Obama's new Red Line in Syria, a River of Blood flowing from Aleppo

Remember when Obama boldly announced some years ago that he had drawn a red line in Syria and dared President Assad to cross it.   Obama should not worry, the red line still exist and runs southwest from Aleppo.  This river of blood flowing from the once great city of some 2 million people will stand as a lasting legacy of the man from Chicago.  Just recently, president Obama gave his farewell speech to a sobbing crowd in the windy city, reminding the gathered throngs of what he had done for America and the world in his 8 years in office.  While at the same moment just down the street from where he spoke, bullets filled the air as his brothers butchered one another in the streets.  Perhaps, Barack Obama needs to draw a red line in Chicago just as in Syria.  A red line that would surely stop the violence in Chicago just as in Aleppo.  Actually Obama doesn't have to draw imaginary red lines on the map, given enough time his complete lack of leadership in foreign policies will insure that rivers of red continue to flow in the Middle East.  The utter fool we now have for a President will shortly leave the seat of power and the world will be a better place.       

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Sandee said...

He's been terrible with foreign policy. I think he's loved by the left for two reasons...His personality and is family. Nothing else seems to matter much.

Have a fabulous day. ☺