing that socialist nation and leaving all that free stuff behind!

Don't take your kids to the Zoo to see the "Monkeys". It's Primates you dumb racist Trump supporter!!!

Yesterday, the Republican candidate for governor in Florida (Don DeSantis) dared to say, "The last thing we need to do is monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state" when speaking of his Afro-American Democrat nominee for governor.  Immediately DeSantis was accused of being a racist for using the 'monkey' term.  I suppose from now on we need to tell our kids we're taking them to the zoo not to see the monkeys, but the primates less they see a black person there.  

I suppose if those boys (oops another offensive word) from England had been dark skinned they would never have called themselves "The Monkees".  'Hey Hey We're the Primates'.


The Fate of King Kong Mueller is Sealed due to "too much monkey business"

The final sound coming from the Mueller witch hunt will be a big thud landing squarely on the fake news reporters and their dumb readers.


Boots: Marching to Victory or to Hell

Boots moving up and down again and there's no discharge in the war.   No man is a loser if he fights for what he believes.  The loser is the coward who dies a thousands deaths, the brave but one.


New Species of Roach discovered that lays it's eggs in Human Ears while they sleep

After months of investigation by a renown team of scientist, they have just announced a shocking discovery of a new species of roach that lays it's eggs in the ear of human beings while they sleep.  For some reason that remains a mystery, the roaches seem to be concentrated in New York State and the West Coast regions of the nation.  After the eggs of the Penplaneta Tweetous (name given the new discovery) hatch in the victim, the infected person suffers a severe loss of vocabulary and is only able to speak several short phrases and words.  Inexplicably the words in all those infected seem to be the same:  "Russia Russia Russia and Impeach".

After a lengthy search the CDC has determined that the source of this mind-altering critter in on the second floor of a building located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington D.C. and occurs only in the early morning hours when it appears to be most active.

Trump Tweets just drive some people crazy.  #MAGA        


300 migrants storm Spanish exclave, attack police with acid

Note the pants position on the second from the left!
One can almost see why the Spanish want no part of these migrants.  Wonder where their wife's and children are?  Would these young men would be out of place on the streets of Madrid!   Read more on this story here.....

Media Plunges Mindlessly Into Masterful “Trump Trap” Not Knowing That It Spells Their Own Doom

The “Deep State” mistakenly believes  the Cohen plea bargain could destroy Trump, this report details, the “bright shiny object” thrown to these jackals yesterday by US Deputy Attorney Khuzami now has them all in a manic state of “confirmation bias” hysteria.  You must read the rest of the story here!


Mollie Tibbetts meets the killer (Bahena Rivera) from South of Border

As the doors of the University of Iowa swing open for the fall semester one face will never again pass through those hollowed doors of academia, that of Mollie Tibbetts.  Mollie, whose search for the American came to an abrupt end on a rural Iowa road at the hands of an uninvited and illegal visitor to this country.  I would say that this interloper from Mexico was also unwelcome, but that would be a lie.   A lie because many in this nation believe in open borders at all cost including, that of the murder of a young 20 year old college sophomore.  Whose only mistake was to take a short jog down an isolated road in the hinterlands of America.  It seems that no part of this great nation is safe from the insanity pouring across our borders.  They are drawn by the promise of government assistance and the sanctuary cities.  But just like that occasional flea that hitches a ride on your faithful beloved dog, if left unattended will soon envelope your pet.  America needs a large, a very large dose of flea power.  This parasites coming to America illegally show their contempt for the laws of this nation by taking their first step across the border.  There are no good people coming to America illegally, just law-breaking criminals who are infesting the country.  
On a personal note about Mollie Tibbetts:  The 20 year old was born in San Francisco but moved to Iowa during the second grade.  Might her fate have been the same if she stayed in that Bay City?  We will never know!    aaa


Black Voter support for Trump has doubled to almost 36%

The greatest fear of Democrats is coming to a metro center near you as black voter support for Donald Trump has doubled since his election to almost 36%.  Seems that many of our colored brothers and sisters are leaving the Democrat Plantation.  Read more on this story here..... 

Is it "Russia Russia Russia" or "Commie Commie Commie"

All one hears from the Democrats and their allies in the media these days is 'Russia Russia Russia'.  Wonder why you never here 'Commie Commie Commie' coming from the angry voices on the left?  Perhaps its because their party is moving toward Marxist Socialism as seen by the popularity of party leaders such as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Something former Republican Wisconsin senator, Joseph McCarthy warned America about decades ago.  It was MeCarthy who saw a communist beneath every rock and warned of their influence in government.  Now it's the Democrats who are warning America of the dangers posed, not by the Communist in the government, but of the Russians who are Trumps puppet masters.  The danger coming from the old Soviet Union is the 'Commies' in our government and the media; not the purely fictional 'Russian' under Donald's bed.  Socialist influence is not coming from the White House, but from the leftest voices of Democrats, the media and our university indoctrination camps.  Russia, itself, is not the threat, but rather the socialist-Marxism so deeply embedded in their history.  It's not about 'Russia Russia Russia', but 'Commie Commie Commie'.  Let us not forget this and face the real threat to America, which is the Communist leaning socialist in the Democratic party.  Perhaps it's time for a new McCarthyism.  McCarthyism directed against the real threat in our mist and not true Patriots like President Donald Trump.  #MAGA   


Satanic Temple statue unveiled at Arkansas State Capitol

Members of the Satanic Temple recently unveiled a 8.5 foot statue of Baphornet at the Arkansas state capital building in Little Rock.   Read more of this shocking story here.....

Make MS-13 Great Again and Vote for Ocasio-Cortez leader of Socialist Democrats of the Peoples Republic

Wake up all you reactionary knuckle-dragging Neanderthals and kick out all those capitalist fat-cats and send their kids to indoctrination centers to learn the joys of Marxist Socialism.  Oops forgot they already go there.  Power to the people under the leadership of Ocasio-Cortez, Antifa, BLM, Communist Party of America and like-minded progressives.

Trump Approves Obama's Message

Why is it that now, Democrats oppose the wall and a strict border enforcement policy?  Doesn't take a genius to figure this one out --- Because Trump supports these measures.   #MAGA

America Never Great according to Cuomo

Governor Andrew Cuomo's recent remark that 'America was never great' was just a play by him to get the far, far left's vote in the 2018 election.  Of course, this message is being taught in almost every university by hate America professors.  Make no mistake those on the extreme left have no love for this country, but for the most part none of the American-haters would leave this country and migrate to another.  They like it here, but just despise President Trump.  Read more on this story here....

Dog and Pony Show coming to Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines to allow miniature horses as emotional support animals.  You can now see that dog and pony show while on your flight!   Read the full story here.... 

MEAN TWEETS: Starring Donald Trump

While some constantly complain about the President's use of Twitter, Trump realizes a simple truth:  most times we would never know the bird was there unless it tweets.  And quite honestly he would never be able to get his unfiltered message out to the people if he had to rely on what is obviously a biased press who either lie or give us half-truths.

A Lesson for 'Never Trumper's'

Damn I like this photo shop of 'The Donald' 
mixing it up with the never Trump protestors. 

My Dog is a Democrat

Never really thought about it much before, but after Donald's recent remarks about that two-faced Omarosa this song makes perfect sense.


The Benefits of Capitalism and the Unintended Consequences of Socialism

We all know about the long lines outside stores with empty shelves of socialism, but perhaps the worst thing about government socialism is that it saps the will from people to make their life better.  Under this failed system, the individual is like a lap dog waiting for his master (the state) to toss him a bone.  But when the State runs out of bones, then.....

Media collaborates to show Trump how much they don’t collaborate: No wonder Trump calls them fake news

Just this week over 300 newspapers ran virtually the same editorial on President Trump.  Basically claiming he was endangering the freedom of the Forth Estate.  The media have been using their position as the fourth estate (a lost concept, by the way, over the previous eight years) to twist and turn stories that any unbiased person would recognize as clear bias.  The collaboration they display reminds me of the old commie newspapers of the former USSR.  In short they all tow the party line.  Of course there are a few exceptions, however they are as rare has the proverbial hen's tooth!  Read more on this story here.....aaaa

Robert Mueller uncovers conclusive evident of Trump Collusion

Evidence proves Donald Trump conspired with his campaign 
to defeat Hillary Clinton
Just having a little fun with this one.
Below is an unrelated cartoon:

Reacting to Burqa Bans, Arab States Crack Down on Man Buns

Reacting to France, Denmark and Austria placing burqa ban on women many of the Arab states are now banning white men sporting man-buns.  Read more on this story here.....

Breaking Now: President caught on tape using "N" word

Omarosa promised us a tape of President using the "N" word.  The editor of this site didn't wait for the mouthy back-stabbing dog to deliver.  Click on the below image to see the real truth about president using that disgusting word that fills the air every time you visit certain parts of our cities.  It seems that 'what good for the goose is not good for the gander'!


Finally the Smoking Gun Evidence of Russian Collusion found

As Commander-in-Chief, Donald Trump must bear full responsibility for the outrageous activities of these Russians aboard a U.S. warship.  Chief inquisitor Robert Mueller has just released this damning video as proof of the President's collusion with 'Mother Russia'!  Wonder where these son's of Putin's Russia had their recording devices hidden.  Maybe they got some tips from learn Omarosa Manigault.  No that wouldn't work so well for these "MEN"!!!!  

Venezuela solves Starvation problem by making it Mandatory to buy Food

The benevolent socialist leaders of Venezuela have determined the only humane way of solving the escalating starvation problem is to mandate that citizens buy food.  El Presidente, Nicolas Maduro, remaining true to his Marxist inspired roots has decided that only he and his fellow-travelers have the solution to that nations current situation.  After all, only true socialist have the answer.  And in this case, the government will mandate that all citizens buy food and stop listening to the reactionary voices of doom and gloom coming from the gringos to the north.  

Why is California banning Straws? Spit-Ball Guns

Have the officials in California hidden their real reason for banning plastic straws?  According to one anonymous source high in Governor's Jerry (Moonbeam) Brown's administration the reason is much more ominous.  Actually it has nothing to do with sea turtles or ocean pollution, but is instead a liberal fear that the average citizen would convert the straws into WMD's aka Spit-Ball Guns.  This source insist that top state officials believe that only the state has a right to protect the individual and that no person should try and usurp the power of those in Sacramento by daring to protect themselves.  The source continued saying "the danger posed by these straw-guns presents a clear and president danger to home burglars who's only crime is to provide food for their down-trodden family".     

Poop Patrols Rounds up Illegal Turds on Streets of San Francisco

According to anonymous sources the 'Poop Patrol'  in San Francisco was established only after several members of the city council found themselves in deep 'dodo' while walking from City Hall to the nearest Starbucks!  It seems that some people will only act when the sh*t hits the fan!!!  Read more on this story here! 

Who is Omarosa? And who let the Dog out!

I love dogs and resent President Trump insulting them by calling Omarosa one.  But then after all, he calls his Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis 'Mad Dog'.   So what's the fu*king problem?  The only problem I see is that he should never have let her into the White House.  But then he solved that situation.  After all the answer to that unsolved mystery, that asked "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?" is simple:  Donald Trump!!!! 


Feminists march on Broadway, demand the street be given new, non-misogynistic name

New York:  Feminist march on Broadway demanding the street be given new, non-misogynistic name.  What's next changing the term our 'Founding Fore-fathers' to Founding Fore-mothers?

Mueller finally determined that the lyrics to Louie Louie are not about Trump-Russian collusion

After tens of millions of taxpayer dollars the Mueller investigation has finally determined that the lyrics to Louie Louie are not relevant to his failing Russian-Trump conspiracy witch hunt.  #MAGA 

California plans to Transition all State Jobs from Citizens to Illegal Aliens by 2020

In a last ditch effort to avoid bankruptcy and save money for social programs for illegal aliens, the lawmakers in Sacramento plan to transition all state jobs from legal citizens of the former Golden State to illegal residents of the newly named 'People's Republic of California'.  Of course the 'Good Old Boys' in the legislature have exempted themselves from this draconian measure, by grandfathering themselves in! 

Nigerian Scammer commits Suicide after none of his One Million emails answered

Following the tragic suicide of one of it's members, the CNNS (Committee of National Nigerian Scammers) has sent out an emergency warning to it's 100,000 members.  Apparently, esteemed member Prince Abul Mohammed was so frustrated by not having any of his emails answered by the dummies in Trump flyover country he took his own life.  According to sources inside CNNS all members are now being urged to target east and west coastal elites where the pickings are more lucrative!  It seems those in these areas are more receptive to the concept of 'free stuff' (getting something for nothing). 

Liberal Political Leader takes Submarine to Lay Wreath on Bin Laden’s Grave

And now for a bit of satire from the good folks at The Mideast Beast!   Seems that Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn just can't restrain showing his support for extremist Muslims.

Trump Economy Is So Good, Lefties Have Spare Money To Give Peter Strzok on GoFundMe page

Following his firing from the FBI, Trump-hater Peter Strzok setup a GoFundMe page to help pay for his loss of wages and cost of lawyers.  Reportedly the account has already raised over $300,000 from over 6,000 donors.  Kind of reminds me of the women who eagerly seek to correspond or even marry a convict on death row who is awaiting execution.  What is it with these people?  You can read more on this story here.....


U.S. intelligence community wants to use DNA as the next data storage trove

Apparently the various intelligence agencies such as the FBI, CIA, NSA and others are not content with gathering vast quantities of electronic data on millions of Americans.  The intelligence community is now seeking to gather and store huge amounts of molecular information (DNA) on the American people.    One must wonder just how this information will be used other than fighting crime and terrorism?   Will the Lords and Masters of this 'Brave New World' decide to weed out those they deem physically unfit to serve the needs of society, in an attempt to create Hitler's dream of a master race?  Where the hell are we headed!

'Intelligent' Crows to pick up litter at French theme park

The French are training six specially selected crows to pick up litter at a Theme Park!   If crows can do this then why don't we train  demonstrators at anti-Trump rallies to do the same?  Heck, I almost forgot these pussy hat wearing crowds such as BLM and Antifa are just not as intelligent as these crows.  


Stormy Daniels plans border visit to give migrant children freebies

Stormy Daniels has decided to share the wealth with those less fortunate migrants strained in limbo on our southern border.  This compassionate benevolent lady of the evening is planning a trip to south Texas to help young migrants by giving them freebies.  Bet Trump never got that special treatment.  #MAGA


The Seed of Zapata has taken Root in America

Who was Zapata you may ask?  Emiliano Zapata was a Mexican revolutionary whose story inspired American novelist John Steinbeck to write the screenplay for the movie Viva Zapata.  Steinbeck wrote many novels, and won the Nobel prize for literature.  He was a believer in the Russian Revolution that swept the Marxist to power in the old USSR.  It should be pointed out, just like socialist Bernie Sanders, he made several trips to Russia to see for himself the wonders of the faux Utopian society---the brainchild of Karl Marx.  But one should pause and be aware that one man's Utopia is another man's Hell.  Something that is often forgotten by today's left.  After all, Revolution is but a leap to that mythical Utopia or into the abyss.  America is once again on the path to revolution because the seed of Zapata has taken root in the country.  Onrushing events will either sweep away the old order and give us that grand Utopia promised by the neo-socialist, or strengthen the backbone of the nation!  #MAGA  


Donald Trump's Hollywood Star Stickers video

Following recent attacks on Trump's star on Hollywood's walk of fame the right has struck back by plastering hundreds of identical full-sized Trump stars on the 'Walk of Fame'!  Watch video.

Norwegian Socialist to give Free Heroin to Addicts

Just when you think socialist can't find any more 'free stuff' to give away the Norwegian socialist have come up with something new---free heroin to addicts.  Heck it just another way of buying votes.  Now all the junkies in Norway will have to depend on 'Big Brother' for their daily fix!  Damn, you can't make this crap up!   Read the full story here.....

Ben Shapiro vs Ocasio-Cortez or Debate vs Dicate

Conservative host Ben Shapiro challenged Democrat-socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to a debate this week, even offering her $10,000 to sit down with him.  I suspect Ben just forgot that ultra-progressives like her would rather dictate than debate.  We see this across the nation as liberals try to stifle an form of debate on the issues of the day by playing the race card or in Ocasio-Cortez's case the sexism card.  Hell, that's all they have!!!  Read the full story here.....   


Donald Trump's Star on Walk on of Fame to be Removed

The West Hollywood city council has voted to remove Donald Trump's star from it's 'Walk of Fame'.  Just another attempt by those on the left to rewrite history to conform with their ideology.  Congratulation Donald you have just joined the heroes of the Confederacy such as Lee and Stonewall Jackson.  Wear that as a badge of honor.

Senate Democrats demand SCOTUS nominee not be unduly influenced by Constitution

In a last ditch effort to prevent Brett Kavanaugh from confirmation to the nation's highest court, Senate Democrats demand Supreme Court nominee not be unduly influenced by the U.S. Constitution.  With some Democrats pointing out that without a constitution the nation would not have been subjected to the Civil War (most costly in this country's history).  Furthermore they contend the election process in this country would not be burdened with the grossly undemocratic Electoral College, and that most terrible of all constitutional guarantees "Freedom of Speech"!  Senate Democrats insist that all speech be defined, and that which is determined to be hate speech or speech offensive to anyone be banned.  And let us not forget the 2nd Amendment and guns.  In fact they would just shred the old dated document. 

Mexican Smugglers Flooding California with Massive Numbers of Plastic Straws

The law of unintended consequences has struck again, as violence increases in Mexico as cartels fight over control of the lucrative plastic straw market.  As more and more cities are following the lead of San Francisco,  in the soon to be strawless state of California,  the cartels are wasting no time in smuggling vast quantities of what many progressives believe to be the biggest threat to the environment---the PLASTIC STRAW.

Strange as it may seem, it wasn't too many years ago when environmental activist protested against the paper bag believing it to be a cause of deforestation.  Going so far as driving nails in trees to damage chainsaws and perching up in the trees to prevent them from being cut.  The word "tree-hugger" came from that movement.  The movement was successful for a time and the stores and shops stopped using paper and we witnessed the birth of the plastic bag.  The Eco-movement has now come full circle with plastic being the enemy and paper is seen as environmentally friendly.  I am reminded of a law of physics "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction".  Seems to fit, doesn't it?       


White People are legitimate targets among Leftist Bigots

The New York Times has just added Sarah Jeong (a woman who has a long, long history of racist rants aimed at white people) to it's editorial board.  They simply cannot help themselves.  After all white people are considered fair game among leftist bigots and self-hating whites.


Tales from the Fake News Media

Warning: Consumption of Fake News can be dangerous to your health.

Increase your Social Media Footprint and become a White House Anonymous Source

Want to increase your followers on Facebook and Twitter, then become a White House Anonymous.  Learn the secret by viewing the short informative video below! 


Jim Acosta is the "Enema of the People"

This morning I was listening to the Laura Ingraham show and one of the callers said Jim Acosta was the 'enema of the people'.  Great line!  Below is an account of the White House daily briefing between Jim Acosta and Sarah Sanders on this "enemy of the people" issue:

What Acosta has forgotten or has never learned is that throughout this nations history there has been many cases where the press was the enemy of the people.  Does he fall into that infamous group?  Perhaps it depends on your point of view!

Mueller moves from Collusion to Conspiracy

Apparently after finding no evidence of collusion in his 'Russia Russia Russia' witch hunt, Investigator-in-Chief, Robert Mueller is searching for another mythical 'pot of gold' presidential Conspiracy.  One must wonder what will be next?  Maybe, just maybe he will follow a money trail in hope he can prove that Donald Trump stole a dollar from his mother's purse in the 1950's!  Really why should Mueller ever, ever end his quest for that elusive 'pot of gold' when he has unlimited funds (thanks to you generous taxpayers) and a unspecified term length.  A term limit that could only end with him on his death bed.  Or maybe Attorney General, Jeff Sessions will grow a set and end this madness! 


Democrats Have A Very Serious Socialism Problem

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
In  a recent poll 76% of voters said they would not vote for a Socialist political candidate.  Read more.....

The Democrat's Sneaky Stealth Socialism

I suspect the Democrats, should they gain absolute power, would like to change the name of the USA to 'The People's Republic of America'!   Most on the left are quick to publicly declare they are not socialist, but the undeniable truth is they are the Sneaky Stealth Socialist of America.

Trump: "Crossing the Swamp"

Jon McNaughton's "Trump Crossing the Swamp"!  I would suspect President Trump is having a harder time with this than General Washington had at the Delaware River.  Read the story of McNaughton's painting Here.....