Russian Hackers target U.S. Nuclear Launch Codes

Does anyone really believe that Russian President Putin wants to reveal what those in the DNC or RNC say in their emails or behind closed doors.  Americans with even a basic understanding of our government already know just how corrupt both political parties are.  Apparently, those in the Democratic party are trying to bring back the good ole Cold War days between Russia and America.  A war they denied most of the time, but one that seems to fit their agenda now.  The real danger from Russian hacking is not that of releasing some rambling emails to and from political operatives, but the increasing probability that they will hack our most guarded military secrets.  Secrets, that in the hands of an enemy could result in a bloodless coup or an unanswered nuclear attack on the country.  The bottom line here is that both sides hack away at the other like a Muslim terrorist in a Christian church.  Nothing new here.  The only reason for this hacking mania in the media is to marginalize the Trump victory by connecting it to foreign hackers with some obscure grudge against Democrats.  A grudge that would best be directed at Republicans who over the past many years have been far more critical of the Russians and their actions than their Pinko cousins in the Democratic party.

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Sandee said...

The left has lost their way. They really have. They won't admit it yet, but they are going to have to at some point.

Have a fabulous day. ☺