Obama is a globalist who took an apology tour, Trump in a nationalist who took a 'thank you' America Tour.

Last night I was watching the Trump "thank you tour" in Iowa.  Trump is traveling the nation thanking those who supported him in all the swing states.  Some may remember that when Barack Obama won the election of 2008.  Shortly after he was inaugurated and got the keys to Air Force One, he never even thought about thanking those Americans who voted for him.  Instead he took Air Force One, a massive Boeing 747 on a world wide tour----not a thank you tour like Trump is now having, but what became known as an apology tour. 
A tour where the President of the United States apologized for, what he saw as, past transgressions of the USA.  More than any one single factor, the post election tours of Obama and Trump point out the stark difference between the two leaders.  While one would wrap himself in the blue flag of the United Nations, the other puts America first and wraps himself in the red, white and blue.  In short, Obama is an international globalist while Trump is a patriotic Nationalist who puts America first. 

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