From "Standing Rock" to Crushed Stone with a stoke of the Presidential Pen

Before the recent election that were countless protest near the Dakota Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation.  The protesters were a conglomerate of far left demonstrators as reflected in the above sign.  These are the same groups that support, although not openly, the destruction of the Israeli State.  They were protesting again the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.  A pipeline that would be entirely underground and the safest way, by far, to transport oil across that region.  I should add petroleum that would help to make America energy independent from Middle East sources.  Of course those on the far left are not in the least concerned with that.  They are environmental fanatics that would put the life of one prairie dog above that of a human.  They have little concern about the welfare of the Native Americans living at the Standing Rock Reservation.  If the buffalo still roamed, and those same Indians dared to bring one down with his lance, the outcry from these same protesting groups would be deafening.  

At any rate, today President Trump signed an executive order that would once more put both the Dakota Access and the Keystone Pipelines on a path toward construction.  America needs the energy.  And for far too long the nation has needed a president who would not bow to the will of radical environmentalist groups or to Middle East rulers.  Finally we have such a leader in the person of Donald J. Trump.     

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