Vote Democrat and you too can have an iphone and EBT card

Have you ever been at the grocery check out and noticed someone with a buggy full of Porter House Steaks, Lobster Tails, and canned Russian Beluga Cavier and wearing a Hillary for President tshirt as they proudly whip out a gold EBT Card while talking on that high end iphone and wonder why in the hell are you in line with those cans of Vienna sausage, crackers, and sardines in your checkout cart?  Could it just be they are smarter than you or just maybe because you are a fu*king fool for working for a living while they just kick back and watch government check pile up in their mailboxes?  Haven't you figured it out yet?  It's far better to be that lazy old dog lying in the shade on the porch, than that jackass pack mule delivering the food for him to eat.  And yes, I'm pissed off today! 

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Sandee said...

That's how the democrats get their voter base. They enslave them.

Have a fabulous day. ☺