Stop Russian Hackers. Get a Carrier Pigeon

It is quite strange, now that Russian hackers who may or may not have hacked organs of the Democratic Party,  are suddenly a grave  threat to the country.  Funny that President Obama only sees Russian hackers as a threat when they attack his party.  Why didn't he speak out sooner.  Could it just be, he is trying to undermine the Presidency of Donald Trump.  If the Russians did indeed hack the DNC and top Democratic Party officials and revealed what a bunch of hypocrites they are, then they should be awarded a medal.  Of course we all know that had the hacking victim been Republicans and Hillary the victor in the presidential election the voice of the turtle (which doesn't exist) would be echoing across the media.  Russian hackers revealed a truth and are being condemned whereas a news reporter would have been awarded a Pulitzer for revealing such truths.  That's if, and only if the revelations unmasked deceptions within the Republican party.  This Russian Hacking Story is little more than a Trojan Horse hiding an attempt to discredit the Trump election.  An attempt to show that the American voter is so stupid he can easily be influenced by a foreign entity.   

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Sandee said...

They weren't a threat until Hillary lost and then they were blamed. Funny how that works.

Have a fabulous day. ☺