Your Thanksgiving Turkey is in all Probability is a White Bird

When you sit down with family this Thanksgiving, you can be reasonably sure the bird you stick that carving knife in is a white turkey.  Unlike their black cousins in the wild who on rare occasion fall victim to a drive-by hunter, they are fated for that final solution, before being placed in the oven.  It's time, past time for white turkeys to stand up for their inalienable rights and demand they be treated equally to their distant dark feathered kin.  Kin that should be afforded the same opportunity to grace that honored place next to the pumpkin pie.  After all "white lives matter" too!  


Sandee said...

This administration has divided this country horribly.

Have a happy Thanksgiving Ron. ☺

nosfera2 said...

Sorry, Sandee, but not he Administration neither trump with his vitriolic defamatory campaign, have divided this country, but its people gullibility.