Russian Hackers helped U.S. voters by exposing Political Corruption

Democrats are crying foul about Russian Hacking because they believe it to be the reason for Hillary's defeat at the polls.  They are blinded by the truth, their candidate, their message, and Obama's policies were rejected by the voters in the vast heartland of America.  I for one think the Russians did us a great favor by exposing the corruption, stealth racism and political shenanigans that exist in their party.  All of which never would have been revealed by their comrades in the main stream media, and most certainly not those at CNN (Clinton Campaign Network).  Yep, as I see it, the Putin Boyz-in-the-Krelim should get a medal for exposing the truth.  That was suppose to be the job of the media elite.  But then does anyone really believe the New York Times, CNN, NBC, PBS, ABC, CBS and MSNBC would have even crossed the street to get a negative story on their beloved Hillary Rotten Clinton. 
They would never admit it, but comrade Putin has done more for the U.S. political system since the days of the Woodward and Bernstein's Watergate Papers.  Just give WikiLeaks and Putin the Pulitzer Prize and be done with it.  But does it seem strange to anyone, while rejecting truthful news coming from WikiLeaks and Putin Hackers, those in the National Democratic Party are quick to embrace the false allegations, directed at Trump, coming from Democrat hacks at Buzzfeed. 

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Kismet said...

It was a real piece of work to deflect what the content is to whodunnit.