Obama building wall to keep out illegal trespassers

In less than two weeks, according to the Constitution, Barack Obama and family will be evicted from their current residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave known as the White House.  It has been confirmed that the Obama's have already purchased a new home in an upscale neighborhood of Washington D.C.  However this new home for the former first family does not have a wall to keep out potential unwanted visitors (sounds like our southern border),  So brick-layers are busy constructing a formidable barrier around soon-to-be ex-president Obama's new digs.  But not to worry, although this is a private residence, tax payers will pick up the tab for this security barrier---apparently the Secret Service, which is charged with the protection of all former presidents deems it to be necessary for the safety of the Obama's. 
Too bad, Obama didn't think enough about the safety and well being of the American people while he was President to secure the southern border to keep out unwanted and uninvited visitors.  But then his family is far more important than yours----after all he is President.  And you and yours are just poor serfs in what he has viewed as his serfdom.  At any rate, we will soon be in the same league as the elitist Obama Clan thanks to President Trump who will build the people's wall for all us serfs.  Bet it will be taller than Obama's!!!!

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Sandee said...

He's a do as I say, not as I do kind of person. Kind of like most of the rest of the democratic party. They have lost their way.

Have a fabulous day. ☺