Hillary switched from Emails to Carrier Pigeons

Hillary Clinton has just announced she no longer intends to use emails.  Secretary Clinton is rumored to have already installed secret communication devices in her bunker at Chappaqua.  Reporters trying to get a peek at the former First Lady have noticed unmarked trucks delivering large quantities of bird feed to the Hillary compound while at the same time observing an unusually high number of birds circling the area.  Additionally, some news people, outside the massive fence surrounding the estate, have reported being hit by small foul-smelling missiles falling from the sky.  One news anchor covering the unfolding story, has speculated that Mrs. Clinton is now using Carrier Pigeons to communicate with the outside world.  This would dovetail with Hillary's new call for a ban on shotguns in flyover country. 
On a somewhat related note, perhaps this would explain the RNC's recent purchase of an undisclosed number of falcons along with the hiring of more that one hundred falconers!

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Sandee said...

We may have to put up with this mess for four years. I cringe at that thought.

Have a fabulous day. ☺