Donald Trump calls for Political Action not Aasassination

Immediately following Donald Trump's rally speech in North Carolina yesterday the Clinton spin machine sprang into action.  Their operatives began contacting their co-conspirators in the Main Stream Media telling them to report that Donald Trump in his comments about Hillary and those 2nd Amendment supporters was calling for the assassination of candidate Clinton.  As one might expect media reporters quickly jumped on the spin bandwagon and as a result the assassination lie has taken on the reality of Homer's mythological Trojan Horse.  Sadly, many will now believe this twisted version of what Trump actually said as the gospel.
Speaking of assassination, it should be noted that over the years a number of those who dared to cross the Clinton's have met with violent deaths, with the lasted being Seth Rich.  A DNC staffer who was recently shot in the back and killed on the streets of Washington D.C.   Some believe Rich was shot in retribution by someone associated with the DNC for leaking emails to the press.  

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