Huma Abedin Lap Dog and Confident to both Hillary Clinton and Anthony Weiner

Huma Abedin should be called the Iron Lady.  Not only was she forced to deal with numerous sex scandals, improper emails and lies coming from her husband Anthony Weiner; but thousands of questionable emails, lies and sex scandals coming from her boss Hillary Clinton.  Perhaps it was the teachings of Mohammad (she is a Muslim) that made her subservient to the twisted sexual deviations of her husband---a disease quite prevalent among the women of the veil!  Recently Huma bailed on Anthony declaring she had enough.  And now the country is waiting for the other shoe to drop---just how much longer can the lady from Persia (Iran) put up with the woman from Chappaqua!  Of course, there is another possible explanation for Huma's actions.  Maybe, just maybe she is an Iranian agent and the persistent actions of a husband who constantly displayed his weiner in emails was drawing too much attention, so her Islamic bosses in Iran had Huma sever her connection with Anthony.  After all she is only a step away from the West Wing and access to all the secrets that lie within.

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