Is there a direct correlation between the Chicago Carnage and increase in Democrat voting rolls?

Perhaps there is some master scheme behind the seemingly mindless carnage on the street of Chicago.  Is it that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is unable to control the streets of his city, or perhaps  wants it to continue.  Is there some dark sinister plan behind what the public views as random acts of violence.  Maybe these acts are not so random and there is a method behind the madness.  Those political leaders in the windy city have become masters at the art of "tomb stoning".  Tomb Stoning is a way of taking the names of those deceased from their final markers in the graveyard and signing them up at the local voting precinct.  These poor departed souls, barring any objection---which is very unlikely, will become Democratic voters for eternity.  Perhaps the Chicago Mayor and those in his political machine have found a way for those under 18, as many of the shooting victims are, to vote forever and often in the elections.  Just a little dark humor here folks, nothing to get you're panties in a wad over, should you be someone of the progressive persuasion!
The only cold hard facts in this piece are the many bodies lining the streets and the mayors apparent inability to do anything about the ballooning problem.  And the possibility that cracking down on the criminals in the streets, may actually cost him votes in the next election.  If mayor Emanuel is between a rock and a hard place, it is one of his own making.     

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