Obama: "The $400 million I gave Terrorist was already theirs"!

Democrats sure love to pass out money.   Recently when Obama sent $400 in untraceable cash via an unmarked plane in the dead of night as a ransom payment to the terrorist state of Iran when referring to that transaction he had the unmitigated gall to tell the American people that was there money anyway.  Now really Mr. President is that the reason you're releasing all those terrorist from GITMO----after all using that logic they must belong to the country they came from so just return them to their rightful owners.  Really things have gotten out of hand in the Obama White House.  But then the President has always contended there would be no terrorism if they all had good paying jobs.  But they, for some reason it's difficult to open a McDonald's in the Middle East so I guess Barack has decided to pass on the jobs idea and just provide them directly with the cash needed to fill their bellies as well as their suicide belts.  After all, giving away free stuff  works in the sprawling ghetto areas in this country. 

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