Seddique Mateen, father of Orlando shooter at Hillary Clinton Rally

Just yesterday, Seddique Mateen the father of Omar Mateen the Orlando shooter was spotted sitting directly behind Hillary Clinton at her rally in Kissimmee, Florida.  In the past Seddique, had been an outspoken supporter of the Afghan Taliban and a member of the Democratic Party.  Reports are circulating that the Clinton Campaign invited Mateen to the rally, but when asked about this assertion they denied it.  One must wonder why the father of a radical Islamic terrorist, and a man who openly supports the Afghan Taliban, a group we are fighting in that country would choose to attend a Hillary Clinton rally and not a Trump rally.  Could it just be that his radical Islamic beliefs are more compatible with those of Hillary than with those of Trump.  Perhaps Hillary should change her slogan to "Hillary for Islamist"!  After all that's her true position.  Me thinks, she would support the Devil himself if he could vote!


Sandee said...

Yep, she'll be just as ineffective as Obama where Islam is concerned.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Stogie said...

Corrupt Hillary has reaped millions in "contributions" to her foundation from Islamic despots. She is bought and paid for by these barbarians.