Black man charged in stabbing deaths of two Mississippi Nuns

Following the brutal stabbing of two Holmes County Nuns this week near the small Mississippi town of Lexington, a 46 year old black man, Rodney Earl Jones, was arrested and charged in the brutal killings of Sister Margaret Held and Sister Paula Merrill both age 68.  The unprovoked murder of these two nuns has shocked this rural community.  Apparently the two Sisters were at home alone when this killer entered the house robbing and stabbing both to death, before stealing their car.

The two Nuns worked at a local clinic helping the mostly poverty stricken residents of Holmes County.  The seventh poorest county in the nation.  A county in which the racial make up is 31% white and 67% Afro-American. It should be noted that at least 90% of those patients treated at the small clinic where the two worked were black.  Leading one to wonder if the killer was aware of their unselfish work or even cared.

The above is fact, the balance of this article is opinion based on my personal observations over the last decade. Plus I am a Mississippi resident that lives only a few miles south of the area where the two Catholic Nuns were murdered in cold blood by a depraved black man.  In all likelihood a man who was not hungry and in need of food, but one in need of a refill for that syringe in his pocket or maybe a few greenbacks for the local liquor store.  It's pitiful, that so many honest hard working citizens (both black and white) fall victim to these animals.  On a somewhat more controversial note the stats on crimes where one of the two involved (the victim and the perk) are of different races is shocking to say the least.  Nationwide, whites are 9 times more likely to be the victim.  Spin this anyway you wish---frankly I could care less.  But what I have noticed that since the murder of the two nuns in my state, there has not been one word coming from the Obama Pulpit or the Loretta Lynch Justice Department.  Honestly, the only thing I can conclude is that they just don't care about this event because the victims were not black and the killer not white.  One can be absolutely sure that if the two Sisters had been black and the killer some depraved white junky Loretta Lynch would already have massive numbers of FBI agents in Mississippi claiming this was a racially motivated crime.  It seems to this observer that almost always white on black crime is racist, while black on white crime is just the norm.  So far neither of the candidates running for president has commented on this heartbreaking story.  But I seriously doubt there will be anything coming from the Clinton campaign----after all Hillary is in many was catering to the BLM movement and this would be a poison pill.  To be fair, Donald Trump has made no comment on the killing's either.  Perhaps he thinks his recent overtures to the black community would somehow be damaged should he dare wade in on this.  Or just maybe both Presidential campaigns are waiting for more details to  emerge.  However, that has never stopped them in the past.
By Ron Russell     

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Sandee said...

It appears that it's okay to kill cops and whites now. The press will give you a pass.

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