Is Hillary Clinton's Memory Loss due to Brain Cancer

Are recently disclosed gaps in Hillary's recollection of certain past events a symptom of a serious condition such as Brain Cancer.  Or can those memory losses just be contributed to her chronic alcoholism.  Is she in need of a good Neurologist or even worse, a neurosurgeon?  Or perhaps the former Secretary of State needs mandatory attendance at the local AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) group!  However both these serious accusations have been denied by those in Hillary's inner circle.  And the presidential candidate, herself is reportedly saying that both these theories are products of a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy being promoted by FOX News, the Koch Brothers, and the Trump Campaign.  Furthermore, the former First Lady has referred all reporter questions on this subject to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, her newly appointed Honorary Chairperson of her 50-State Program.  Additionally, Hillary said this should end the lies and conspiracy theories swirling around these stories and further stated that her administration will be the most transparent and honest in the nation's history!        

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Sandee said...

Also when you lie so much it's hard to remember what you said. That could be part of the problem too.

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