America's Black Sheepe (Afro-Americans)

America's Black Sheepe population is alive and well even after 150 years of freedom granted by a Republican president (yes, contrary to some revisionist history taught today in public schools---Lincoln was a Republican).  The early Republicans promised the newly freed man 40 acres and a mule and even set up a "Freedman's Bureau".  A government agency established in 1865, not to insure the well being of the freed slaves, but to insure they would vote Republican in future elections.  It took a full 90 years for what had become "America's Black Sheepe" to realize that the early Republicans were only concerned with their vote and not there welfare.  So the blind herd mentality followers of Lincoln and the Republican party began to abandon their old task masters in droves and flock (not pun intended) to the banner of the new Democrat party.  A party that had shaken off the yoke of the former southern slave owner.  A party, that may have had good intentions in the beginning but quickly realize the black voter was little more than a Black Sheepe.  A sheep that would follow the party that dangled the biggest carrot before them.  So the old Republican party of "40 acres and a mule" was quickly replaced by the welfare and food stamps party of the Democrats.  And guess what it's been working for almost 70 years now.  Is there something about the black man that makes him fall in line with the herd mentality?  Is there something in his genes that would have him gather in a mindless flock.  A flock that will follow the shepherd where ever he leads.  Of course there will always be those sheepe who dare to think for themselves and stay from the well trained flock.  These poor souls are labeled as traitors (Uncle Tom's) and forbidden to re-enter the mindless flock again until they humble themselves and do a mea culpa!
As long as the Black Man in this country allows himself to be taken for granted by either major party his position will not improve and he and his will remain at the bottom of the Totem Pole.  Actually a Totem Pole he has built! 


Sandee said...

And the democrats keep them down. The Al Sharpton's and the Jesse Jackson's. They keep them down. What a shame when there are so many opportunities out there.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I'm white and supposed to feel guilty ... NOT!