Trump keeps campaign Promises, issues Executive Orders to cut funds to Sanctuary cities and build Wall

Unlike the vast majority of two faced politicians who tell the voters one thing while on the campaign trail and do nothing or sometime just the opposite when they get into office, President Donald J. Trump is proving to be that rare exception.  Candidate Trump had promised to do something about sanctuary cities and the criminal aliens that freely walk the streets preying on innocents.  In his first week, President Trump has issued sweeping executive orders to withhold funds from those lawless cities.  And they are just that---lawless!  The mayors of these municipalities not only give alien criminal elements the freedom to roam the streets, but in many cases fell to reign-in lawless gangs who go on murderous rampages every day in cities like Chicago.  Few care if these gang members kill one another, but far too often their bullets go astray and kill innocent bystanders, including children.  This carnage must stop.

Of course, the biggest campaign promise of Donald Trump was to build a border wall on the southern border and have Mexico pay for it.  But just as those in the media said he had zero chance of being elected president, these same purveyor's of fake news and half-truths are repeatedly telling their dwindling audiences that Mexico will not pay for they wall.  All I can say, is wait and see.  At any rate despite being in office for less than one week President Trump has not only issued an executive order to build the wall, but at the same time to increase the number of Border Patrol agents by 5000 and ICE agents by some 10,000.  Also he is putting an end to the "Catch and Release" policy of Obama.  While at the same time ordering the construction of more detention centers along the border to hold illegals until their status can be determined.  This instead of giving them a bus ticket, at taxpayers expense, to any city in America and asking then to please return for a court hearing in a year.  Guess what?  They never show up!

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Sandee said...

He's unstoppable right now. I think that's the way it's going to be for eight years.

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