We don't need another drunk in the White House, vote Trump a Teetotaler

At times it has appeared that Queen Hillary has a problem with her booze.  And will certainly know Barack tosses back one when the opportunity presents itself.  We know the old boy drinks in public for the cameras---leaving one to speculate what goes on behind closed doors.  And then, we all know of his past love affair with mary jane (some may noticed the missing  capitalization of the "m" and "j"----that should tell you something), and one must wonder if he still rolls a fat one while alone in the Oval Office or just sneaks up to the Lincoln Room.  At any rate we don't need another drunk in the White House.  For those who do not now Donald Trump is a teetotaler.

Hillary loves to talk about the fear she has about Trump and those nuclear launch codes.  Give me a teetotaler any day along side of a drunk when it comes to that dreadful red button in the White House bunker.    

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