Yesterday's Democrats put Blacks on the Plantation today's Democrats will keep them there

Today's blacks are quick to recall the days of slavery and often point to that as a reason for their present day poverty and their position at the bottom of the totem pole.  They seem to forget it was the Democratic Party, for the most part that put their ancestors on the plantation in the first place.   And the Republicans under Lincoln who broke the chains of slavery and set them on a path to a better life.  That was short lived, for the Democrats once more with the aid of the KKK essentially put them in bondage again.  And then, the modern Democratic Party seemed to change and suddenly they crowned themselves the Champions of the Black man.  Lyndon Johnson and other Democrats of the 1960's pretended to be the friends of the negro and branded Republicans as their enemy.  Democrats were successful in doing just that.  Perhaps democrats like Johnson and others were friends of the poor downtrodden black man. But somewhere along the way those democrats in power realized that in order to keep the black man's vote they had to keep him in poverty and blame white republicans for his plight.  This continues today, with Afro-Americans, for the most part, taking the bait presented by so-called Progressives.  The reality here, is that Democrats control the growing black ghettos of America and it is their policies that keep the present day black man on the new plantation.  Blacks need only to take the blinds off and look around them on almost any corner in the sprawling urban ghettos of America to see the new Plantation created just for them, by their new task-masters ----  those leaders in the National Democratic Party.  There is a heavy price to pay for all that so-called "Free Stuff" the Democrats dangle in front of the unsuspecting black man  ----the destruction of the black family, the highest crime rates in America, the poorest schools, and of course the greatest unemployment rates of any group in this country.  Yes, the black man really has a lot to thank the Democratic Party for, and they should continue to blindly support their new plantation masters.  After all the "massa" knows what's best----yessa he sure do!                

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Sandee said...

They can control them that way. They are their voter base. If they ever wake up it would be the end of the democrats.

Have a fabulous day. ☺