Trump makes secret deal with Putin to transfer Gitmo detainees to Russian Gulag

A Pulitzer Prize winning reporter from Buzzfeed has confirmed that President-elect Donald Trump has entered into a deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin for the exchange of prisoners from GITMO and an undisclosed Russian Gulag located somewhere near the Arctic Circle.  Rumors are flying that the Russian inmates are overjoyed and looking forward to shedding their heavy winter clothing for speedo's, and their shovels for soccer balls.  However, this information is being kept from GITMO detainees for fear they would trash their laptops.  President-elect Trump when asked about this, declared that those on the left including Barack Obama should embrace his ground-breaking agreement with Russia.  An agreement that would address their concerns and finally empty what they view as the Medieval Torture Chamber of GITMO. A torture facility specifically designed for the abuse of those that hold the Muslim faith and run by racist Islamophobes.  Sources inside the Obama White House have confirmed that for the first time in his life---Barack is speechless!

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Sandee said...

It's a much better deal than Obama's Iran deal.

Have a fabulous day. ☺