Mexican Government and Taco Vendors sueing Trump for income losses in Monterrey

Carrier Air-conditioning has announced it has reached an agreement with Donald Trump that would keep 1000 manufacturing jobs in Indiana and not open a proposed plant in Monterrey, Mexico.  However, it seems that the Mexican government will not go quietly into the night.  Moves are already underway to sue Donald Trump for his complicity in this debacle.  The Mexican government claims this man-made disaster will not only cost some 1000 Mexicans promised jobs, but will result in untold hardships for the many taco vendors planning to open stands around what would have been the future home of Carrier Inc. in Monterrey.  Additionally, it has been learned that the government there has begun a stealth operation that would help those adversely  effected by this Trumpian move, to sneak across the U.S. southern border to seek compensation for their grievous losses in the form of American welfare and food stamps.  Damn!  Just one more reason to built the WALL!!!!    

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