Strange Facts the MSM would tell you about Maxine Waters if she were a Conservative

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TDS aka Trump Derangement Sydrome infects millionx on the Left

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Not since the outbreak of the 'Black Plague' in Europe during the middle ages has the world witnessed such a scourge as the Trump Derangement Syndrome that is currently ravaging both the east and west coast of the United States.  And just as in the Middle Ages the infection seems confined to the sprawling urban centers.  The source of the historical epidemic was traced to flea infested rats.  However the present day plague, is seemingly originating in the fake newsrooms of the Trump hating media. 

Freak of Nature: Red Hen lays Goose Egg

An event that shocked the scientific community has just occurred in Northern Virginia.  Unexpectedly a 'Red Hen' has just laid a big fat goose egg.  Veterinarians attending this stricken chicken are doubtful that this fowl will recover after this harrowing experience. 

Time's "Roswell Edition" of Welcome to America

Time magazine seems to favor fake news when selecting their cover.  First they show Trump with a poor little immigrant girl leaving the impression she had been separated from her parents by NAZI storm troopers and ICE agents.  Of course the reality was something totally different according to the little girl's father.  Get use to it, the fake news will only increase until  those in the newsrooms realize Trump is here to stay and that the voices from the heartland will not be silenced.  

Mad Max (Maxine Waters) call for Harassment of all Trump Aides daring to set foot in Public Establishments

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This far left kook has finally gone completely bonkers.  She is now calling for the harassment of all Trump aides daring to visit public establishments.  She is has lost her fight against that most dreaded of all ailments and fallen victim to TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome)!

Trump will Nominate Obama for Supreme Court if......

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Apparently President Donald J. Trump is prepared to 'bury the hatchet' and will offer former President 'in exile', Barack Himself  Obama the vacated seat of Justice Kennedy on the Supreme Court if he will just submit a short list of documents to the White House!

Snowflakes and Icebergs not allowed in Tropics --- The Great Progressive Meltdown of 2018

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This is certainly one summer this old fart will really enjoy.  Ain't it fun to watch the utter meltdown of those on the left who are powerless to stop the 'Trump Sunrise'!aaaa


Breaking News: Trump continues to separate Children from their Parents

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After signing an Executive Order preventing the separation of children from their parents President Trump has the audacity to continue separating children from their parents.  Not only is this uncaring human being responsible for ten of thousands having to leave the safety  and comfort of their parents basement, but this man is forcibly removing rapist, child molesters and even killers from the loving arms of their children by sending these caring parents to penal institutions across America.  We must demand this outrage stop immediately and open our borders to all comers as well as the iron doors of our prisons! 


Secret Service Springs into Action After Actor Peter Fonda Calls For Barron Trump To Be Kidnapped

Hollywood actor, Peter Fonda and brother to the infamous 'Hanoi Jane' recently posted this tweet on his twitter account, "Barron to be ripped from Melania's arms and put in a case with pedophiles".   Why am I not surprised!  Read more here.....

5 Massive US Navy Aircraft Carrier Groups Prepare For Mexican Invasion

With Mexico spinning out of control and Democrats in this country seemingly marching in lockstep against any effort to stem the violence flooding across our southern border is President Trump making preparations to protect our nation regardless of open-border progressives in Congress. aaaa
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Study Confirms Most Psychopaths Live In Washington D.C.

Leading head-shrinks across the nation are shocked to fine that more psychopaths are found in Washington D.C. than any-other urban center in the USA.  What is not at all surprising to me is that they failed to see this.  For the stats on this less than shocking finding go to this site.....

FBI Agent Peter Strzok has Gun and Badge revomed as he is Escourted from Hoover Building

Disgraced FBI has his gun and badge removed before he is escorted from FBI headquarters.  Of course he may never be actually fired from his plush job due to over-protective civil service laws.  Laws the vast majority of workers in this nation do not have.  But then he is a member of the Washington elite.  However, is this case we may just get lucky and this crook will soon be sporting a orange jump suit.  One can hope!


According to Liberals if you want a Border Wall, you are a "Nazi Child Torturer".

For the moment, just for the moment, Democrats and their fellow travelers in the press have tossed aside the race card and replaced it with the 'Nazi' card.  Seems like every reference they have to the border situation is now tinged with Republicans and certainly President Trump being called Nazis.  Some of their comments are quite underhanded  like those of MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' Joe Scarborough's reference to children being lead to 'showers', reminiscence of the fake showers in the Nazi death camps in WWII that lured unsuspecting Jews to their death in disguised gas chambers.  While of the other hand others don't even attempt to hide their utter contempt for the president, by outright calling him and those who support his policies Nazis.  Yes, now it's no longer 'racist' but Nazis that are stuck in the mouth of progressives.  Guess they can handle only one word at a time!    


Separating Children from their Law-breaking Parents

Currently Democrats are making a big deal over the Trump administration's policy of separating children from their parents who have crossed into the United States illegally.  Strange that those same liberals fail to mention that in this country thousands of criminals are separated from their kids each day as they enter the U.S. Penal System.  I suppose these same progressives would have us treat illegals coming from the south better than we treat our own citizens.

Tell me it isn't so: LGBT Flag Replaces Flags of Military Branches at VA Hospital

In a world gone completely mad an LGBT Flag replaces Military Branches Flag at VA Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Read more of the shocking story here.....

Were Kansas City Deputies Killed by Gender Equity?

Recently two Kansas City deputies were killed while escorting a male prisoner to and from court.  One of the deputies was a male while the other a female.  Perhaps if the prisoner had been a female this would never have occurred and on the other hand if both deputies has been male the outcome may have been something quite different.  There is a difference between men and women.  Read the full story here.....

NYC High School to Allow Students to Pass Without Showing Up for Class

New York City, DeWitt Clinton high school allows students to pass without showing up for class.  All I can say about this is that with a school administration like the one at DeWitt Clinton, the students are probably learning more out of class than in the rooms of such a school.  Read the full story here.....


American Journalist Being Targeted For Death By “Terminator”

American journalist operating in Syria says he is on CIA kill list.  Claiming he has been targeted at least 4 times by U.S. Terminator drones.  Read more on this shocking story here..... 

Is China building huge Radar Spy Base in Cuba?

Mystery surrounds the construction of a huge spy radar in Cuba.  It should be noted that China has increasing influence in Latin America and other regions around the world with it goal being that of total global domination by 2025.  Read more on this story here.....

113 Politicians Have Been Killed in Mexico ahead of Elections

It's open season on politicians in Mexico as the cartels and gangs go after those who oppose their vicious attempts to completely control the country.  And lets we forget those killing the people who dare to run for public office are the future voters in states like California.  Democrats have thrown out the welcome mat for almost anyone from south of the border who desires entrance to the United States, even those with the Federales hot in pursuit!  Will political assassinations grow in America as a result of increased migration from the south?  Read more here..... 

Low-Income Workers Can't Afford A 2-Bedroom Rental Anywhere In America

According to recent reports two bedroom rental properties are no longer affordable to minimum wage earners in any part of America.  Perhaps this explains the growing population of basement dwellers in the sprawling suburbs.  Of course another reason for the exploding increase in subterranean dwellers in a growing belief among recent college graduates that the country owes them a job with a six figure entry level despite their lack of experience.  And then there is the astounding fact that today's diploma mills are churning out thousands of students ill equipped for today's job markets!   Read more here.....

Robert Mueller and Gang

A big part of the stench coming from the Washington swamp today is that of Robert Muller and his gang of Democrat lawyers.  Matter of fact who ever met an attorney they can say something good about.  After all, they always "complicate the obvious and trivialize the momentous".  It's just their way of trying to hide the sh*t coming out both ends.  But the the smell is impossible to hide.  Contrary to what many of you may think, the biggest threat to this country in not Russia, China, or North Korea but the attorneys wearing those pin-striped suits in D.C.


What if Trump gets Nobel Peace Prize

Remember when Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize for absolutely nothing.  Ever wonder what would happen to the American Left should Donald Trump be awarded that Prize?  Wonder no more!   Read more here.....

United Nations quitely calls for International Gun Control

The would be masters of the world, the United Nations, is calling for a complete international ban on all small arms.  Let's face it, they cannot allow their slaves to own such weapons of mass destruction!  
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Will California divide into Three States?

Not since 1861 has a state divided into two or more parts.  However there may soon be a measure of the California ballot to divide that state into 3 parts.  Voters will have a chance to vote on this in the upcoming off-year election this November.  Should it pass and Congress approve one must wonder how many states will follow California's lead.   
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Government funded feminist porn coming to German Sex Education

The youth movement of the SPD (German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Party) wants government funded Sex Education to be more inclusive of feminist porn which would give young people a more realistic view of sex.  
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Chinese Navy has Anti-Aircraft Drills After B-52 Flyby on Man-made Islands in South China Sea

The hottest flash point in the world is not on the Korean Peninsular but around the Chinese man-made islands in the South China Sea.  Islands the Chinese have fully fortified to advance their massive territorial claims to the vital shipping lanes necessary to international commerce.  Recently American B-52 bombers overflew these disputed areas prompting the elements of the Chinese Navy to hold anti-aircraft drills.  
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Inspector General Finds FBI Agents “Willingness” To Damage Donald Trump Presidency

Apparently some FBI agents in senior positions took deliberate action to insure Donald Trump could not hold public office according to sections of the IG's 500 page report.  
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FBI Bias: Agent Who Questioned Hillary in Email Probe Called Her ‘the President’—4 Months Before Election

FBI agent who questioned Hillary Clinton in the email investigation called her President 4 months before the election.  Later that same agent on election day in an instant message exchange to another agent declared "screw you Trump"!  
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California City to offer Universal Basic Incoome

The financially strapped city of Stockton, California will soon offer a basic guaranteed universal income to some of it's citizens.  One can see tens of thousands flocking to Stockton like they did during the Oklahoma land rush.  
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Coca-Cola and Pepsi forced to leave Mexican City Due to Cartel Extortion Demands

Although Mexicans are some of the world's largest soft drink consumers, both Coca Cola and Pepsi are being forced from parts of that nation due to extortion demands from powerful drug cartels.  Read more on this story here.....

Strange: All 5 Living U.S. ex-living Silent on Trump's Progress to denuke North Korea

Nothing at all, absolutely nothing at all surprising about this!  Both the Bush's hate Donald Trump and we know where Carter, Clinton, and Obama all stand---Democrats! 

U.S. House moves to ban child sex robots favored by pedophiles

Congress seeking ban on imported child sex robots for fear they would "normalize sex between adults and minors"!  These robots are becoming more lifelike with skins that closely resembles that of actual humans. the CREEPER Act, which stands for Curbing Realistic Exploitative Electronic Pedophilic Robots Act.”  Read more here .... 


The Hair Summit

With the left saying the recent summit in Singapore was virtually useless and the right saying it was the greatest thing since mom's apple pie, the one thing both sides can agree on it was the "Hair Summit"!


Robert De Nero repeatly shouts "F*** Trump" to cheers of Tinsel Town Zombies

Well here we go again.  Hollywood icon Robert De Nero brings raging crowd of Tinsel Town zombies to their feet at Tony Awards by shouting "F*** Trump, F*** Trump" over and over!  The gathered Hollywood elites sounded more like an old west lynch mob with their leader "Raging Bull" leading the way not  to the local jail, but to the White House.  Seems that little has changed in Hollywood since the 1950's when thousands of actors flocked to the Screen Actors Guild and shouted their support for the murderers in Moscow and the then growing 'Red' movement among elites in the west.  Of course this same crowd no longer endorses the socialist commie government of Russia because at the moment they feel that 'The Donald' is in bed with Putin.  However, you can bet on one thing, just as soon as Trump leaves office the Communist in Russia will again become their friend.  Just the way things are      aaa


Does American Commie, Bernie Sanders, care about the 100 Million people Communism Killed

Does America's no.1 Red care about the 100 million people communism killed?  I bet not!  He would never admit it, but I suspect he thinks it was necessary to continue the great communist revolution.  After all, with such true believers 'the end always justifies the means'.  But then let's not forget that over half of today's millennial generation support some form of socialism and many are outright commies.  Well this is to be expected because most of these snowflakes are products of America's indoctrination centers also known as universities, where revisionist history reigns and past communist atrocities have been scrubbed from the text books.  Wonder what Bernie's excuse is? 


Miss America Pageant bans Swimsuits: Wow sre Burka's coming?

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Here we go again!  Miss America Pageant will ban swimsuits.  Oops, there goes a huge portion of the male audience!  One must wonder what is next, a ban on makeup, mandatory burka and of course allowing male contestants.  I'm beginning to think craziness is contagious! 


Should West Cuast Tech Giants Tell You What is Offensive?

Suddenly and without warning, local communities and small towns are being told by the huge tech giants what is acceptable speech.  The principals long embraced by the American people, principals that made this nation the greatest on earth are being eliminated by the so-called elites living in what has become known as silicon valley.  Should this trend continue, not only is individual freedom in trouble, but the Nation as well!


Stockton, California Gone Wild: Pays Criminals not to Shoot someone

Just when you think craziness in the Golden State couldn't get any worse.  Stockton California Mayor Michael Tubbs will reward those good citizens most likely to shoot someone with a $1,000 a month stipend for doing their civic duty.  You can't make this crap up!  Source: Los Angeles Times


Hitler's NAZI Party supported Universal Gun Control and Ultimately Total Confiscation

Most on the progressive left would support universal gun confiscation, although few would admit to holding that position for fear of complete rejection by a vast majority of the general population.  This position is nothing new, totalitarian governments from the beginning of time have insisted that only a few intellectuals have the ability to determine what is best for the ignorant masses.  Perhaps the most noted case of this was the German NAZI party of Adolf Hitler in the 1930's and 1940's.  It's actually surprising to see those from the progressive left accusing those Second Amendment supporters of being NAZI's when the reality is they have more in common with the Third Reich than those they condemn.  Well actually not quite so surprising when you consider Progressives are that portion of the population that would mandate so many things of the average American so they would be forced to conform with those values the Left deems to be indisputable truths!