Will Trump take down Statue of Barack Obama

Should soon to be former President Obama continue to place obstacles in the path of the incoming Trump administration would it be fitting for President Trump to tear down a statue of Barack of the Avenue of Heroes in San Juan, Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory?  Of course we all know the Donald would never tear down such a monument and deprive Latino Pigeons of a roosting place.  A place set aside by the citizens of that Island Nation dedicated to the proposition that all pigeons are created equal and entitled to dump where ever they choose regardless of sex, race or creed and national origin.  One has to admire the people of Puerto Rico for the construction of this gender neutral outdoor porta-potty.  However, I'm sad to report, that to this point, no transgender or even gay pigeons have been observed using this state of the art facility!

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Sandee said...

No he has other more pressing issues to deal with. You know that mess that this administration has left. Lots of work to do. He'll do it too.

Have a fabulous day. ☺