Hillary Clinton passes rigged Pickle Jar test on Kimmel Show

Monday night on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, candidate Hillary Clinton, in an effort to squash rumors of her declining health,  opened a Jar of Pickles to show she was in good health.  However, sources close to the show have indicated the lid of the pickle jar was loosened before it was handed to Hillary.  Knowing the political leaning of Jimmy Kimmel this is certainly possible.  One must wonder now, if Donald Trump should appear on the Kimmel Show will he be offered a crack at the Pickle Jar.  Perhaps this explains why one of Show's producers was seen purchasing a large tube of super glue at a local store. 


Sandee said...

She is such a mess. Such a mess. The most corrupt family I know.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Stogie said...

Well I'm convinced. Opening a jar of pickles is wort more than a full medical analysis any ole day.