The Lynching of Donald Trump and his white male supporters by the MSM

Unfounded and undocumented stories about the Trump campaign continue to fill the screens of idiot boxes across the nation.  Those in media smell blood in the water and seen to be on a feeding frenzy.  They are akin to drunks in the old saloons working themselves up by tossing down shots of red eye before grabbing that short rope and looking for that tall tree.  They have set themselves up as judge, jury and executor of not only Trump, but those white men and women who dare to support someone they view as a demagogue.  They are in fact, a lynch mob.  A mob little difference from those white hooded riders in the night of years gone by.  A mob that has turned a deaf ear to voices they only want to silence.  To silence in order to assure that the State speaks with only one voice.  The voice of multiculturalism, globalization, and of course what they see as that mythical Utopian paradise.  A paradise, much like the land of the Islamic Virgins.  That Shangri-La promised to all true believers who would slay those who cast aside the teachings of the one true god---PROGRESSIVISM!      

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Sandee said...

The media has gone in full lie mode to accommodate the Clinton's. It's pretty funny to watch when you know they are just making up stuff.

Have a fabulous day. ☺